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It's possible that Catherine sends Langston, or Langston offers to go - or it could just be because none of the other actors would do the crossover. *shrug*
I think it was a bad move to have LF be the new lead on the show but NOT have him be the new leader for the team. It makes no sense that the newbie would be the one who's flying to Miami and NY to work with the two heads of the other crime labs. Logically it should have been Catherine. But I agree with both Fay and Ceindreadh that the most likely reasons they went with Langston was because LF is the show's big name and the other actors on LV never liked the idea of the spinoffs so they wouldn't be on board for a crossover episode.
Funny thing is, I think I could almost get behind the decision if I felt they'd pull it off without glaring plot inconsistencies :lol: I don't have a problem with Langston, even though I'm not a fan. But I can't really convince myself that they won't. I mean, I don't see how they're going to explain Catherine leading the case from Vegas when her rookie is running across the country in search of that missing vic. But since they don't do the two-case episodes anymore, she probably will be leading the case.
This article from ET Online includes some quotes from NY's PTB:

When a severed leg is discovered in the Everglades belonging to a girl who went missing from Las Vegas a week earlier, Horatio Caine (David Caruso) sends for Dr. Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne).This launches a crossover that begins on "CSI: Miami," moves to "CSI: NY" and finishes up in Las Vegas on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," making it the first time a "CSI" crossover has involved all three shows in the franchise.

"Everyone stays true to their writing style," "CSI: NY" exec producer Pam Veasey tells ET. "What you fundamentally do is tell a 'CSI' story, which is what we all have in common. Once it gets to your show, you will see each of the show's take a different approach to a story that starts in Miami. We did all get together and talk about what the through-line would be. Obviously, Ray Langston travels through all of the shows. You have to find the consistencies with his character, how he would flow into each story."

Following Miami, Langston rushes to New York when Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his team identify a woman hidden in a big rig as someone Langston interviewed in Miami. Then the woman disappears and Taylor and Langston realize that they have uncovered an interstate trucking ring specializing in human cargo and black-market organ harvesting.

"The story is really a ticking clock story," adds "CSI: NY" executive producer Peter Lenkov. "It is really a hunt for a suspect, but also saving a girl's life. I think we put blinders on to get that done by the end of the episode. This [case] takes priority because it is real triage the way it lands in our lap. We realize soon after that time is of the essence. We elected in that episode to make it our sole focus."
The search finally takes Langston back to Las Vegas, where the investigation leads to a prostitution ring that may be harboring the missing woman.

"They are all great episodes that blend together and lead you to the next," Pam concludes.

The "CSI" crossover begins on "CSI: Miami" on Monday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m., moves to "CSI: NY" Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 10 p.m., and wraps up on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. all on CBS.
I still don't see any reasons we get Langston insteed of Catherine in Miami, if we don't like him, we are not going to change our mind just because we will have to watch him third time in the same week, plus as a bonus we have to endure Caine, great show indeed, as I said no way i'm gonna watch these episodes and I really hope it is not the first but not least Langston show in NY.
i'm liking this 3 way cross over but i'm alittle stuck i dunno how it's gonna work over here in the UK because you get all 3 showing at the same time mon - wed - thurs ?

We get csi on a tuesday and Csi NY on a saturday at the same time (a few months after you) but we don't get Miami until after csi has finished on a tuesday were just watching season 7 now but already seen 9 and 5 of the others.

anyone know if it's gonna change this year?
I was wondering the same for us in France because generally we didn't get the three shows in the same time we've just finished CSI Miami yesterday night I think it was season 7 last episode ( I don't watch Miami) and next tuesday CSI NY will begin with s05e02 because we didn't see the end of season 4 yet !!! I wonder if Lindsay will have her baby before telling Danny she is pregnant:eek::eek: you are so lucky in US:scream::scream::scream: well the good new is we don't have to wait the summer break with cliffhanger we will have s04e25 and s05e01 the same day...one day...maybe or never :(
There is strong chances which Lindsay delivers before we learn that she is pregnant.
Thus to have three CSI in the continuation, I think that they faillent us to move in United States.
Somehow I was hoping more characters would do that crossover- if that makes sense, but I should have known it better. Looks like Langston will be very busy. :lol: Still I'm curious to see how this will turn out (even if I only will see the NY part of the crossover), I hope our other characters will be involved as well.
Or it's more likely that TPTB felt that LF was the only big enough name to do it.

That's what I think too. Somehow it's easier for one character to go to all three cities than for each team to travel.

But, I would still love to see Mac go to Vegas. A little Mac/Catherine screen time would make me happy. :hugegrin:
But, I would still love to see Mac go to Vegas. A little Mac/Catherine screen time would make me happy. :hugegrin:

Lol, I'd love to see a discussion between Catherine and Stella about their odd, adorable, and socially awkward bosses/best friends. :lol:

I don't watch Miami, but just seeing the NY and LV teams interact with each other would be great. There are sooo many chances for some really great scenes between the characters. Greg/Adam, Cath/Stella, Warrick/Nick/Flack/Danny, Doc Robbins/Sid, and of course Grissom/Mac. *sigh* Now I wish I was a writer...
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