Degrassi: The Next Generation

Next Gen CSI: New team in new season!

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Spoiler Warning:

Thanks Dance2Nite. I know who it is too. :D

Even Bigger Spoiler Warning

I still can't believe Liberty gets pregnant with JT's baby. :eek: :eek: I always thought she was a goodie goodie. :eek: :eek:
Spoilers :devil:

Yeah. She had to've changed. She seems kinda like a slut now. :devil: But....MAJOR SPOILERS

I can't wait to see JT deal drugs and then OD. I also can't wait to see Jimmy go to the ravine to kill himself, but Craig stop him. :devil: This season is gonna rock!!!!!!!!!

I didnt know that!! Wow. Where did you hear this? I knew bout JT dealing drugs, to help pay for the pregnancy...But the other stuff..
No Spoilers this time.

I've read A LOT of untrue stuff on there... Canada is only 2 episodes ahead of us...But I have read true stuff on there also. is the Canadian site for Degrassi which the most true spoliers that I have seen. The Degrassi myspace has some also.
Then it probably true... Sometimes people post that Craig will get eaten by a Llama at the mall, in the fall. And sometimes it sounds halfway believeable.


I know for SURE that somebody will die. It was confirmed. I thought it might be Liberty, dying when giving birth but now that we know she guy kills himself...
Yeah. Those are stupid false spoilers. :mad: But the ones we post on here are true. :D


Yeah. I know for a HUGE fact that JT OD's. But I'm only 85% sure that Jimmy goes to the ravine and tries killing himself. :(
i know a few of the castmembers on Degrassi. i admit it. i watch the show. JT's hot. :cool:
i know 3 of the castmembers: Jake Epstein (Craig), Lauren Collins (Paige), and Daniel Clark (Sean). i know them through Daniel Clark's little brother, Robby Clark (who stars on Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, it's sorta like CSI in a way!).
Thats awesome! How do you know them?


Foolin' - Friday, 8:00 PM ET

Two words change everything: "I'm pregnant."

Bad Liberty!