CSI:Miami Road Trip: Unlucky Number 13

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    Thanks for the review! Wee! :D


    APL Financial Miami, lobby

    Josh: *steps under tape*

    Natalia: *lowers camera, smiles* Hey Josh.

    Josh: What do we have?

    Natalia: Employee here called us; Prescilla Waffer, 42 years old was found on the other side of the lobby from an apparent suicide.

    Josh: Where does she work?

    Natalia: 48th floor. There's a broken window upstairs.

    Josh: Where's the victim?

    Natalia: Out back.

    Josh: *nods*

    Behind building

    Josh: *looks around* I see blood. Where is she?

    Natalia: Look up.

    Josh: *looks up* ...Impaled on the light standard.

    Natalia: Alexx is going to have a field day.

    Josh: *looks down at ground*

    Natalia: *snaps pictures*

    Josh: *picks up shoe*

    Natalia: CEO's waiting to send everyone home but at the moment, he's keeping them away from the windows. My guys have a tarp ready.

    Josh: I'll go upstairs and speak with the employees.

    Natalia: *nods*

    Josh: *steps away*

    Natalia: Quick! What kind of shoe is that!

    Josh: *looks back* Red.

    Natalia: *smiles*

    Josh: *smirks, walks away*

    48th floor, bullpen

    Bob: *looks at watch*

    Frederick: She always seemed too wacky to kill herself.

    Chloe: Shut up, Freddie.

    Frederick: You should have seen her plow through the glass. *laughs* It was classic.

    Bob: You want to be next?

    Frederick: *looks at Bob*

    Bob: Zip it.

    Josh: *walks over*

    Bob: *lifts eyes*

    Josh: *extends hand* Robert.

    Bob: *grabs Josh's hand* Speedle.

    Josh: *lowers hand* I need to ask you guys some questions about what happened. Did any of you see it happen?

    Chloe: I just heard a crash.

    Frederick: Prescilla was always nuts. She dressed her dogs in human clothes.

    Chloe: She would never do this. She was a happy person.

    Frederick: People who wear 10 000 pounds of makeup and leotards are not happy. They're delusional.

    Josh: Do you know if she had a doctor or psychiatrist?

    Bob: Our department has a mental health specialist. She may have been seeing him.

    Frederick: Wait, we have a shrink?

    Chloe: Time to take advantage, Freddie.

    Frederick: Shut up, I don't need one.

    Josh: So none of you actually saw what happened.

    Bob: I was in my office. Chloe and Frederick were the only ones in the office with her.

    Josh: *writing*

    Bob: *stares at Josh*

    Josh: *lifts eyes*

    Bob: *looks down at floor*

    Josh: *smirks*

    Frederick: *looks at Chloe*

    Chloe: *shrugs*

    Frederick: Do you two know each other or something?

    Bob: It's been a long time.

    Josh: *nods*

    Frederick: *smiles* Hey, I see what this is. You guys were bum-buddies.

    Bob: *frowns*

    Chloe: Freddie. *slaps Frederick*

    Frederick: Ow. What? I think it's romantic.

    Chloe: No you don't.

    Frederick: I might someday.

    Josh: Back to Prescilla.

    Frederick: Right. Case closed. *salutes*

    Josh: No, not case closed. But why don't you two head home for the day.

    Chloe: *looks at Bob*

    Bob: *nods*

    Chloe/Frederick: *walk away*

    Bob: I'm sorry about him.

    Josh: It's alright. Why don't you take me over to the scene.

    Bob: Sure.

    Near broken window

    Josh: *kneels*

    Bob: ...How have you been?

    Josh: *places hand on floor* I've been alright. You?

    Bob: Could be worse.

    Josh: *looks around* Do your employees run in the office?

    Bob: *crosses arms* Sure, I guess. If a deadline needs to be done, packages are delivered...sometimes there are emergencies.

    Josh: *stands, smirks* Trading emergencies.

    Bob: You'd be surprised.

    Josh: Well, there's bleaching on the carpet that's been caused by direct sunlight through this window.

    Bob: Okay.

    Josh: The dark spot has an interesting shape. As if there was a cord running across the floor.

    Bob: *looks down at floor*

    Josh: Did anyone touch or move anything?

    Bob: Not that I know of.

    Josh: *leans over window*

    Bob: You think she tripped?

    Josh: *reaches down, lifts cord from ledge*

    Bob: Oh my.

    Josh: *stands* Sad way to go.

    Bob: I feel awful about this...it's something that didn't need to happen.

    Josh: Hopefully you have good lawyers.

    Bob: We have the best. Not that I won't compensate the family, mind you.

    Josh: *nods* Good to know.

    Bob: I hope I'm not being too forward, but...how's Ethan?

    Josh: He's great.

    Bob: That's excellent. He's a very bright boy.

    Josh: He is.

    Bob: *scratches head*

    Josh: Why don't you come over for dinner tonight.

    Bob: *smiles* I'd love to.

    Josh: 7pm?

    Bob: I'll be there.

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    I don't know why I'm so deliriously happy that Bob and Josh have date...maybe because I think they're awesome together perhaps? Sad way to go for Priscilla though, she made the office...colorful.

    Freddie is...Insane. Chole's finally finding ground to stand on...

    Bob and Josh...Here's a hint, you can tell you like each other guys- Let go and let flow!

    Excellent update!
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    Woo hoo! Bob & Josh back in the saddle again! lol! Why do I hear Peaches & Herb in my head now! ugh! I'll never get rid of that stupid song for the rest of the day ! lol!

    Great Update Geni!
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    Sorry I haven't updated in a while. :eek: But here's a new chapter!

    Thanks for the reviews. :)


    Gables Estates, house, 10:40am

    Dominick: *running, giggling*

    Scott: I'm gonna getcha! *jumps over couch, grabs Dominick*

    Dominick: *squeals*

    Tayla: *clapping hands*

    Scott: *falls onto couch* Oof.

    Dominick: Touchdown?

    Scott: Definitely a touchdown.

    Steph: *pokes Tayla* You're it! *runs away*

    Tayla: HEY! *runs*

    Lori: *walks downstairs*

    Steph: *runs upstairs*

    Lori: *leans against wall*

    Tayla: *runs*

    Lori: *walks into foyer* Scott, where are my good towels?

    Scott: *sits up, ruffles Dominick's hair* You mean the ones with the frills on them?

    Lori: Yeah. I can't find them anywhere.

    Scott: We used them for the fort.

    Lori: ...Fort?

    Scott: Yeah.

    Dominick: *picks up pen, makes gun noises*

    Lori: What the hell are my good towels doing in a fort?

    Scott: Well the enemy was advancing and we needed a good cover. Tayla and Steph wanted to be the trained assassins and we're the American heroes.

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: They still ambushed us and shot us in the back.

    Dominick: Steph's a meanie.

    Lori: *places hands on hips*

    Scott: What?

    Lori: Jeff and Ashley are going to be over tonight for dinner so I need my good towels.

    Scott: Why are they coming?

    Lori: I wanted to explain to them what I found about Tom.

    Scott: Dom, go upstairs and play with your sister.

    Dominick: But I wanna stay with you.

    Scott: I won't be long.

    Dominick: *jumps onto floor, runs away*

    Scott: *stands* What exactly did you find out about Tom?

    Lori: He's been telling the truth. Well, at least I know he was telling the truth about the morphine. The other stuff is pretty circumstantial but I think-

    Scott: What if Jeff doesn't want to hear any of this?

    Lori: He has to. I'd want to know if I've been wrong my whole life. Besides, Tom deserves for the truth to come out.

    Scott: That's what you've been working on in your office all day.

    Lori: Yeah.

    Scott: I think if anyone should present this kind of information to Tom's family, it should be Tom.

    Lori: But-

    Scott: The last time you meddled in someone else's affairs, your father wouldn't speak to you for months.

    Lori: *frowns* I was meddling in actual AFFAIRS. My father was being a jackass.

    Scott: I don't think Tom would appreciate you looking so deeply into his life.

    Lori: He should expect it from me.

    Scott: You could simply give them the information and let them work it out for themselves.

    Lori: Why?

    Scott: You're much too manipulative.

    Lori: *smiles* How do you think I snagged you?

    Scott: Pure luck.

    Lori: How sweet of you to say.


    Steph: *drapes sheet over head* LOOK! I'm a ghost! BOO!

    Tayla: *screams, runs behind box*

    Steph: *giggles*

    Dominick: *pushes Steph* Stop.

    Steph: *pulls sheet off* I'm bored, Dommy.

    Dominick: *climbs onto boxes*

    Steph: Dom, careful.

    Tayla: *sneezes*

    Steph: Dommy, get off the boxes.

    Dominick: *climbs further*

    Tayla: *sneezes, falls backwards*

    Dominick: AH! *falls off boxes*

    Steph: *screams*

    Boxes topple

    Steph: *runs, pushes boxes*

    Tayla: *crawls around boxes*

    Steph: DOMMY!

    Tayla: *pushes box* Hi Dommy.

    Dominick: *coughs, sits up*

    Steph: Dom, your nose is bleeding.

    Dominick: *wipes nose on sleeve*

    Steph: You're so stupid. *slaps Dominick*

    Dominick: *pushes Steph*

    Tayla: *pulls band-aid from pocket*

    Dominick: *sniffing*

    Tayla: *pushes band-aid onto Dominick's forehead*

    Dominick: *lifts eyes*

    Tayla: *smiles*

    Dominick: *frowns*

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    HAAHAHAHAH ! Tayla is so cute with Dom! She already trying hard to get her man! Scott is right! I think Lori is about to open up a whole can of worms that Tom is not gonna be happy about, but you know Lori she gonna do it anyway no matter what anyone tells her!

    Great update Geni!
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    I love the family time! Scotty playing with the kids is just awesome! Now , if he could just stay in that mode:guffaw:

    Lori really should rethink her position in all of this. She really should just leave well enough alone, Tom doesn't really strike me, even with all the enlightenment, as a person who would be cool with someone poking around his past. I'm just saying...

    Excellent update!
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    Thanks for the reviews! :D


    Hummerhome, campground, 6pm

    Katie: I really think the economic downturn will facilitate the advancement of private mega corporations. Gas prices, for example and pharmaceutical companies.

    Anni: Essentially, we'll all be pawns of our own downfall. You ever try to fill out an insurance form at the hospital? I had to account for my mileage.

    Katie: Exactly. It's a conspiracy and I'm going to expose it on my blog. *points finger* The oil companies have invested interest in the pharmaceutical companies, who control the health industry. Pretty soon your vehicle will determine whether or not you can drive to the hospital.

    Anni: See, now that's such a Republican standpoint.

    Katie: *narrows eyes* Did you just call me a Republican?

    Anni: *looks around*

    Everyone is seen sleeping

    Anni: *smiles* It worked. They're zonked out of their minds.

    Katie: Seriously. I'm not Republican. I've never even BEEN to Mordor.

    Anni: Shut up and start taking panties.

    Katie: Right.

    Anni: *unzips Speed's jeans*

    Katie: *slaps Anni's hand* He's mine.

    Anni: Nothing I haven't seen before.

    Katie: *pushes Anni* I want Speed's tighty whities. You get Eric's.

    Anni: Fine. *walks over to Eric*

    Katie: *picks up scissors*

    Anni: *looks over* Don't miss.

    Katie: Shut up.

    Anni: *pulls Eric's pants down* ...

    Katie: You get 'em?

    Anni: Eric's wearing pull-ups.

    Katie: So?

    Anni: I'm not putting a diaper on the Hummerhome's flag.

    Katie: It's not a diaper, it's big kid underwear.

    Anni: *mumbles* You would know.

    Katie: *frowns* I have kids.

    Anni: *rips pull-ups*

    Katie: *unzips Tom's jeans*

    Anni: *runs over, grabs Katie's arm* His undies belong to me.

    Katie: Says who?

    Anni: That ring on his finger.

    Katie: *looks down*

    Anni: What's wrong?

    Katie: Tom wears Calvin Klein?

    Anni: Yeah. So?

    Katie: It's just...they're so form-fitting. It'd be a shame to cut them up.

    Anni: Christ. *grabs scissors* He has 700 more pairs.

