Danny/Lindsay #21: The future’s in the bag!

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^Lol. Well...if a cousin does manage to pinch her in the butt. I'd say she'd blush and Danny would be glaring his eyes out. But then she'd kiss him and he'd forget about it and they'd start snuggling and kiss some more...and hands roam and Danny's father suddenly clears his throat. :lol:

Aww, the image of Lindsay licking spaghetti sauce off Danny's face is hilarious, yet cute, in a weird quirky way. :lol:

If Mac has taught her some marine movies, she'd catch the hand that pinched her and hand it to Danny. It would be SO much fun to watch him deal with said cousin. :lol:
^ LOL, I wish I had a US telebox :lol:, but unfortunately I'm in Europe and have to watch the new eps in some other creative way too...;)

I think I will put my spaghetti sauce in the same places as Lindsay will put hers :evil:...I just hope it's not too spicy :scream:...Would be fun when they actually did kiss when the rest of the family is out of the room and then when everyone's returning they just try to look as if they were discussing the weather and keep wondering why the rest is laughing at them...Only to suddenly realise that both their faces are covered with sauce :guffaw:
*Must take mind outta the gutter for five mins!*

Yeah, I meant dinner at home.... :devil:

I figure they'd beyond well behaved at home with the Messers. Mumma bringing out some baby pics, glossing over the dodgy tracksuits & hat a'la Run Silent.... :lol: then pinching Lindsay's cheek (Liffy, keep it clean!) cos she's such a good girl! :D

*swoons over broken handed DannyBoy taking the mick out of bad Irish men*
^I'm sorry but I can't make Mama Messer pinching Lindsay's 'cheek' dirty. Gross! :lol:

But I think they'd be totally cool. Mama Messer can probably tell how in love her son is with this woman and she'd be totally cool with him slung around her, and his finger completely wrapped. :)

Daddy Messer would be cool with it too. Haha and maybe between the parents there'd be a shared "Finally..." :guffaw:
Yeah, at least one of our boys has turned out good with such a lovely girl! :D

Wonder what Lindsay thinks of his exes? To me it seemed like in Trapped, when Mac was explaining Danny's situation on the phone it was to his gf. Lindsay sure as hell took time outta being worried to pretty much unamused! :lol:
I'd love to see a Montana guy appear and insist we were college sweethearts! Oh, some scary stalkerness. Who would suspect her sweet ex b? Other than Danny of course, cue some you're just being paranoid Messer! Till the truth comes out...
TPTB take note - we just want some on screen loving (of any kind for all out there) instead we're resorting to violent & kinky scenarios. Whipped cream at the ready...
^Oh some Danny jealousy is always nice. But not too much and I wouldn't like a stalker. A guy who's overly sweet on her would be good enough for me. There's just to much drama right now and all I want is sweet tender moments between them :)

Perhaps a nice scene where they're at a restaurant or diner and having breakfast..and Danny's whining that the beer's not as good as New York, and Lindsay asks "how bout the girls?" and he just grins at her. Leans forward and kisses her. then goes back to whining about the beer.

Lol! :lol:
Tonight's episode

There is a moment between Danny and Lindsay near the beginning, it seems that Danny has forgotten Lindsay's birthday. He says he's never going to live it down, but that he's hard wired to remember sports stats and such, not dates. Lindsay doesn't seem to happy, but lets it go, although she sighs when he leaves the room. I'm not sure this is the monologue, because not much is actually said. Enjoy it all when you see it, maybe we can make some sense of it then.
*blinks* Wow, I just went to school and I come back to this! :guffaw:

Jealous!Danny is freakishly cool. Especially when we get to make up scenes with him. I mean, how many of us can imagine he and Lindsay sitting in a bar with some guy coming up to flirt, and see Danny's look of absolute horror? :lol:

New eppy tonight! Let me know if I can see it... I've been limiting myself on TV lately (only four more month until summer... then I can get a break and watch... oh yeah, reruns. Crap.) so I'm only watching CSI:NY with DL scenes. Think y'all can help me with that?

Sorry Liffy, no manip... I'll make it up to you in Brad Paisely avatars. :guffaw:
Catey I was so happy to finally see an D/L style episode review from you again - I couldn't wait to watch it....and now I have....and...

*WHACKS Danny - hard* Stupid, stupid man! Forgot her birthday, how could you!?

I really wish I could make up some excuse for him (tired, grieving, being a guy :rolleyes:), but it all sounds too lame. She was right to say something about it (silly girl even attempted to make a joke about it) and I know he was sorry and tried to make her laugh by saying 'Boom!' - and it worked temporarly - but she still looked really sad when he walked away (I'll try and make caps later).

I guess all fluffies have to comfort each other, because I have a feeling we are heading for some real angsty times between them.

