Danny/Lindsay #21: The future’s in the bag!

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Good Morning everyone :) *Liffy steps into the thread, feeling cheery and happy-dapppily excited that new epps start...TONIGHT!*Yay for the start of new episodes! And I'm eagerly awaiting some much missed, and needed scenes between our couple :)

Would the two horseriding just be too cliche?
Oh it's not that cliche :p I'd love it if they did that, and Lindsay would be riding ahead and she turns just in time to see Danny yelp and fall. :lol: Being a city-boy, I highly doubt he knows how to ride a horse, and it'd be fun to watch Linds teach him. In the end, he's just give up and ask "Why don't you just ride me instead?" :devil:

Oh that was dirty.... :devil::devil::devil:

Mistletoe would be placed everywhere and it'd be a perfect opportunity to see Danny's possesive side.
If Danny saw that the Lab was booby-trapped with mistletoe, he'd probably turn them both around, go home, and call the both of them in sick. I don't think Danny would take kindly to anyone, whether friend or foe, kissing his girl. :)

New day means a new picture! And this one, as I remember, made a few (many) of us jump up and down in happiness and glee :D


That little present came out of nowhere right? So I'm hoping for more presents from TPTB because they missed my birthday. :lol:
Oh now that's a beautiful picture. :lol:
I liked that episode, it was so emotional - didn't anyone else see that Criss Angel was onto something? What other 'illusions' could he have performed if it weren't for that pesky CODIS hit? :devil:

Nah, I'm joking, hallucinating Danny was so sweet but for the love of God - they could have at least given us a little changing scene before he flew to Montana.

We need to campaign for a rescue scene, his face in that episode when his girl was upset was priceless, NWILL - well he took that pretty badly too - now that they're all official (still not loving canon as a term as I plainly don't understand what it stands for :lol:) he'd go insane. Kinda John McLean style, nothing is gonna stand in his way. Some major ass kicking methinks! :D

*Peaches decides to get off her soap box & get back to being well, Little! *
^hahaha :lol: Well canon basically means 'true to the fictional universe', sort of. We're canon, because TPTB have shown that theyre together on screen. Things that have happened on screen are canon, things that haven't, (ie fanfiction, hopeful shippers blah di blah) arent. Hope that helps, slightly...somewhat :p

I wish we could have had a scene of him on the plane or something. Maybe mumbling to himself about how this was all stupid, and he doesn't even know what he's gonna say, or if she even wants to see him. :p All those conflicting feelings would have been nice to see.

Rescue scene? Only if Lindsay's the only doing the rescuing and Danny's stuck in a whole somewhere. She's gonna be giving him one loong speech about not falling into holes in the future :lol:

It'd be even funnier if he thinks she's in trouble when she's not. Like, maybe she's not feeling well, and Mac sends her home, but no one contacts Danny and he's calling and calling, and getting hysterical because he knows she was out at a scene and he can't find her, and he runs over to her apartment, frantically searching for any sign of her and he's yelling her name and suddenly a newspaper smacks him on the head, coupled with a loud "SHUT UP DANNY!". :lol:

She's be shuffling back to the bedroom clutching her throbbing head and he's just standing there, dumbfounded and confused...

:p I let my mind wander again...
Lindsay the Menace to the rescue love it! Danny falls off the back of a horse into a hole in the wheatfields and our Linds whips out a lasso to get him back out, but oh no! Pesky squirrels are attacking but wait, home made slingshot is in the back pocket & they're all shot but not before they've eaten Danny's sexy green top :devil: (y'all know the one!).
They decide that's too much excitement for one day & hop a quick flight back to NY & Boom! Hand holding & ice cream eating through Central Park. By this point Danny's sexy green top has made its way back to his wardrobe!

Did I cover everyone? Did that cater for all? :lol:

Love the newspaper hit, though god help her if she ever did need help. Lindsay is missing - oh no, I'm not getting beat up again!

*Peaches hides cookies a'la Easter Bunny & goes in search of shirtless Danny pics*

If Lindsay was rescuing Danny with a lasso, I think he'd just pull her in so they can do a little excercise down there. It'd be too hard for the man to resist! Lol. :lol:

I love the hand holding scene...they really need to bring that into the show. And it could just be worried Danny holding her hands. Perfect :)

Haha, I think Danny doesn't care if she threw the dining table at him if there was even a miniscule chance that she was genuinely in trouble. That, everyone, is called love (alot of it too). :lol:
Lindsay pulled off the horse - damn, I knew there was something missing!

Yes and that i love we know he has it. Irish terrorists, don't worry hon I got you covered! Runaway subway train, fine! I'll run alongside electrified tracks. Bad man stole your ice cream when we were too busy making out, sorted - I'll go put a bullet in him...

Such a romantic!
Oh I think Danny would be horribly pissed if someone bumped into them whilst they were making out and made them drop their 'shared' (because Danny's already finished his :p ) ice cream. I wouldn't want to be the bozo who bumped into them because Danny might just give the guy a piece of his mind.

Aww, Danny's such a romantic isn't he? :lol:

Maybe he can sit behind Linds on the horse, but then he'd be in a position to distract her in 28 different ways. :lol: Poor Linds, she might pull the reigns so he'd fall off just for the fun of it. :lol:
And that is why we love her!

Why doesn't he demand food anymore? That's been bugging me for a while, it was always 'wanna grab lunch', 'i'm starving' 'mealworm spaghetti'

I demand more Danny wanting to eat time! Are they trying to destroy his character? I understand he's under some strain at the moment but we can't have him wasting away. Just wrong. :(
^I completely agree! They should bring back Danny's hunger (which now I can see was nothing but a plot so that he could spend some alone time with Lindsay) :)

I mean, it'd be fun and cute to watch them have lunch or something together, and they'll just be randomly talking about everything under the sun. Oh! And what if a waitress flirts with him and completely ignores Lindsay? Think she's just keep quiet and smirk at Danny or get annoyed at the waitress does a little "I'm here too you twat, serve me or we bolt" routine :)

I think she'd just ignore it the first time, and Danny's be all sheepish and sorry, and she'd laugh at him cos he's doing that cute and lovable face that she loves. But the next time, she'll be miss don't-ignore-me-or-i'll-give-you-a-piece-of-my-mind. :lol: Go Linds!

They should share a spaghetti and Danny can try and do that little scene where they've both got the same pasta strand in their mouths and meet in the middle. He'd be annoyed when it keeps falling out or just doesn't work. :lol:
Lady & the Tramp. :lol: How awesome?
Yeah I can see Linds with the whole, yeah sweetie, I'm covering the tip (yes Danny, you will be taking care of it just shush a mo) so attend to me!
No, let's have a male waiter loving Danny! He'd be wanting her to get all protective and making it obvious it's her boy but she'd just be giggling and pretending to hand out his number. Wait for that punishment when back at home! Right Lady, there's the pool table - you know what to do! :devil:

*decides that the gutter is definately the place to leave one's mind*
^Yeah, Lady and the Tramp! That's it! I don't even remember the movie very well but oh well. :lol:

Danny's definitely going to be the one who wants to cover the tip. But oh I like the idea of a waiter loving Danny! :guffaw: He'd be just waiting for her to do what he usually does when they hit on her - the glare, the clearing of the throat, and if it wasn't clear enough, the full on kiss. :p But when she doesn't do anything but smile at him sweetly, I think he'd sigh...and then grin evilly. Maybe he'll hit on a waitress just to make ruffle her feathers slightly. :lol:

Yep, make-out session when they get home. Definitely. :)
Just a quick stop :eek:...had a busy day and I noticed that there was a lot of D/L related stuff in the spoiler thread which I have to read through after this post...

^^ Aaah, 'Lady and the Tramp' (I love Disney classics) - I just had the mental image of Lindsay being invited to the Messer's for dinner...Mamma Messer makes some nice spaghetti with meatballs (which no Italian would ever do :rolleyes:, but hey, it's in the movie) and when everyone's out of the room Danny pushes his last meatball onto Lindsay's plate (with his nose :guffaw:) and they share the last spaghetti together...sealing the meal with a kiss once their mouths touch :)

I really hope we get a D/L moment tonight, but if not it's fine too, at least we get to see some new stuff again..:D
^Oh...the nose. You had to put that bit in didn't you? :guffaw: Im having way too much fun picturing that! But I do love the little kiss once everyone's out.

He's be so comfortable at home and Lindsay might be a little freaked, but he'd have his arms around her and showering her with kisses every moment he can find. *sigh*

What a lovely thought....

I just wanna see Danny and Linds (after such a loooong break), doesn't matter if they have a scene or not. :)
^ Of course I had to mention the nose :p (it's so adorable)....And, Danny covered in spaghetti sauce will, without a doubt, be the best Italian dish Lindsay has ever had :devil:

Covering her in kisses may prove to be the best way to not only make Lindsay feel comfortable, but also to show the other Messer men that she's his and they better not try anything funny :cool:...Would be fun to see his OR her reaction though, when the slickest cousing pinches her butt :eek:
*watching Snow Day, best episode ever!*

Just spaghetti sauce in general, where would you put yours? ;)
I think Linds could handle the cousins - maybe Mac's taught her some Marine moves?

You're all so lucky with your US teleboxes! No worries, I'll have my fix via Sugah on YT. God bless her :lol:
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