Degrassi: The Next Generation

Next Gen CSI: New team in new season!

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i know them through Daniel Clark's brother Robby Clark. Robby Clark is on the Discovery Kids/NBC show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. the show's sorta like CSI in a way.

Was there a teaser for next week after this week's episode???

Naughty Liberty. Why are you being so mean to JT. HE's trying to help and you have to control him. :mad:

Darcy is driving me up a wall already. :(
I know huh...i dont get why Liberty is like being so mean to JT...hes seriously trying to help and its not making Liberty happy...and i dont get it, i mean Liberty!? Liberty!? I was like WOAH! lol when she said when we used the king sized condom and ...yeah we know the i cant believe that Jimmy said that to Darcy About Spinner IN FRONT of him...thats screwed

i can not belive Liberty is pregnant!! i was super shocked! i was really hoping for someone else...i dont like Liberty. I cant wait till next week. Degrassi is getting so intense.

btw- the teaser for next week were just like Ellie sees somthing in Craig, then some clips of them flirting.


Cat's Edit: just for the people who haven't seen it, i've added spoilor space.
Yeah, seriously. I haven't seen the episode yet but I am going to see it today. :p Some of that stuff, I really didn't want to know and I'm sure I'll be covering my ears to stop myself from hearing it because Liberty and JT.. no, just no.
Thanks. But in the future, please put a spoiler warning in your post. :D Some people don't want to read that info. :D

But wait...i said something about that episode like, you shouldnt yell at that person...yell at me...gosh! lol jk

does Canada get the newest episodes sooner than the US? it seems like that. it's like you guys just saw the episode where Liberty was pregnant and JT wants to support the baby by getting a job. (oop! SPOILER!?)

Cat's Edit: spoilor space.
Ok. Well, I didn't see that, GregiesLady_27. :( And jubster, I don't mean to sound rude, but if you know that it's a spoiler, why didn't you bother to put spoiler space?????
Please read this!
If a new episode has just been released that has a really big thing that you want to talk about. please do use spoilor space. it can be 5 or so unused lines such as this:

or something such as this:


Whichever you would like you use. however, please do use spoilor space as there probably will be people who haven't seen it yet.
Spoiler Space...

Yes. Canada is one episode ahead of the U.S. They saw Foolin' last week. When we saw Foolin', they were seeing.....umm......the episode that the U.S. will see this Friday. :D