CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion--Drama in Alphabet City!

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If they put in the dueling Messer detective jokes they might as well just go ahead and start using a laugh track and change the genre to sit com.
Haha! My apologizes for mentioning it. It was just sitting in the back of the brain, and i wanted it gone.

Darn those TPTB's for making things into lame jokes. :lol:
I'm betting the other person (cliffhanger) will be Danny. I just have a feeling. I think even the producers have realized that the attention is ALWAYS on Mac. So they will try to "surprise" us. And danny is just someone i think they would use, which SUCKS becuase I am already on overdose with ALL of this D/L junk. AND we already know that he's NOT going to die, so it would all be so pointless. I do think they would go as far as even shooting him to try and "fool" us.
Hm. Mac being in danger as a cliffhanger would be, well it would be a little boring.
My money is on Flack. He could want to take revenge for his probably murdered girlfriend. And the cliffhanger could be if Danny can (of course he can) prevent him from killing Angell´s murderer.
Thinking of the finale episodes I totally liked the season 3 finale. We didn´t have a cliffhanger and it was kind of an ensemble finale.
I´m really hoping that the finale won´t become only a Mac vs Dunbrook one. The death of Angell(?) shouldn´t be overshadowed by it.
For me it's Flack too. He will be under a lot of stress and distracted and in such emotional suffer so he won't see coming the danger (probably because he won't care it)

My other possibility is Danny. C'mon, a new father he has all the cards just as Flack does!

The cliffhunger will be strong, thats' sure!!!!!!

Debbs :)
You know, I could almost see Mac sympathizing with Dunbrook about the son being kidnapped... because that would be expected too.

Who knows. I'm probably wrong. But I think it'd be interesting to see if Flack's the one in trouble...
:p think I grumbled at one point that Horatio and Lindsay should abscond together... They could do another cross over and leave her in Miami. Cheesy goodness builds healthy bones, of contention if nothing else.

I have to admit I also think Danny could be a possibility. It would definitely add to the drama since he's a new dad and all. Just as long as he comes out ok I'm happy with it. :)
I guess Danny's a candidate. While I do think it would add drama with the kid and all, part of me could easily do without seeing Lindsay Angst as a result. Nor would I wish to see a possibility like that then result in a DL moment where Danny could get a lecture after the fact about priorities and recklessness etc, depending of course on what the circumstances were. Plus, Danny and Adam got that kind of drama in Snow Day, would they dump him in it again so soon when others haven't had that kind of drama at all? ...well, yes, yes I suppose they would... :p Mac or Danny seem to be the defaults. I'd love to be surprised by something not seen before.

My thoughts are that they might be hinting at someone else with all the different projects going on. Danny is getting in trouble because of the neo-nazi guy, Stella and Angell are going all covert ops, Mac's after Dunbrook, Flack is going to be upset about jess dying. There are a couple of candiates for the "I'm in trouble" award.
I think most of the other storylines will wrap up before the finale, and they look like they'll be spreading the focus around a little, between Danny's IAB, Stella's coins, and Mac's father. As for the finale, I don't think Mac will be other one in danger this season, they'd want him on the chase. Lessee. Who hasn't really had a whole lot of focus? Hm. Uh oh. ...Hawkes? (noooOOOoooOOOooooo :lol:) Mebbe Hawkes or Flack.

"The "CSI: NY" Team Loses a Member and Another Is Threatened."

Wednesday, May 20 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) CSI: NY-A member of the team is murdered after a deadly group of kidnappers snatch Robert Dunbrook's (Craig T. Nelson) son while he is being transferred from prison to court. And, if that loss isn't enough, the life of another CSI is threatened. (Season Finale)
It does look like it's gonna be a bit of a Mighty Mac ep, but hopefully a little more complex than simply Shining Mac/Evil Dunbrook trying to save Connor (Do the kidnappers want $ or the now lost thumbdrive from Dunbrook or did he hire them to break his son out. Will Dunbrook turn to Mac for help or try to squish him. ...dramadramadrama... :lol: ) It could also be interesting to see Flack pushed to the edge and nearly over by it all. Still think mebbe Hawkes, or mebbe I just want to see him have some good material given to him.

Whatever happens I hope it's gonna be a good team ep. I hope that the second person in jeopardy is resolved and that the cliffhanger will not be along lines similar to what Criminal Minds did with the black SUVs, simply waiting to see which one was gonna be all blowed up...