Next week could be the bump that was forecasted long ago and has Lindsay's monologue about their relationship. Apparantly (according to the spoiler thread) there has been a promo for next week's ep and Lindsay can be seen -either angry or sad- saying that she fell in love with Danny (yes, the big 'L' :eek:). We don't get to hear his respons, but there is also a scene in Danny's apartment with him and Lindsay OR Rikki. I haven't seen the promo yet, so this is all secondhand info :(
hello hello hello. this is not a great week for danny and lindsay fans at all. some went to bed sick upon seeing the promo, others are just posting faster than the post button can handle. anyway, i did see the promo. can you tell im not happy about it? im out if the storyline goes the cheating way. suddenly, i can't look at SOoH and SD in the same way... :rolleyes:

dutch, it appears to be more than angst. the only theory i've got is that he's been at this for some time.

note: my thinking is uber clouded, so if this doesn't make sense, it's fine.

*hugs DL shippers*
^ Hey sweetie, good to see you in here again! :D

I'm a bit confused about promo's - never know if we should consider them spoilers or not, so I'll try to discuss the one for 4x16 without going in too much detail (LOL, I don't even have actual details, since I haven't seen it yet :rolleyes:)

From the promo it seems pretty clear that they are going to discuss the status of their relationship; and I hate to say it...you all know how much I love D/L, but perhaps there was a reason why we didn't get proof that they were in a solid relationship after SD. Thus far we have only seen Lindsay hinting at the more physical aspects (condom spray, love handles), so it could be that she, at this moment thinks it's something more than he does...and when they only have had sex once (which they both did not regret ;)) and no date or whatsoever after that, it would not actually be cheating when one of them perhaps starts seeing or has been seeing other people.

Angel mentioned SOoH and I like to remind everyone of that ep...he did fly accross the country to be there for her and that is not something a guy would do to just get and itch scratched...we don't know what happened after SD and unfortunately we'll have to wait for next week's ep to see what is really going on now - Please keep in mind that those promos very often are edited to give the wrong idea on purpose :eek:....Danny has had a really rough time recently and could be more traumatized than we know...:(

Don't know if I'm making much sense either *big hug from me too*
*Natty pokes head in* Hey guys, i've been lurking for a while trying to catch up with your posts once again :lol:

Ok for those haven't seen it Promo!

I really hope that this is just the bump! But i'm trying to force myself into thinking that the two people kissing are Danny and Lindsay- I can hope can't I?!?! I hope the whole things work out but after watching their recent little convo...I need a cheering up!
*Liff pops into the thread singing to yet more Brad Paisley because his songs just rock* No, I'm not delirious, I do know what's happening (or rather, may be happening), but alas we can only wait and see what happens. :)

And in the mean time, I'd rather focus on the finer moments of Danny and Lindsay's relationship so far, and we must remember that no matter what, they love each other very much, no matter what TPTB throws at them. They will get through it, and so will we.

I guess...I'll just post my LJ rant because I can't really tone it down anymore...

After reading about the new episode, and the new promo (I have seen neither), I'm going to try and somehow make sense of all of the confusion going around. I'm going to (try) and keep calm whilst writing this, but no promises there.

From what I've heard of the episode, it seems to me that the relationship right now is largely one-sided; this time on Lindsay's side. She seems to take their 'relationship' (as we do not know the state) more seriously that Danny does. She's upset that he forgot her birthday, okay she's mad but who wouldn't be if someone you cared about forgot your birthday? Danny has a good point, he's not good at remembering birthdays (nor am I for that matter) so I'll let him off for that one. By what people have said, it seems Danny doesn't realise she's upset - maybe, but I haven't seen it so I don't know. Emotions can be hard to judge, and perhaps I see differently.

End of episode.

The promo shows Danny kissing 'someone', I'm not naming who yet, because we're not sure. We see Lindsay telling him she's fallen in love with him, he looks shocked. (Again, no idea, playing off what people have written and said). Two conflicting stories: Danny/Rikki & Danny/Lindsay (if Rikki is infact the one he was kissing).

This is the only theory I can conjure up without resorting to any cheating.

From the differences between Danny and Lindsay in the episode, I seem to think that their relationship after Snow Day wasn't serious. They did, they enjoyed themselves, but they didn't take their relationship further but remained good friends. Lindsay, now seems to be the one who's more invested in the relationship. Danny doesn't seem so....eager. But that doesn't tell us what he's feeling.

My thoughts are that his and Rikki's fling (if it happens, that's what it's going to be) does something to him, and he's not prepared to hear Lindsay tell him she's fallen in love with him. He's shocked perhaps because he's realised he's in love with her too, but what he's done with Rikki can't be forgotten. He tells her what he's done, we get a flashback of what happened between them (Ausiello said possibly sex involved, doesn't mean they did it) and left with Lindsay trying to absorb it all in. She gives her monologue and by the end, they decide to take it slow, but embark on an exclusive relationship. Lindsay can't harbour any ill feelings because she never told him how she felt about him, and maybe we get Danny repeating the L word to her too.

