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Next Gen CSI: New team in new season!

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Season Finale Tonight! Sad episode.

Goin' Down The Road pt. 2 - Friday, 8:00 PM ET
Craig's life is falling apart, and without help, there's no telling what will happen.
I can't wait until this show comes back. I love this show. Especially when you see how all the characters change.
Degrassi is back in the US!

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Death of a Disco Dancer - Friday, 8:00 PM ET

Matt's back from his summer tour of Canada, and he's bringing Paige back nothing but trouble.

Spoiler Warning:

Naughty Naughty Manny. Why did you do that to Emma???? And Peter is a freak. I hate him. :mad:

BTW, Cat, Was that enought spoiler space?????
Um, spoilers?

I felt sorry for Manny, I really did. Her dad was giving her a hard time about wanting to be an actress and she was stressed out. She didn't know where to turn to, so she went and got drunk. Peter took advantage of that and let Manny make a fool of herself, which pretty much makes him the reason for all of the Emma/Manny drama. Whatever though, because those girls are going to be tight no matter what. :D

Oh yes, and Ashley isn't coming back is she? I already hate her, and what she's done to Craig makes me hate her even more. I think she wanted a way out of that relationship anyways, and she had to go to wherever (totally forgot where) to accomplish that. She needs to stay away and Craig needs Ellie. They'd be perfect together.

I dont think that Ash is coming back. Not totally sure though. They took her out of the credits...

Mannys dad was mean. If she wants to be an actress than I think it should be her choice. And he kicked her out the house... But it was really nice of Emma to basically forgive Manny.

yayitsERICAx3- After Ashley took back Craig after all of the cheating I thought less of her. I mean so forgave him for getting another girl pregnant while they were still going out. I would never be able to do that....

But hey. Thats just my opinion.

I heard Craig got Manny pregnant but never actually got to see it (they didn't air it here), so I can't really hold anything against him. I mean, yeah, when he started cheating on Ashley with Manny.. I was kind of upset about it. Ashley took him back though, making him think that all was well between them, having him believe that she actually loved him. Maybe she did at some point and time but, that all obviously drifted away. If she did really love Craig, she would've let him go before she left. Instead, she broke his heart over some picture that she had sent through e-mail.

That's just always been something I hated. :(
Thanks Cat. :D


I agree. Manny isn't at fault. But....I don't know. :lol:

I like Ashley. I miss her. I HATE CRAIG!!!!!!! I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but Ash shouldn't have taken him back. :mad:

I just saw the new episode. SHAME ON PAIGE!!!!!! She ruined everything for herself. *rolleyes* Jimmy. Wow.....Jimmy. Umm.....*claps* Good job Jimmy. I'm proud of you for getting Derek in line. :D
i got a question. what has happened to Marco? i sort of stopped watching. oh yeah. and Ellie? i saw up until about the shooting and a little after.
Umm....Well, Nothing has really happened with Marco, but with Ellie....


Ellie seems to have a crush on Craig.

MAJOR HELP NEEDED: I missed the Degrassi Promo after Death Of A Disco Dancer. What happened in the promo for next week?????

I know they didnt air that episode (I live in the US also) but knowing about it has changed how I feel about Manny, Ash and Craig.

Yes Ellie does seem to have a crush on Craig. The promo has stuff like 2 words can change everything. Stuff like -Get Out (Manny). Im leaving (Ash)... Then it says Im pregnant. And shows all the girls. I know who it is!!!!!!

You can watch the promo at if you want. And they will show it again and again until it airs!

PS- Marco needs the old haircut back.