Very late, very tired, this all probably made no sense whatsoever... :lol:

Thanks for all the spoilers and links and pics. ;)
I would think it could be Flack if he is reckless about trying to find Angell's killers but the spoilers do say another CSI.

Now if its to do with the Dunbrook kidnapping then I would say its going to be Danny or Mac as they worked the case with the son. Drama wise I think making it Danny would play better, then we would get Mac and Dunbrook either co operating or at loggerheads. It would also give the two opposite views of the two couples on the show. I.E. Flack has lost Angel and the tension that Lindsay could loose Danny, but we get the happy ending for one of them. A kind of bitter sweet thing, if you get what I mean. (But I wouldnt trust TPTB to pull this off with any finess.) The down side we would get Lindsay mooning over the baby and worrying about Danny. I have one major problem with this though.

I dont want the finale to be overtaken by D/L. I want it to be about the case and about how Flack is going to cope. I don't want Angells death to be a lead in to more D/l soap opera.

I just want team action in the finale like Snow Day, but the fangirl in me wants loads of Flack and Mac, and some action, plus some great scenes with Craig T Nelson.

One point Gary did state in an interview about them giving him time off over the last couple of months to do stuff with the band and other things. So the CSI in danger could be him, it would be a way for them to focus on others if Mac was out of the picture for some reason.
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I would think it could be Flack if he is reckless about trying to find Angell's killers but the spoilers do say another CSI.
You've drawn my attention to that. "Another CSI" means the first victim is a CSI as well... But Angell's the one to kick the bucket, right? *shakes head* The more I read, the less sense it makes. I think I'll stop thinking for now and just go with the flow. Anyway, it'd be nice to have a finale that's not Mac-centered. I wish it was Flack chasing the baddies who killed Angell, but only if he doesn't get killed in the end :scream:
I dont want the finale to be overtaken by D/L. I want it to be about the case and about how Flack is going to cope. I don't want Angells death to be a lead in to more D/l soap opera.
That is why I referenced "Too much Danny". At some point they will have to realize that they are going into overkill with that storyline. And although I am not in dislike of D/L and I know I am not alone, those of us with this mindset will get really sick of it. No, it will be to soon after the "Greater Good" eppie which will highlight D/L. Besides since the probability is that Angel dies next in line for drama in that storyline is Flack. And we all know Eddie can pull this one off!!! (Oh be still my beating heart!!!:))

the spoilers do say another CSI.
But remember these are the same people who dont know if Lindsey is playing Anna or Anna is playing Lindsey.
You know, now that we have another spoiler for the last ep, nothing is making much sense. We were told a couple weeks ago that our beloved Jessica was....going out. :( Now, we learn that "a member of the team" is going out, but no names are mentioned. Well, not that the other sources were wrong, but what if CBS, or someone from TPTB, decided to leak "bad information" to throw fans off track? Ya think? I'm still grasping at straws here, cause I don't wanna see Jess leave us. But, if it is her, it could mean Flack is in trouble at the end of the season (for the second time). But, the whole Dunbrook thing makes me think it's Mac who is in trouble. Then, there's the whole Greek coin thing that Stella was involved in (I know it wraps up in 5.24, but people do get revenge sometimes). Why, oh why, can't TPTB stop messing with us? Oh, I just can't wait. I just can't take it any more. :scream:

Yes, Lori, I agree, they can't remember who the actor is and who the character is. I wonder why they're confused? Hmmmm....:confused:

Plenilunio, Yes, "another CSI" is tricky wording. I think it's all a plot to get fans all bent out of shape until the episode airs, then just leave us all scratching our heads. :wtf:
Why, oh why, can't TPTB stop messing with us? Oh, I just can't wait. I just can't take it any more. :scream:

I can't take it either. I mean really! Now I'm left to hope and pray that my three favorite guys are ok. As much as I'd whine and moan after, I wish it would be finale day already. All the speculation is killing me. I'd stop reading spoilers, if I wasn't already so addicted. Spoilers are my drug of choose. Anyone know a good rehab? :lol:
I think it will probably be Danny. There's some moment in the finale where Lindsay is worrying about him...and as we all saw in "Point of No Return," Danny really does put himself in danger.

Not to mention, Danny being in danger will affect everyone, especially Flack. I could see it really causing Flack to spring into action. He's already lost his girlfriend--he's not going to lose his best friend, too.
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