CSI:Miami Road Trip: Unlucky Number 13

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    Thanks for the review. :)


    APL Financial Miami, 48th floor, bullpen, 11:27am

    Scott: *hangs up phone, grabs folder*

    Frederick: *rolls chair over* You understand women, right?

    Scott: *lifts eyes* About as fluently as I understand astrophysics. Why?

    Frederick: I think Chloe has a thing for me.

    Scott: *looks at Frederick* What gives you that idea?

    Frederick: She gave me a birthday card.

    Scott: ...It was your birthday. Doesn't seem strange.

    Frederick: Nobody's ever given me one here.

    Scott: You left your name off the calendar to protest the false concern displayed by mega corporations toward their employees.

    Frederick: Exactly. How did she find out?

    Scott: Maybe she cares.

    Frederick: Too much, it would seem. How do I reject her?

    Scott: Chloe's a nice girl. You two might hit it off if you asked her out.

    Frederick: Okay, you're not listening to a damn thing I'm saying. I don't like fat chicks. Why can't I meet a woman like your wife? She's got an ass that won't quit.

    Scott: You're not man enough to have a woman like that.

    Frederick: HA. You're no prize, Finch.

    Scott: The difference between you and I, Frederick is that I don't care about looks. My wife never had to be part of the media's 5%.

    Frederick: ...Only 5% of chicks are hot? Why doesn't the government release this kind of information?

    Scott: They're tackling more important issues.

    Frederick: You can't get anywhere in this life if you aren't attractive. Why do you think I'm still working here? Bob thinks I'm hot.

    Scott: No. Bob thinks I'm hot, he thinks you're irritating.

    Frederick: ...Then why am I still here? It can't be because of my extensive work ethic.

    Scott: I vouched for you.

    Frederick: *frowns* What do you want in return.

    Scott: Nothing. I own the company.

    Frederick: *laughs* No you don't. You're Joe Cubicle like the rest of us.

    Scott: I retain 80% ownership, Bob has 20%.

    Frederick: ...Then why are you out here?

    Scott: I like my job.

    Frederick: You look at numbers all day.

    Scott: It's very therapeutic. *leans back on chair, throws pen* Enough about me, go ask out Chloe.

    Frederick: But I don't like her.

    Scott: My treat.

    Frederick: *blinks*

    Scott: You've got nothing to lose. Even if the date sucks, at least you will have interacted with someone who doesn't need to be blown up each night.

    Frederick: *frowns*

    Scott: OH OH there she is. Go after her. *shoves Frederick*


    Chloe: *flips through papers*

    Frederick: *walks over* Hey Chubby.

    Chloe: It's Chloe.

    Frederick: *grabs papers* What's all this?

    Chloe: My report for Mister Bennett.

    Frederick: None of it's stapled.

    Chloe: I just printed it off, could you give those back?

    Frederick: Want to go out?

    Chloe: *lifts eyes*

    Frederick: For like, a date or something.

    Chloe: ...You want to go out. With me.

    Frederick: Sure.

    Chloe: Why?

    Frederick: It's not like you'll ever get another offer.

    Chloe: *frowns*

    Frederick: What do you say?

    Chloe: ...Okay.

    Frederick: Perfect. Meet me at the beach. *walks away*

    Chloe: *nods slowly*

    Biscayne Park, playground, 12:20pm

    Tom: *pushes Tayla on swing* Higher?

    Tayla: *smiles* YEAH!

    Tom: *smirks* How about all the way over the top.

    Tayla: *giggles* No, Daddy.

    Tom: Alright, I guess not.

    Lori: *steps over*

    Steph: *runs into park*

    Dominick: *runs up slide*

    Tom: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: Hey.

    Tom: *looks back ahead*

    Lori: You mind if they play here?

    Tom: Free country.

    Lori: You're still mad at me.

    Tom: You crossed a line. I'm not doing this with you anymore.

    Lori: I'm sorry, I had to defend y-

    Tom: No you didn't.

    Lori: It's not like I told your brother EVERYTHING. Just public records.

    Tom: *shakes head*

    Lori: Come on, I've done a lot worse. Forgive me.

    Tom: I'm not your husband.

    Lori: Hey. Scott doesn't always forgive me.

    Tom: Scott would forgive Osama if he asked.

    Lori: Who's Osama?

    Tom: It's over, Lori.

    Lori: But we're not sleeping together.

    Tom: *frowns* Our friendship.

    Lori: Oh. Until when?

    Tom: *looks at Lori* Until forever. I'm sick of your bullshit.

    Lori: I was just trying to help, Tom. I wanted your family to stop thinking you were a monster.

    Tom: *grabs Tayla's hand* We're leaving.

    Tayla: But I didn't g-

    Tom: We'll go to a different playground. One that's far away. *walks away*

    Lori: *looks down at sand*

    Steph: *runs over* Momma, how come Tommy's leaving? Tay's supposed to help me build the sand fort.

    Lori: *sits on swing, starts to cry*

    Steph: Uh oh. *jumps into Lori's lap, hugs her*

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    Fredrick...Let's just say, if he got a personality transplant, and it screwed up, it would still be better than what he is now. Why does Chole like him? Why subject yourself to something as vicious as Fredrick? Who knows...maybe this could be a good thing...

    Tom means business , doesn't he? I'm sure after a while, it's going to blow over and they'll be buddy buddy again. Time heals all wounds , they say...

    Excellent update!
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    Thanks for the review! :adore:


    Miami, apartment, 10pm

    Katie: *staring into mirror* THIS is my birthday present? A damned business suit?

    Speed: You just got your job back. I think it's a good investment.

    Katie: *wipes hips* I don't like the fabric. You can't see through it.

    Speed: That's the whole idea.

    Katie: Why did I have to wear this blouse underneath? It leaves absolutely everything to the imagination.

    Speed: You look fantastic.

    Katie: *turns sideways, looks at mirror* My ass isn't even its own entity anymore. This SUCKS.

    Speed: But look how long your legs look. *steps around Katie* And the attractive neck line.

    Katie: Who are you?

    Speed: People will take you seriously. Remember when you were in the bullpen and Tom mistook you for a hooker?

    Katie: No he didn't.

    Speed: He almost booked you for indecent exposure.

    Katie: He was joking.

    Speed: The point is, there's a certain standard that the lab upholds and even though you have your job back, you're still on thin ice with Horatio. You need to drop off his and everybody else's radar and this is the way to do it.

    Katie: I don't like brown. How come I can't have a pink suit?

    Speed: Detract attention, not attract it. Besides, it's not brown...it's taupe.

    Katie: Okay JOSH.

    Speed: *wipes Katie's shoulders* Knock 'em dead, kiddo.

    Katie: *looks back, smiles* You think I'm young?

    Speed: ...It's an expression.

    Katie: *smile fades*

    Speed: But like I said, you look fantastic.

    Katie: For an old lady. *sits on bed* You know, I bet Lori's always going to be hot--she has Scott's money. He can buy her a whole new body.

    Speed: Maybe but he can't get her a new personality.

    Katie: *slaps Speed's arm*

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: Ugh, I feel like a taco. Or a pig in a blanket.

    Speed: You're a beautiful pig.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Speed: *wraps arm around Katie*

    Katie: ...Do you still think about Anni?

    Speed: When are you going to stop asking that?

    Katie: When you give me a straight answer.

    Speed: She's one of my best friends and the mother of my child, so yes I do think about her. I care about her deeply.

    Katie: Wow. She's got 3 guys gunning for her...I have none.

    Speed: *lifts brow* I'm not...gunning for her.

    Katie: She's prettier than I am, isn't she. I mean, I know she is. She doesn't have fake breasts.

    Speed: Look, I'm not going to get into some twisted pissing contest between you two. Anni's moved on from me and I've moved on from her.

    Katie: You still speak to her.

    Speed: Yes, that's called being a friend.

    Katie: I see...and here's nothing going on between you two?

    Speed: No. When did you stop understanding social interaction?

    Katie: When you started beating me up.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: *smiles* IT'S A JOKE! *slaps Speed* Geez! Lighten up.

    Speed: That's not funny.

    Katie: You're so cute. *pokes Speed's nose, giggles*

    Speed: *lowers head*

    Katie: No, don't be depressed. You spent the last 20 years depressed and it led you to drink. Or...drinking led...um...want me to get naked?

    Speed: *shuts out light, lies down on bed*

    Katie: Ugh. Here we go.

    Speed: *staring at wall*

    Katie: How do I fix this?

    Speed: Go to sleep.

    Katie: I'm not tired.

    Speed: *closes eyes* Good night.

    Miami Beach, restaurant, 11pm

    Chloe: *sips water*

    Frederick: You've barely touched your salad.

    Chloe: *pushes plate* I can't help feeling like this is some sort of...trick.

    Frederick: Why?

    Chloe: You ordered a 28-dollar steak. And a 160-dollar bottle of wine.

    Frederick: I'm spoiling you.

    Chloe: *narrows eyes*

    Frederick: I'm trying to get to know you, okay? Play along.

    Chloe: You've never cared enough before.

    Frederick: Yeah well it was nice of you to give me that birthday card so...I'm being nice back.

    Chloe: The card was 99 cents.

    Frederick: Expenses are relative.

    Chloe: *places napkin on table* I don't feel right about this, I'm sorry. I'm just wasting your time.

    Frederick: *shrugs* I didn't have plans.

    Chloe: *stands* This was sweet of you but I'm going home now. *walks away*

    Frederick: Whoa, wait! *stands, runs*

    Outside, street

    Chloe: *walking*

    Frederick: *follows* Okay so I'm mean to you and I can be insensitive but I really do think you're a good person and I'm sure you're fun on...some level.

    Chloe: You don't have to explain yourself.

    Frederick: *takes Chloe's arm* I'm sorry.

    Chloe: *looks at Frederick*

    Frederick: I treated you wrongly.

    Chloe: Apology accepted.

    Frederick: ...That's it?

    Chloe: Yep.

    Frederick: You don't want me to get on my knees or anything?

    Chloe: No, I don't hold grudges.

    Frederick: *stares at Chloe*

    Chloe: You'd better go pay the bill before the restaurant hunts you down. *walks away*

    Frederick: *lowers eyes*

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    Is Fredrick's heart thawing out? Cause I think I saw a hint of humanity in his eyes... Chole's right for being wary, usually people like Fredrick don't mean anything good. Perhaps Fredrick's turning over a new leaf- or he's making good on Scott's generosity. Either way, he's got a long way to go with gaining Chole's trust.

    LOL Katie in a business suit...As awesome as that is, she can't respect it. I don't think she's quite intune to Speed as she thinks she is. If she was, she'd noticed how hard he was checking her out...Ah well...

    Awesome update!

    PS...Katie's awfully worried about what Anni's doing...or who's doing Anni...lol
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    Thanks for the review! :)


    Brooklyn, graveyard, 8:20am

    Lori: *runs across grass, grips coat closed* I hate snow, I hate snow, I hate snow. *slips in grass* AH!

    Scott: *grabs Lori's arm*

    Lori: You should have told me it was winter.

    Scott: It's January.

    Lori: My frozen legs didn't get the memo!

    Scott: Stop yelling.

    Lori: Oh, sorry am I disturbing the dead?

    Scott: Yes.

    Lori: *rolls eyes* I don't know why you have to visit your dad. He was a royal ass.

    Scott: He's family.

    Lori: He's your family. Besides, isn't it dangerous for me to be here? I mean, I did kill the guy. His ghost might be out for vengeance.

    Scott: *opens crypt door* After you.

    Lori: *steps back* I'm not going in there.

    Scott: It's just a crypt.

    Lori: *frowns* I don't do crypts.

    Scott: Well I'm going in.

    Lori: You put your dad on a slab with a bunch of other dead people? *grabs Scott's arm* He isn't still rotting, is he?

    Scott: Lori, he's been dead for 3 years.

    Lori: You go pay your respects. I'll wait out here.

    Scott: In the cold.

    Lori: *frowns*

    Scott: Come on, it'll only take a minute.

    Lori: If I see anything move, we're out of here.

    Inside crypt

    Scott: *walking*

    Lori: *screams, grabs Scott*

    Scott: What?

    Lori: ...I kicked a rock with my toe.

    Scott: *shakes head*

    Lori: Hey, how come that casket's so bitty?

    Scott: It's probably a baby.

    Lori: *staring at casket* As if this place couldn't get creepier.

    Scott: Keep moving.

    5 minutes later

    Scott: *slides key into gate*

    Lori: They put your dad behind a gate? It's not like he was JFK.

    Scott: There's a ghost behind you.

    Lori: *screams, ducks in front of Scott*

    Scott: *smiles*

    Lori: *frowns, slaps Scott* Knock it off.

    Scott: *opens gate, walks in*

    Lori: *runs in*

    Scott: *looks around*

    Lori: So he's behind that big wall thingy.

    Scott: Yes.

    Lori: Henry Edward Finch. La-dee-da. *walks across floor* I bet he's all decked out in a suit and top hat in there. *leans up to wall* Nice picture. He was almost hot back then.

    Scott: *sits on bench*

    Lori: Does your mom have her own spot beside him?

    Scott: No.

    Lori: *looks back*

    Scott: Only the men of our family are interred inside the crypt.

    Lori: *lifts brow* And the women get to lie by the highway or something?

    Scott: It's a family tradition. I believe it goes back to the civil war and something about how the men were burried with their family crests, which were worth a lot of money back then. The crypt would ensure that no one broke in to rob the graves.

    Lori: Does that mean you're destined to spend eternity on a shelf behind a wall? Without me?

    Scott: *smirks*

    Lori: Seems stupid to me.

    Scott: My grandfather felt the same way. He's actually burried beside my grandmother outside near the oak tree.

    Lori: I'm starting to like him. *looks back at wall* Hey, I wonder if Henry's skull still has a bigass hole in it from when I nailed him with the ice pick.

    Scott: *furrows brows*

    Lori: *knocks on wall* Enjoying Hell back there?

    Scott: Lori...

    Lori: *turns around* What? That's how I pay respects.

    Door slams

    Lori: *screams* HE'S OUT FOR BLOOD! *runs under bench, covers head*

    Scott: *looks into crypt hall*

    Lori: You call 9-1-1, I'll call the Ghostbusters.

    Scott: *stands*

    Doris: *walks over to gate*

    Scott: Mom?

    Doris: *lifts head*

    Lori: *opens eye*

    Doris: Scotty. What are you doing here?

    Scott: Visiting Dad.

    Lori: *crawls out from bench, stands* Hiya Doris. *wipes knees*

    Doris: *smiles* Lauren.

    Lori: Close enough.

    Scott: *opens gate*

    Doris: *steps in* You should have called, I would have taken you both out for breakfast.

    Lori: I love breakfast.

    Scott: I didn't realize you...came here.

    Doris: Oh I don't come here to weep. *smiles* I was going to tell Henry about my investments. My stock, DAF was up 3 points yesterday so cashed out and made a profit of $1100.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Doris: Henry always thought I'd be terrible with money. *opens purse, lifts paper* This will show him he's wrong.

    Lori: What's DAF?

    Doris: Doris Anne Finch. *waves hand* I'm sure it means something in the financial world but it was easy for me to remember.

    Lori: So you come here to brag.

    Doris: In so many words, dear.

    Scott: Why don't I take us all out for brunch.

    Lori: Finally, some food.

    Doris: Oliver took me out to a place called...Hooters the other day. Brooklyn has some very interesting establishments.

    Scott: Who's Oliver?

    Doris: My, what are the kids calling it...sugar daddy?

    Lori: *smirks, covers mouth*

    Scott: *frowns* I don't think you realize what that is.

    Doris: Oh come now, Scotty. *smiles* It's about time a man did something for your old mom for a change. Let's go. *pats wall* Bye bye Henry. *walks away*

    Lori: Your mom is so cool.

    Scott: *walks away*

    Manhattan, restaurant

    Doris: *sips coffee* And you remember Agnes' girl, Ella. She's an interior decorator.

    Scott: That's fantastic.

    Doris: We were all talking about you at the club yesterday. *smiles* Ella told us about her first kiss.

    Scott: *clears throat* So Lori's working toward her d-

    Lori: What's this about a first kiss?

    Doris: *places cup on table* Ella and my Scotty went to summer camp together with their classmates. Well, Scott went with a bunch of other boys to the girls' cabin and they kidnapped poor Ella.

    Scott: You only have one side of the st-

    Doris: They locked both Scotty and Ella in one of the sports equipment sheds for 3 hours. That's when the kiss happened.

    Lori: *looks at Scott*

    Scott: We did not kidnap her and it was not a kiss. She tried climbing up one of the piles of mats to get out the window and the pile came tumbling down on top of me, along with her.

    Doris: That's not how she tells it.

    Scott: Ella's always been a liar, Mother. It's why she spent 7 months in juvie.

    Doris: That was a bogus solicitation charge.

    Lori: Ah, Scott has a type.

    Scott: I can't believe you're bringing this up 20 years later.

    Doris: OH, that reminds me. *opens purse* Ella has a new place here in Chelsea and she wanted me to give you her number.

    Scott: I don't want her number.

    Doris: *slides paper across table* She just wants to catch up.

    Lori: In the sports equipment shed?

    Scott: *frowns*

    Lori: *smiles* I think it's adorable. I've always wondered what it would be like to have confirmation that Scott Finch was a little hormonal boy like the rest of them.

    Scott: I didn't kiss her.

    Cellphone beeps

    Scott: *grabs phone, looks down*

    Lori: Who is it?

    Screen reads: Anni Grey

    Scott: Work. *throws phone into pocket* Maybe when I have time, I'll call Ella but I'm not visiting her and I don't think you should trust everything she says.

    Doris: What's the harm?

    Scott: Global domination.

    Lori: *digs into salad* I want to meet her, she sounds neat.

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *bites into salad*

    Cellphone rings

    Scott: *grabs phone from pocket, turns it off*

    Lori: What's going on?

    Scott: Freddie probably got his tie stuck in his pencil sharpener again.

    Lori: Maybe you should take that.

    Scott: *drinks water*

    Lori: Okay then.

    Miami Lab, hallway

    Anni: *snaps phone shut*

    Katie: *runs over* I'm ready for my first official day back on the job. What do we have?

    Anni: *drops phone into pocket* Consuela Manor House in South Miami Beach. It's a historical landmark and was built in 1810.

    Katie: Boring. What about the blood and guts?

    Anni: A rare necklace was stolen.

    Katie: And the victim is...

    Anni: The guard dog.

    Katie: ...My first day back and I'm investigating the death of a canine.

    Anni: Murder's murder.

    Consuela Manor House, foyer

    Anni: *writing* And what time did you find the body, Mrs. Batonia?

    Batonia: Around 8:30.

    Katie: *looks at fish tank*

    Anni: How many guests were staying here last night?

    Batonia: We have anywhere from 5 to 15 guests during the peak season. Last night there were 3.

    Katie: *taps glass* Narrows down the suspects.

    Batonia: You have to find the Consuela Diamond. It's worth over 15 million.

    Katie: Yikes. *stands straight* And you keep it here in the house?

    Batonia: Of course. It was Consuela's.

    Anni: How many people knew about the diamond?

    Batonia: All of my staff and most of the guests that come through here. We have a guided tour and the necklace is usually on display in the Music Room. It's the last stop.

    Anni: Was the necklace there last night?

    Batonia: Yes. It has its own security system and we had Harley.

    Katie: The dog.

    Batonia: *nods*

    Anni: I'd like a list of all of the guests last night and your staff.

    Batonia: Of course. *walks away*

    Anni: *picks up kit* Music Room?

    Katie: I can't believe there's no guts.

    Music Room

    Anni: *steps over glass*

    Katie: *snaps photos*

    Anni: I guess the case wasn't bullet proof.

    Katie: Neither was Harley.

    Anni: *looks back*

    Katie: Gunshot wound to the head. Point blank.

    Anni: Ouch.

    Katie: *kneels* There's glass in Harley's head wound.

    Anni: *lifts brow* Maybe he fell into it.

    Katie: No, there's some melted pieces. The bullet passed through glass before hitting him.

    Anni: *looks at pedestal* I'm going to need to assemble these pieces before we can project the line of fire.

    Katie: There's like a million of them.

    Anni: *leans closer to pedestal* There are some mechanical devices attached to it. I read in the Miami Historic Society Journal that the diamond was protected by motion sensor technology, which would alert the owners to a breech of security. They didn't specify what the hell this is though...*snaps pictures*

    Katie: ...You read the Miami Historic Society Journal?

    Anni: Borrowed it from a friend.

    Katie: *smiles* Is this friend Scott Finch?

    Anni: *lifts eyes* You're supposed to be logging evidence.

    Katie: *smiling* He's so boring.

    Anni: *stands straight* I'm going to need all of the information on this security system. Think you can sift through the technical jargon?

    Katie: I will if you go to the morgue.

    Anni: Deal. *clicks flashlight*

    Katie: Hey, do that again.

    Anni: What, this? *turns on flashlight*

    Katie: The UV's picking up something on the pedestal. *stands, walks over*

    Anni: *looks down at pedestal* Bodily fluids?

    Katie: *swabs pedestal* It's definitely transfer, like it was wiped.

    Anni: Looks like a job for Natalia.

    Katie: *nods*

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    While I find crypts creepy, this was a treat to read. I love that tough as nails Lori is creeped out by crypts *with good reason, mind you* and that she can be the damnsel in distress- although distressed is iffy...more like petrified, and cold. Gotta remember that one...

    DORIS is awesome. Simple as that. She's finally living the life that she should've been living, and having fun doing it:) GO DORIS...

    Okay...first off, Anni texts, then calls...back. to. back. Sounds kinda stalkerish, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Scotty lied...and well, Katie has proven she can function like a normal human being when the situation calls for it. I'd say smashing update :D
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    Thanks for the review! :devil:


    Ballistics lab

    Anni: *staring through microscope*

    Katie: *walks over* Got the information about the security system.

    Anni: Let me guess, top secret security feature not available to the public.

    Katie: Yep. Can't access the rest of the file until I get a warrant. What about the bullet from Harley?

    Anni: It was a 22.calibre, so a pretty small round. I ran it through IBIS but it turned up empty.

    Phone beeps

    Katie: *lifts phone* Good news. Swab results from the pedestal...are in Trace?

    Anni: Maybe it wasn't biological.

    Katie: That's no fun.

    Anni: *smirks, walks away*

    Trace Lab

    Katie: Lay it on me.

    Speed: Sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide.

    Katie: Bleach.

    Speed: Household bleach.

    Katie: ...There's different types of bleach?

    Speed: Well, you have chlorine bleach which is calcium hypochlorite and that's used as a water treatment and then you have chlorine dioxide which is used for textiles and finally my favourite, tetraacetylethylenediamine.

    Katie: Why is that your favourite?

    Speed: I just like saying it.

    Katie: *smiles* You can whisper that in my ear anytime. *winks*

    Speed: *smirks*

    Anni: Alright, household bleach on the pedestal. Any idea how it could have gotten there?

    Katie: It was transfer so probably not during any routine cleaning. It must've been whoever swiped the diamond.

    Anni: Someone with bleach on their hands.

    Katie: Cleaning lady? *scratches head* Why would the cleaning lady bring a gun to work?

    Anni: Maybe he or she was planning on taking the diamond.

    Katie: Great. I hate interrogations.

    Anni: *looks at Speed* Was there anything unique about the bleach?

    Speed: Sorry.

    Katie: Super. Now I have to listen to a bunch of people complain about their benefits. *walks away*

    Cellphone beeps

    Anni: *looks down at phone, smiles*

    Speed: Tom?

    Anni: *lifts head* What?

    Speed: You seem really happy about that text.

    Anni: It's nothing, I'm meeting a friend for...*looks at watch* lupper.

    Speed: ...Lupper.

    Anni: Yeah. Carry on. *walks away*

    Speed: *narrows eyes*


    Scott: *leaning on counter*

    Anni: *walks over, smiles* Hey.

    Scott: Hi. *leans over, kisses Anni's cheek*

    Speed: *steps near doorway*

    Anni: Ready to go?

    Scott: Sure. Sorry about not answering this morning, I was a little busy.

    Anni: Oh that's okay. I just wanted to confirm our date.

    Scott: Right, that's Tuesday.

    Anni: You're not going to tell Tom, are you? He'll be pissed if he finds out.

    Scott: I don't know why everyone should be punished because of Lori's boundary issues.

    Anni: Let's go over the schedule. We'll pick days that Tom's working the late shifts.

    Scott: Sounds good to me. *walks away*

    Anni: *follows*

    Speed: *frowns*

    A/V Lab

    Katie: *typing*

    Speed: *walks over* Hey.

    Katie: Hey, I'm just gathering the background information for our suspects. There are 4 regular staff members. Juanita Peron, Tyler Jackson, Paulina Wilmot and Gregor Fields. The first two have records, b-

    Speed: I think Anni and Scott are having an affair.

    Katie: *looks at Speed* YES! *stands* Finally someone agrees with me. What gossip have you heard?

    Speed: None. I went straight to the source.

    Katie: Tim! You're not supposed to go out and ASK! What's wrong with you!

    Speed: I didn't ask. I saw Scott and Anni talking; he's meeting her for dinner. They were talking about dates and not telling Tom.

    Katie: SAUCY!

    Speed: Shh.

    Katie: *covers mouth*

    Speed: This is serious. We have to tell Lori.

    Katie: No we don't.

    Speed: Why?

    Katie: I want to see how this works out.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: Think about it. Anni leaves Tom for an even YOUNGER man. *smiles* This is the stuff tabloids will have a field day with.

    Speed: What tabloids?

    Katie: Uh...none that I have contacted within the last month.

    Speed: Katie...

    Katie: What? Miami is SO boring.

    Speed: I think Lori deserves to know before the tabloids do.

    Katie: Why? Lori cheated on Scott a hundred bergillion times. It's his turn to bang a cougar.

    Speed: *sigh* ...I wish she would go back to chasing me like the old days. Then I wouldn't have to pound Scott in his ridiculously handsome face.

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: *lifts eyes* Or so Lori's told me.

    Katie: Let's go spy on them.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Come on, you know you want to.

    Speed: You're bad at stakeouts. You always get fried cheese all over my car and you're so loud, you ruin everyone's cover within a 20-block radius.

    Katie: I promise not to be loud.

    Speed: That's like promising not to be hot. It's a theoretic impossibility.

    Katie: *smiles* You think I'm hot?

    Speed: *points finger* We are not stopping at Subway. *walks away*


  8. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Now, I REALLY can't wait to see how this plays out:D I love when there's a misconception and this BIG caper comes about * Yes, I'm labeling the stakeout as a caper, mainly because, well, it's Katie. She makes EVERYTHING a caper*. Needless to say, I'm going to get a big laugh off of this one...

    Excellent update!:D
  9. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    Thanks for the review! :D


    Outside restaurant, 8:39pm

    Katie: *wipes cheese from lip* They've been in there forever. What are they talking about?

    Speed: I don't know, I can't read lips.

    Katie: There's a lot of smiling and he keeps touching her arm. *looks down at lap* Oops, do you have a napkin? I dropped a meatball.

    Speed: *looks at Katie* What did I say?

    Katie: If I eat the sub, I have to do it at Subway.

    Speed: And where are you?

    Katie: In your car. It smells like Subway though, does that count?

    Speed: No. *throws napkin*

    Katie: *wipes leg* You should taste this, it's excellent.

    Speed: I'm not hungry.

    Katie: HAVE A MEATBALL! *shoves meatball into Speed's mouth*

    Speed: *coughs, chews*

    Katie: *smiles* Isn't it delicious? *wipes Speed's cheek*

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *points* Look, look! Scott's laughing his ass off.

    Speed: Maybe she just made a joke.

    Katie: They're so in love. He never laughs at Lori.

    Speed: Scott doesn't laugh AT people.

    Katie: *crawls into Speed's lap* Get me the binoculars.

    Speed: *leans back* Hey. There's a backseat in this car that has a great view of the restaurant.

    Katie: *looks at Speed* You want to go to the backseat with me? OKAY! *jumps into backseat*

    Speed: That's...not really what I was getting at.

    Inside restaurant

    Anni: *smiling* Your mother seems wonderful.

    Scott: You've only met her a couple of times, right?

    Anni: Mhm. *dips fry into ketchup*

    Scott: Do you want to get out of here?

    Anni: *lifts eyes*

    Scott: I'm sure Tom's wondering where you are.

    Anni: Oh. You meant get out of here as in, go home.

    Scott: What else would it mean?

    Anni: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: *smiles* Sorry. I guess that could've been taken another way.

    Anni: I'll see you again on Tuesday?

    Scott: For sure.

    Inside car, backseat

    Katie: *kissing Speed's chest*

    Speed: *grabs Katie's hips* Wait. *looks out window* Where's Scott and Anni?

    Katie: *smiles* Who cares.

    Speed: *sits up* They left. They could be going to a motel.

    Katie: We could go to a motel.

    Speed: *pushes Katie* You ruined another stakeout.

    Katie: I ruined it? You're the one who made the first move.

    Speed: I was wiping cheese off my seat and your leg happened to be in the way.

    Katie: *smiles* Let's go back to our place and eat some strawberries.

    Speed: Why?

    Katie: *grabs Speed's shirt* Move it.

    Gables Estates, house, master bedroom, 10:40pm

    Lori: *eyes closed*

    Scott: *walks in, shuts door*

    Lori: *opens eye*

    Scott: *pulls off shirt, unzips jeans*

    Lori: *smirks*

    Scott: *slides into bed*

    Lori: *rolls onto Scott* Oops, I must've fallen.

    Scott: Hilarious.

    Lori: *smiles, kisses Scott*

    Scott: *sigh*

    Lori: *lifts head* What?

    Scott: *brushes hair from Lori's forehead* I've been lying to you.

    Lori: ...About what.

    Scott: *sits up* I've been seeing Anni about our kids.

    Lori: I don't know what that means.

    Scott: Tom's not letting Steph and Dom play with Brook and Tayla because you spilled the beans about his personal foibles so I've been working out the schedule with Anni so they get to have play dates.

    Lori: That's what the phone calls were about.

    Scott: We didn't want to risk you telling Tom.

    Lori: Come on, I'm not THAT bad.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: Oh my God. I'm turning into my mother.

    Scott: *grabs Lori's shoulders* It's okay, we can fix that.

    Lori: How?

    Scott: ...I'm not sure.

    Lori: Hey. *grabs Scott's face* Did you get botox?

    Scott: *blinks*

    Lori: *narrows eyes*

    Scott: ...Bob's doctor was having a party and he was offering free injections. It would have been rude to turn him down.

    Lori: *smiles* You look good.

    Scott: I really would have preferred not t-

    Lori: *pushes Scott onto bed*

    Scott: Oof.

  10. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Well, it seems as if the Speedle women are getting lucky! I thought it was cool that Scott came out and told Lori what was going on. I also thought that it was funny that Speed and Katie were fooling around in the back seat. Ah...love...or something that resembles it- is in the air...

    Awesome update:D
  11. CSISDFlash

    CSISDFlash Pathologist

    Sep 16, 2008
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    Boy the thing that happen when i'm not around! lol! I hope Katie and Speed have fun with those strawberry's! Oh and don't forget the whipped cream! Or in Katie's case maybe mustard would be more appropriate! LMAO!

    Whats up with Scott! Now hes being Botoxed and its turning Lori on! Ugh! She has weird fetishes, maybe she is turning into her mother! Katie's into Mustard and Lori's int to Botox whats this world coming to!

    Great update Geni!
  12. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Thanks for the reviews! :D Hee!


    Miami PD, interrogation room, 9am

    Katie: Okay, ladies and gentlemen. You were asked here because one of you commited a crime and we're going to find out who.

    Juanita: We didn't kill anyone.

    Katie: That's not what I'm talking about. *lifts head* The Consuela Diamond was stolen by someone with bleach on their hands.

    Gregor: And you automatically assumed it was the cleaning personnel.

    Katie: Have to start somewhere. Tell me something, do you wear a new pair of gloves every day?

    Juanita: Of course. But why are we the only two people here?

    Katie: The other two staff members had alibis. *opens folder* Gregor, you're being laid off in two weeks.

    Gregor: So? I've already found a new job.

    Consuela Manor House

    Anni: *digs through garbage cans*

    Miami PD

    Katie: Juanita, you've just had triplets and your hours were cut back.

    Juanita: Yes.

    Katie: Seems like you might need some extra cash.

    Juanita: Of course, but not 15 million.

    Consuela Manor House

    Anni: *picks up gloves* ...*tilts head*

    Glass is seen stuck inside glove

    Miami PD

    Katie: Is the door to the Music Room usually locked?

    Juanita: Yes. Every night. Mrs. Botania must have opened it that morning.

    Katie: Then how did the dog get in first?

    Gregor: *looks at Juanita* The Music Room is your area.

    Juanita: *lowers head* I must have locked him in accidentally. He likes to sleep; he's old.

    Gregor: Do we need lawyers?

    Katie: *closes folder* Do any of you own a gun?

    Gregor: No.

    Juanita: Never.

    Katie: *nods* Stay put.

    Layout room, 10:45am

    Anni: *staring through microscope*

    Katie: *walks over* One of my suspects lawyered up, the other one doesn't quite know what to do with herself. Tell me you have something.

    Anni: Found a pair of cleaning gloves with glass stuck in it. It must have gotten caught when the diamond was swiped.

    Katie: Do we know whose glove it is?

    Anni: It was in the trash but I've got something else up my sleeve. *lifts head* Can you grab me the gloves?

    Katie: Sure. *picks up gloves*

    Anni: *grabs glove, turns it inside out* One of the suspects has a criminal record, right?

    Katie: Yeah. Juanita.

    Anni: If this is her glove, her prints should be inside. *lowers glove into plastic box*

    Katie: I have to tell you, she's looking good for this.

    Anni: *presses button*

    Smoke fills box

    Anni: *smirks*

    Katie: So...what were you doing with Scott at the restaurant last night?

    Anni: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *smiles* We followed you two lovebirds.

    Anni: *frowns* Who's 'we'?

    Katie: *smile fades* Uh...nobody.

    Anni: Speed actually went along with your insanity.

    Katie: Hey, he has an investment in your marriage. Brook. Don't screw that up.

    Anni: I'm not seeing Scott. We were working out our schedules so the kids could play together. Tom's pissed at Lori.

    Katie: ...Boring. HEY! He was touching you.

    Anni: Scott's very personable. He talks with his hands.

    Katie: Bull.

    Anni: Believe what you want but it's possible for two adults of the opposite sex to be friends without it evolving into something more.

    Katie: *looks at box* It's done.

    Anni: *opens top, pulls out glove*

    10 minutes later

    Anni: *staring at laptop* Got a hit.

    Katie: The maid?

    Anni: No. Mrs. Batonia.

    Katie: What? *runs over* She was wearing the glove?

    Anni: Popped back in 2007 for assault.

    Katie: Why would she steal her own diamond?

    Anni: Good question. Let's ask her.

    Interrogation room

    Batonia: *leans back in chair*

    Anni: Why shoot an innocent animal? Why not just turn off the security system to take it?

    Batonia: Nobody can shut it off. We can only vary the amount of protection it gets.

    Anni: It meaning the diamond you stole.

    Batonia: It's mine.

    Anni: No. It was Consuela's and she donated it to the Manor House, which belongs to the City of Miami. So my officers and colleague are going to escort you to the house where you're going to give it to them.

    Batonia: That diamond could keep the Manor House open for another hundred years from the money I got for it.

    Anni: You sold it.

    Batonia: *smirks* Black market. You'll never find it.

    Anni: Well, you're right about one thing. The Manor House will probably stay open but unfortunately, you won't see it for a long time.

    Batonia: *scoffs, crosses arms*

    Layout Room, 11pm

    Anni: *places piece of glass onto plastic frame*

    Speed: *walks in* You're still here?

    Anni: Something about the diamond case was bothering me.

    Speed: So you're assembling an impossible puzzle.

    Anni: *lifts head* Check out the mechanical arm over there. That came from the security system at the Manor House.

    Speed: *snaps on gloves, picks up arm*

    Anni: I've been through countless specs for motion detection technology from thousands of other sources and not one of them resembles that arm.

    Speed: It does have a laser on it.

    Anni: I think it's a gun.

    Speed: *lifts eyes* A gun. Security systems are designed to deter and detect, not murder.

    Anni: Which is exactly why that part of the specs are under lock and key. I don't even think Batonia knew the specifics.

    Speed: Well, it's possible that she's the one who killed the dog. She found the body and reported the diamond stolen.

    Anni: She might be a thief but I don't think she's a murderer. Take a look at my piece de resistance. *points to cube*

    Speed: It's a hole.

    Anni: The shot...*leans closer to hole* came from inside the box. Look at the directionality of the glass.

    Speed: That's...barbaric.

    Anni: But effective. It would tag an intruder at the very least, if not kill him. Dog probably set it off during the night.

    Speed: Remind me not to trip in a museum anytime soon.

    Anni: *stands straight* There's no way the company should get away with this.

    Speed: You're going after a mega corporation?

    Anni: No. The DA is.

    Speed: You have to prove that the shot came from the device and you'll need more than pictures of glass.

    Anni: That's why I'm going to test it downstairs.

    Speed: How are you going to get it to fire?

    Anni: If I can figure out how to load it, I should be able to set it up and plug it in just like they did at the Manor House.

    Speed: Maybe you should get some sleep first.

    Anni: *rubs hands together* No rest for justice.

    Speed: You do realize it was a 17-year old dog that died. It probably wasn't a big loss.

    Anni: A life's a life and nobody deserves for it to be extinguished by a bullet.

    Speed: *sigh* ...I guess you'll need someone around who understands hydraulics.

    Anni: *smiles* Breakfast is on me.

  13. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Okay, so... the woman who lived in the house stole the diamond and sold it? But didn't murder the dog? Interesting findings. I find it more interesting that Anni's determined to find out if the security company has been playing dirty with their security systems....and why. Nice case:D

    Is it cute that Anni's all gung ho and roped Speed into it?

    Awesome update:D
  14. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Thanks for the review. :D


    APL Financial Miami, 48th floor, 11am

    Scott: *runs down hallway* Bob. Just the man I wanted to see.

    Bob: *turns around*

    Scott: Can I borrow your office? There are too many gossips in the bullpen.

    Bob: Sure.

    Anni: *walks over, smiles* Hi Bob.

    Bob: *looks at Anni* Mrs. Grey.

    Anni: I promise I won't take much of Scott's time. *places hand on Scott's chest* My next investment will be with APL.

    Bob: *looks at Scott*

    Scott: *smiles* Thanks, Bob. *walks away*

    Anni: *runs*

    Bob: *looks back*


    Scott: *pushes Anni against bookshelf*

    Anni: *grabs Scott's tie*

    Scott: *kisses Anni's neck*

    Anni: *smiles* Katie's such a moron.

    Scott: *throws Anni onto couch*

    Anni: Ooh!

    Scott: *crawls over Anni*

    Anni: *unbuttons Scott's shirt*

    Bob: *walks in, shuts door*

    Anni: *sits up*

    Scott: *looks at Bob*

    Bob: *crosses arms*

    Scott: *stares at Bob*

    Anni: *hides head in Scott's chest* Tell me there's nobody standing there.

    Scott: *places hands on Anni's shoulders, stands* Okay, we're not using your office to discuss business. But if it helps, this used to be my office so technically, you've just interrupted a very important meeting.

    Bob: *staring at Scott*

    Scott: *smiles*

    Bob: Mrs. Grey.

    Anni: I'm leaving. *stands, runs*

    Scott: *looks at door, bites lip*

    Bob: *smacks Scott upside the head*

    Scott: Ow.

    Bob: What the hell is wrong with you? I expect this out of Freddie.

    Scott: ...Mid-life crisis?

    Bob: *smacks Scott in the head*

    Scott: Ow.

    Bob: You're lucky I can't fire you.

    Scott: *rubs head*

    Bob: Would you do up your fly already?

    Scott: *zips up jeans*

    Bob: Sit down.

    Scott: *sits in chair*

    Bob: What does she have that Lori doesn't?

    Scott: *shakes head* It's not about that.

    Bob: Then what's it about?

    Scott: *lowers head, smirks*

    Bob: Are you on drugs?

    Scott: *laughs* No.

    Bob: *looks at watch* I'll be right back. Stay put. *walks away*


    Anni: *tapping foot*

    Scott: *runs over*

    Anni: Ditched him?

    Scott: *grabs Anni's cheeks, kisses her*

    Anni: *smirks*

    Scott: *opens car door*

    Anni: *pulls Scott into car*

    Scott: *slams door*

    Miami Lab, Trace Lab, 3pm

    Tom: *drops cone*

    Speed: *looks down at floor*

    Tom: *kneels, picks up cone*

    Speed: ...You're not going to use that, are you?

    Tom: Why?

    Speed: Because you might end up putting someone away based on industrial floor polish.

    Tom: *looks down at cone*

    Speed: You okay?

    Tom: Didn't get much sleep. Tayla spent the whole night crying and throwing up.

    Speed: They do that.

    Tom: *rubs eyes* Anni hasn't been home yet so I left Tayla with Lori.

    Speed: I thought you weren't speaking with her.

    Tom: I'm not. I left her on Lori's doorstep.

    Speed: Smooth.

    Tom: Is Anni still burried in ballistic evidence?

    Speed: She left at 8.

    Tom: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: She didn't come home at all?

    Tom: No.

    Speed: *nods slowly, looks back at computer*

    Tom: What.

    Speed: Nothing.

    Tom: Spill.

    Speed: Well...it's just that when Anni and I were married, she started not coming home and it turns out, she was over at your place all the time.

    Tom: *staring at Speed*

    Speed: *looks at Tom* Welcome to my life.

    Tom: *frowns*

  15. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Uh oh...Sounds like splitsville for our two resident couples. I say let them have their fun, they should, and then reap the benefits of that said fun * glares from their respective spouses, divorce petitions and the such*. I wonder how enlightened Tom is going to be if he ever finds out anything? I wonder,...will he get angry? Will he walk out on her, or...will he stay and try and work things out?

    All these questions and more...As the World Turns...:guffaw:

    Really, I'm kidding. This was a great chapter. Sometimes the kids just have to cut loose, you know? ;)

    Awesome update:D

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