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orginally before finding this site i liked danny/lindsay-thought they did have chemistry but then after reading what people are saying it is forced etc, whereas with danny/flack its natural therefore its my favourite ship-the brilliant fanfics sure help this. :lol:

if a ship does go to canon though- what happens when/if they break up, it'll be awkward and one of the characters mey have to leave-which i don't think'll be good for the show :(
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Er, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or serious, rachaelm. :confused:

But if you're being serious, I hope you're exaggerating. Feeling that Danny/Lindsay is forced isn't uncommon among shippers, or fans in general for that matter, but there are also plenty of people who seem to think it's not only natural but worth following. *shrug* I can't say how anybody else thinks, just myself, but I'm not going to deny that there are other opinions out there.

The 'what happens when/if' thing is one of the reasons why canon ships are bad in my opinion. Relationships on shows like this are rarely going to have a happy ending, or else maybe they have a happy ending but leading up to it is anything but. And as much as I love shipping, I hate the idea that the show itself is jeopardized by a canon relationship. I might like to ship, but that's only because I love the show itself and the characters first and foremost.
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sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone, just my opinion and i understand that people'll hate me for saying i thought it was forced as obviously people won't agree. i still do like danny/lindsay- hopefully this season the writers'll write it better this season
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Oh, I was just trying to figure out if you really meant that or if you were joking. :lol:

You're certainly entitled to have your own opinion about the various ships. :) Nobody is going to hate you for it, even if we all don't always agree. ;)

I agree that the Danny/Lindsay thing is forced in the sense that the writers clearly want it to be there rightnow and very obvious, but I don't think it translates well from script to screen. Whatever they might intend for us all to see, I for one am just missing it.
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Last night's D/L interaction was painful to watch. It certainly wasn't true to Danny's character, and then the writers rolled out the pat "I need to be on my own" and "it's not you, it's me" speech from Lindsay. :rolleyes: Seriously, can't they do any better than the oldest cliches in the book? But that's kind of what Danny and Lindsay have been from the get-go; one cliche after another. I like a little more originality from my ships. ;)

I'd kind of like to see the show go easy on ships for a while. It's a little too much all at once. I like things to develop more naturally, and over time...without heavy-handedness. I do like the Mac/Peyton pairing, but one romance at a time is enough for now. The subtext stuff is fun, so leave it at that with the other characters.
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Painful just does not do it enough justice. It was like being in high school all over again. She stands him up, he brings it up at a weirdly inappropriate time, she refuses to talk to him then or even look at him the rest of the day, he gets increasingly frustrated, he brings it up again, she cops out. Bleh. Makes me really happy that I went to an all girls' school so that crap was kept to a minimum.

Iagree with you, Top the writers should go easy on the ships. Too much too soon and waaaaay to fast. It is nice to see that Peyton isn't in every episode, so we have time to see Mac as still the badass that we love him for being.

I liked it better last season when there was suggestion of relationships outside of the office rather than it being shoved in our faces. Danny gets a call from his girlfriend at the time on his cell and that's all we hear about her. It was better since we didn't have to deal with it weekly. This thing with Lindsay? Gag me with a spoon (talk about high school :lol:)

That doesn't mean I will stop watching for any reason. :)
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MAC/LINDSAY: ok so this is how I perceive them. I don't see any ship tension there. I feel that Lindsay strives for approval of Mac when she is on a case. Almost as if a daughter to a father. Have you ever noticed this. Like when she is working out a theory or experiment.

Danny/Lindsay: However, when she is with Danny, I see the attraction. I see how she doesn't seek his total approval, she just takes an idea a runs with it and includes Danny in on the machanics of the process. They seem to work great together. They feed off of each other, with ideas, feeling, thoughts. It is really funny watching them because(though I know the words are scripted), they finish the other's thoughts or punch lines. They seem to be on the same level work wise. Now relationship wise, that is yet to be seen. I hope for a relationship between these two. The country girl, city guy works. She is the Ying to his Yang ya know, the sugar to his ice tea. It just works and fits.
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I agree that Danny and Lindsay work good together but I see absolutely nothing more. I never have seen anything between them. I guess that's why the writers had to have it shoved in our faces so hard the second half of season 2.

If two people have some kind of romantic chemistry between them, shouldn't it be obvious? TPTB went out of their way to make us believe there was something there with the Hammerback/Lindsay talk about Danny having a crush on her (IMO that was the stupidest thing I've ever heard) and then again in "Cool Hunter" when he wasn't even working her case but they had to drag him into it just so they could try to shove it in our faces again with him carrying her (another stupid move on their part).

Then the season finale, that was the all time worst idea that TPTB could ever have. Danny's best friend, who has always been there for Danny (no matter what) almost gets killed and what does Danny do? Leaves the hospital to give Lindsay a ride home. Can't take a cab?? Is Danny incapable of being there for anybody when they need him? IMO, giving Lindsay a ride home was a lot less important than being in the hospital for Flack. It might have been a Flack & Mac centric episode, but there was no reason Danny couldn't have been there. They could have had him come back to the hospital and be looking in Flack's room when Mac was in there with him.

