DVD (Tv Shows) Announcement - Discussion Thread

There is some few tv shows I would love to see it being available to dvd/blu ray by now but I can't name rest of other shows I remember watching back then in 1980s and 1990s when I was little kid.

Providence (full season)
Crossing Jordan (rest of season 2-7) (I havent bought the first season)
Reasonable Doubts
Sisters (nbc show)
Pacific Blue
LA FireFighters aka Fire Co 132
Tarzan (cw)
For us US "Flashpoint" fans the final season gets released on DVD on March 18th. It's labeled as "The Final Season" (since what we have labeled as season 5 DVD are actually the last 11 episodes of season 4).

Flashpoint: The Final Season

CBS has put out a press release for the DVD release dates for the most recent seasons of:
"The Millers" - August 19
"NCIS" - August 19
"NCIS: LA" - August 19
"The Good Wife" - August 19
"Criminal Minds" - August 26
"Elementary" - August 26
"Blue Bloods" - September 9
"CSI" - September 16
"Hawaii Five-O" - September 16