If what I said even remotely makes any sense, by future episodes, Rikki no longer exist, and Danny and Lindsay are in a slow, but loving relationship together, which can be seen by 4x19. They've cleared the air, and are happy. 4x20 stuff bugs me slightly, but I can only imagine that Danny might have pulled away slightly, out of guilt of how he's hurt her, even though she doesn't admit it.

By season 5, they're happier together and hopefully the lime light shifts to other members of the cast, leaving Danny and Lindsay's relationship still going strong but not a large sideplot of the season.

If that all happens, I can live with it. Danny's grief is bound to get him in trouble somehow, and a possible fling of confusion does happen. It's not a relationship, it's a small fling (or just a kiss). Nothing big to it. Pam Veasey and Anthony Zuiker have said that they're in love, and what we've seen so far isn't it. So maybe, this just pushes them up to that state of their relationship. It's certainly more than a bump, but I can't see it as something Danny and Lindsay can't work through.

I refuse to give up on this ship yet. DL is half my life and refuse to watch it go down the drain because of the faulf of some pompous writer deciding more drama would increase ratings. I'd frekin' boycott the show and teach them a lesson about messing with their fans. When you've built up a loyal fanbase, you don't go and destroy it hoping to make it larger. You'd have to be a mental idiot, and I'm pretty sure TPTB has brains - somewhat.

So now you know my thoughts. I'm not thrilled about it but I'm going to stay hopeful that they'll get through it. :)

Also, because I like to pimp my stuff out from time to time, here's a new piece of fanfiction from me titled Dream. Hope you guys like it :)

- Thanks for posting the promo link Nat. :)

And remember, we love D/L so keep being fluffy, fluff some pink fog and we'll all go crash in Gutterville :) There will be NO cheating. :)
^ LOL :lol: Pink Fog = No Cheating *sprays some extra fog around just to make sure* ;) But I'm convinced that whatever they're gonna throw our way it will not be cheating - that would be so wrong for so many reasons...:scream:

By what people have said, it seems Danny doesn't realise she's upset
Well, he did say 'Boom!' and it looked to me as if he did it to make her smile, so he must know that he has upset her...:)

The promo shows Danny kissing 'someone', I'm not naming who yet, because we're not sure
No, I've seen it now and like Natty I think it's Lindsay, but that's merely wishful thinking because it is absolutely not clear to see.:brickwall:

She gives her monologue and by the end, they decide to take it slow, but embark on an exclusive relationship
I hope that that's exactly what will happen and that could also explain the date in 4x19 and the fact that he suddenly realised her feelings (she should perhaps have said something before) and feels a little awkward calling her 'Montana'.

Danny's grief is bound to get him in trouble somehow, and a possible fling of confusion does happen
Yup, that's what I thought too...sad but true, these things do happen :(

We just have to remember that whatever happens they will get through it...and so shall we...:cool:
ok soo the promo for next week looks awesome, totally cannot wait to see it. i was thinking Lindsay monologue to Danny was going to come up in later eps i was surprised that it was in the next ep. i'm interested to hear what Lindsay has to say, how she really feels about Danny. she said she liked him a lot in LRC but this is like heavy, emotional feelings being put out into the open. if Danny was with some other chick: i think of it as him and Lindsay never really defined if they were in a relationship so he probably thought they were friends with that added benefit of "Snow Day" and just did what he did.

i kinda felt bad for Lindsay that Danny forgot her b-day but on the other hand he has been going through a lot of crap lately soo that could be a reason (unless in CSI world it's been a long time since then and their wonderful use of continuity) for him not remembering. maybe now with all that has been going on they're starting to both get frustrated about where they are as far as a relationship and where they are in their own lives. Danny is a typical guy though forgetting b-days lol. i'm pretty awful with that as well, i've known my best friend for like 13 years and i still don't know when her b-day is. i loved the way Lindsay was all cute and teasing him when he brought her the test tubes for her to look over haha.

as i've been saying or say with every angsty D/L spoiler: i am not worried about what will happen to these two. the writers seem to like the relationship and keep writing little beats for them and they have a big fan following too. the writers know that D/L are talked about more than anything for NY so why spoil a good thing. Danny and Lindsay will be happily together.

when i read the Aussiello spoiler and my first thought was: please do not let this be like something out of Grey's Anatomy. i know it won't b/c Danny is not a McDreamy/McSteamy man whore and Lindsay is in no way Meredith Grey but it just sounds like something out of GA. frustrating relationship drama every show i watch!!!! but i love it i always want more:eek::D
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