If TPTB think they should be together, why do they have to go to such great lengths to get us to notice? In "Love Runs Cold", I got the impression that Carmine was not really happy with some of the scenes. Why did Lindsay spend an entire season like she liked Danny only to stand him up? It's fine with me if she didn't want to go out with him but what kind of person stands someone up without so much as a phone call? I'm surprised he talked to her at all after that. Making Danny out to be such a wuss didn't help either. The Danny I know wouldn't be whining around an entire episode begging Lindsay to go for pizza or why she stood him up. He also wouldn't be calling down the hall to her as she was leaving. It was obvious she was through with him at the moment. The worst part was when he actually said the word "chemistry". Even Carmine looked a little amused at having to say that.

One relationship I wouldn't have minded seeing would have been between Danny and Maka. OMG, they totally sizzled onscreen. They were flirty and she more or less asked him out for drinks in "Til Death to Us Part". I hadn't seen any chemistry or whatever else until Jennifer showed up. They worked together in the first episode and I definately saw something there.

Another ship I don't see is Mac/Stella. Yes, they have a great working relationship and have known each other for a while but I just don't see that ever happening. Of course, my ship (Danny/Flack) will never happen either and even if it did, TPTB would find some way of screwing it up. IMO they wouldn't have a clue how to write them as canon on the show.
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I've said enough about not seeing Danny/Lindsay, so I'll refrain from harping on that any more than I already have. :rolleyes:

Mac/Lindsay: I can go either way on this one. On the one hand, I can see her looking for his approval in the mentor/mentee sort of relationship. However, I can also see the chemistry between them in a more romantic way. I think the more romantic moments happen less often, but I can definitely see them. I've never considered shipping them seriously, though. For some reason, I just can't ship Lindsay seriously with anyone on the show at this point. *shrug*
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i just started watching csi:ny this summer when i moved to america, and the first episode i watched was zoo york. i knew absolutely nothing about the characters, and i didn't think there was any romantic chemistry between any of the characters. after i saw a few more episodes (and finally learned the characters names) i could tell that danny and linday, danny and flack, flack and stella, and stella and mac worked well together, but it never once crossed my mind that they could be romantically involved (except for d/l which was is so obvious and forced it was cheesy) until i looked over the boards here. that was my first opinion, and i still agree with it after watching all the reruns after zoo york and season 3 so far and reading all the boards here.
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Ah, now that's very interesting. :) So you don't really see any of the characters' interactions as shippy? I certainly see what you mean about the working-relationships of the characters and their chemistry in that regard.

I never really thought in terms of romantic relationships when I watched season one of the show, or even when I first came onto this message board. I saw what the writers were attempting to do in the second season with Danny and Lindsay, but it never struck me as being something OMG-so-obviously-perfect that it should be pursued, certainly not from the get-go. It was really only after being on the message boards for a while that I ended up discovering Danny/Flack and started shipping them. Not sure if I ever would have without coming on here. I see definite chemistry, yeah, but at the same time that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shipping. ;)
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The firat time I saw NY I noticed Stella and Mac and what great chemistry they had together.. I thought maybe they had something. Then of course there was Flack and Aiden who I immediately loved. I saw so much chemistry with them. To me, Danny and Aiden it was more of a friendship thing. And to be honest, I didn't really get all that into D/L until coming on the forum either. Who knows what I'd be like with out this forum?
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I saw something with Flack and Aiden too. I never saw Danny and Aiden as anything more than friends. They got along great and loved to tease each other but that was all I saw. Of course (in a friendly, teasing way) she let Danny know how she felt about him when she told him "I'm way outta your league". She may have been out of Danny's league but she certainly wasn't out of Flack's league.

Isn't it interesting how we never really saw anything romantic with any of the characters until we started coming on here? Prior to setting up camp in the NY forum, I never noticed anything romantic with any of the characters except Danny and Maka. I just thought they looked cute together. With Danny and Flack, I loved them both but not shippy. I even had a banner made that had them both in it that said "Just Friends" or somthing like that. It wasn't until I clicked on a link in a banner that led me to Danny/Flack fics that I became hooked on them.
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1CSIMfan said:
Isn't it interesting how we never really saw anything romantic with any of the characters until we started coming on here?

Well, maybe that's true for a lot of you here. But I found this site because I was looking for a place to discuss D/L.

I did see chemistry between them ever since Zoo York. And that could be just because I'm kind of a romantic. Whenever I watch a TV-show, movie or whatever I'm always looking for people that I would like to get together. And I just thought that D/L looked cute.

I did see Flack and Aiden as a nice couple too, but when there is no change (anymore) that a ship can become canon it quickly looses my interest.

And that's the same reason I can never ship D/F. If this show was written and filmed in my country (Netherlands) they would probably already be adopting their first child together :lol: .
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Never say never dutch_treat. :D Maybe one day Danny/Flack will be canon. I've said I don't want it to be and right now I don't. If the writers could do it good, then it might be ok. I don't want it turning into another Will & Grace. :rolleyes:

The bigger question dutch_treat is this: If Danny/Flack did go canon, would you ship them? Me, I don't care if there's a chance any ship can become canon. If I see something between them, I can make up my own story. :p

What you see cute, I see nauseating, forced, and just not there. :confused: