Danny/Lindsay #21: The future’s in the bag!

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*brings cookies for the lovely welcome committee*
I like the idea of the pregnancy scam & and irritatingly cute clock but I though of something a wee bit more - What the hell? And my victim would be the ever lovely Flack.

Picture the scene - D&L casually walking through the lab, Don's behind them and shouts 'Hey, Messer!' at which point Miss Monroe turns round 'Yes?'

Imagine the confusion on Don's face - why did no one tell me my best mate got hitched?

Muwahahahaha :devil:
^If that's the case, Linds absolutely must be wearing a fake engagement ring to seal the deal, otherwise might just think Lindsay misheard him calling Danny. :p

You know what? It'd be funny if they did get married without letting the team know (thow I am slightly against the idea) and Don still thinks it's an April Fools joke, but they really did get hitched. :lol: That would confuse a few people.

Weddings! Oh the idea of a DL wedding is fun to imagine :) Think Danny'd be wearing the floor down with his constant pacing? Somehow I picture Lindsay being the cooler one of the two. Danny'd be bouncing off the walls, but Lindsay'd be all cool, and calm, until she passes out herself. :lol:
Nah, they strike me as the type to plan big - get everyone all excited for a big day, decide it's too much hassle and take a flight to where else? Vegas baby! Smell a crossover?

A DL wedding is fun to imagine but I think TPTB enjoy torturing us far too much to make us smile with such a happily ever after. I think the closest we'd get would be a prank.

No way would Lindsay be cool - she does impressively well containing herself in work but to be able to have him permanently? :scream:

Right now, I'd settle for a hug on screen! :D
^Oh I wouldn't be happy for the marriage to occur on screen. noo-way. I don't have that much faith in TPTB when it comes to uber fluff - at all.

Haha, I love the idea of them planning something big (Danny is Italian after all right?) and then they're both sick of all the commotion and the constant nagging by other family members they just take off somewhere with only their immediate family invited to run away with them for a small ceremony somewhere. I think Danny'd get a kick out of getting married in a wheatfield. :lol:

Linds would be cool, until someone mentions that she's getting Danny for the rest of her life - then she'd freak out. :lol:

A hug on screen would be love. But I repeat (for the 108th time) I want to see them hold hands and eat ice cream! ;)
^ Liffy, be good! :p Peaches is new around here and has no clue about your strange obsession with hand-holding and ice cream :rolleyes:

It'd be funny if they did get married without letting the team know
Vegas baby! Smell a crossover?

Oooh, *jumps up and down* D/L eloping to Las Vegas, that would be the perfect opportunity for a LV/NY cross over :cool: (I'm still hoping for one between my two favourites). Before they get a change to wed something happens (to them - yeah, angst!) which makes the entire NY team go over there and work together with the LV team...When everything's solved they will still get married, but WITH the whole team (and Elvis of course:guffaw:) there..:)
^Hehe, sorry. But I still want my ice cream and hand holding scene! :D

Ooh, *jumps up and down with Dutch* I like the idea of them running away to Vegas, but then something goes wrong (NY murderer turns up in LV?) and suddenly the team appears and Danny's annoyed because their eloping plans just went down the drain. :lol:

Elvis? Haha, well I gues Elvis could entertain the guests after the ceremony :lol:

Danny wants to take Lindsay to the wheatfields! Cos it's easy to disappear in one and no one would find them till they come up for air :devil:
Oh, I'm all for ice cream & hand holding. Much better than a hug but I figure if you have low expectations then you can always be suprised (happily!) :D

Entertaining Elvis? I can seriously picture Danny having a 'are you for real?' look. Then combining NY with LV? I'm sorry Grissom, are you hitting on my girl with your impressive bug collection?

See, I bet when mentioning how awesome the NY skyline was he'd never think how seductive wheat fields could be! :lol:

Danny shirtless in a wheatfield? *Swoons*
Shirtless, pantless...it all comes off. Lindsay too :devil: I'm not even going to think about the itch they might feel later, but hey, go with the moment right? :p

Oh I never even thought about Grissom's impressive bug collection, and he might even start getting a little friendly when Lindsay tells him she ate a bug dinner once with Danny and he's be all big eyed and excited (if not hurt that is), and Danny will be there somewhere glaring the biggest glare he can muster at Gil for flirting with his girl, fiance actually. :lol: Oh that would be one fantastic episode to watch. :)

Ice cream and hand holding is love, especially when they're doing it whilst re-doing the LRC walk :) That's my dream.
Danny shirtless in a wheatfield? *Swoons*

Oh wow, where was that? What'd I miss? :wtf: :p Oh, it's just Liffy.:guffaw:

That'd be one great eppy, I'd tell you.

Ice cream and hand holding is love, especially when they're doing it whilst re-doing the LRC walk :) That's my dream.

Oooh, now I need to manip that. *scurries off to find pics*

Sorry for such a short post y'all! Only two days back and I'm swamped with homework... damn...

Welcome Peaches and Hestia! Glad y'all came by!

Thanks Sissi, I like this place.

Think the corruption is already beginning cos all this talk of ice cream & hand holding has led me to picture ice cream and shirtlessness :drool:

Watching Past Imperfect, Danny's 'Dah' has Lindsay giggling, come on Linds, really bad joke. We all know what's coming 3 eps time - Snow!! :lol:

Danny vs Gil - part of me thinks he would be all wow, Big G is hitting on my girl! (fiance ;) ) the other - hey man, lay off or the Roach gets it!
^Peaches, just a little heads up but try not to double post kay? You can still add content to your previous post for up to 24hrs by hitting 'edit'. Otherwise it's considered spamming :)

SpeedsDaughter said:
That'd be one great eppy, I'd tell you.
Of course it would be a great eppy! I thought of it! :lol: But seriously, I'd love it if Lindsay took Danny back out to Montana one day, maybe for a holiday or something, and they're walking through the wheat fields, hand in hand, smooching now and again, talking, and just happy to be together.

*sighs from fluff overdose*

Oooh, now I need to manip that.
Come right back when you're done!! :D

Danny vs Gil - part of me thinks he would be all wow, Big G is hitting on my girl! (fiance ;) ) the other - hey man, lay off or the Roach gets it!
Would Danny even know who Gil is? I mean they've never had a crossover (on screen), and Mac sounded like he hardly knew Horation, so I doubt he'd know Gil any better. AND Danny would probably know Gil even less. I wonder if he's ever even been to Vegas. :p

But yeah, he's be all confused why this bug-loving weirdo is hitting on his girl, and he wont like it, cos nobody hits on Danny's girl and gets away with it. :p He's one jealous dude when it comes to Linds. :) I wish TPTB would show that on screen; he's gotta be one protective boyfriend.

Congrats on the promotion Peaches! You'll be climbing up in no time :D
Sorry bout the double post - airhead moment with over excitement :eek:

Hmm, that's a fair point. Although Danny has been in Vegas, just not as Danny. That just gets way to confusing.

I digress. Let's go back to possesive Danny, though let's be honest Lindsay has had her fair share. I love how when any female suspects/witnesses bat eyelashes at him she is very firm with the whole - Hey, I'm in the room! Look at me instead. He's my toy (erm boy!) I could never be that professional - I'd just jump on his lap to make my point. :lol:
Oh I completely forgot that Danny's been to Vegas! Hahaa, but he went there under the disguise of ThumpyG. :lol: Hilarious...

Well, Lindsay certainly knows how to keep her cool when it comes to females flirting with Danny. I'm sure it eats her inside when he grins back at them or something, but I'm just waiting for someone to do something...inappropriate to Danny (like plastering themselves against him or something) and she doesn't blow but just get's annoyed at Danny for being so...GRR!

And then he'd run after her and ask what's wrong, Lindsay refuses to talk to him, he tries and talks to her, and then realises what happened, and starts making fun of her cos she got jealous. That would make her even more mad, but then he kisses her, and tells her she's got no reason to be jealous cos there's only one other woman in the world that he has to pay more attention to that her, and that's his Ma. :p :lol:

The jumping into his arms/lap would be a pretty good "unavailable" sign :p
Well, we've all seen her in his arms - Make tracks cowboy!

Oh there's an idea! You get your wish of them being in Montana & also him in a stetston (how is it spelt?). Would the two horseriding just be too cliche? That'd be so awesomely cute. *swoons for the goodness knows how many time*

Why didn't we get a Christmas episode - teasing CSI peeps! Mistletoe would be placed everywhere and it'd be a perfect opportunity to see Danny's possesive side. Adam, Hawkes, Flack, Mac & Sid all getting a hold of her then Danny - ahem, this is how it's done. :lol:
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