    Katie: You know, Speed wears silk.

    Anni: Good for him.

    Katie: You can tell a lot about a man by the material of his under intimates.

    Anni: C'mon, hurry up before they wake.

    4 minutes later

    Katie: *places hands on hips*

    Anni: *scratches nose*

    Katie: Go for it.

    Anni: You do it.

    Katie: This was your idea.

    Anni: You have more experience touching old men.

    Katie: Oh, HAR DEE HAR HAR.

    Horatio: *snores, snorts*

    Katie: Ugh.

    Anni: Go ahead.

    Katie: We can skip H.

    Anni: He's part of the team.

    Katie: So we'll put an extra pair of my underwear on the flag.

    Anni: Uh huh, because Horatio goes around wearing G-strings.

    Katie: Something has to keep him young.

    Anni: You unzip, I'll snip.

    Katie: ...We're still going after the underwear, right?

    Top of Hummerhome

    Katie: *threads needle* Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. OW. Ow.

    Anni: You have to sew the material, not your finger.

    Katie: I've never done this before.

    Anni: Over under, over under.

    Katie: I know Missionary.

    Anni: No. *snatches flag away* Watch. *licks finger, starts to sew*

    Katie: Where'd you learn to sew?

    Anni: *shrugs* Scott taught me.

    Katie: *lifts brow* ...Scott Finch?

    Anni: Yeah. He saves money by sewing his own buttons back on.

    Katie: He didn't teach Lori how to sew.

    Anni: She never asked.

    Katie: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: *lifts eyes* What?

    Katie: You love him.

    Anni: *frowns* Keep your voice down. Someone might think you're actually telling the truth.

    Katie: You spend a lot more time with him than you let on. Does Lori know about this?

    Anni: Scott is my friend. Yes, we hang out. He's an intelligent man, I enjoy his company.

    Katie: Tom's not intelligent enough for you to enjoy him?

    Anni: Of course he is. In fact, Tom's a lot smarter than people think.

    Katie: But Scott's the international mogul. The all-American man.

    Anni: He's...interesting, yes. But-

    Katie: Lori's going to skin you alive.

    Anni: I'm not doing anything wrong.

    Katie: What about that big expensive necklace you got last year for Christmas? Something tells me that wasn't from your Secret Santa at the lab, because I know who got you--ME!

    Anni: *lowers head, bites string* The box said anonymous, Katie.

    Katie: Anonymous Finch.

    Anni: *throws flag* Put this up. *stands, climbs down ladder*

    Katie: You're in big trouble!

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    OO What? I believe in having friends, but...Is Katie implying what I think she's implying? No, that can't be right, because Anni loves Tom, adores the very land he walks on. She wouldn't risk her loving relationship to have something she knows she'll never have. That's Katie's MO...No, seriously, I don't think that there's anything but friendship between Anni and Scott, which as it should be. Lori and Tom are friends, and they don't jump each other's bones * anymore* So what's the harm in Anni and Scott being friends. Curiously, however, I noticed she didn't deny that she loved Scott. Hmm...

    I think I'm suppsoed to be commenting on the panty/ underwear flag. Of course, it's hilarious. Those two are extremely brave. Eric... pull ups? At least they make them easy access :guffaw:

    Excelllent update!
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    Thanks for the reviews. :D


    Hummerhome, highway, 8pm

    Katie: I can't believe we're heading home already. This road trip didn't last long enough at all. *scribbles in colouring book*

    Anni: *smiles* Poor baby wasn't finished having fun.

    Katie: It's true. *grabs red crayon*

    Speed: *looks over at colouring book* ...Why is the kangaroo red?

    Katie: Sunburn.

    Speed: And the clown...why is he green?

    Katie: He's sick.

    Delko: Stop hogging the book; I want to colour too.

    Katie: You had it all week.

    Delko: Just snag me a page. *smiles* I'm going to finish the maze.

    Carly: Eric, you hit the dead-end 6 times.

    Delko: I want to find my way out.

    Speed: You couldn't find your way out of the shower yesterday.

    Delko: HEY. Those curtains can be confusing. They should put zippers on them or something.

    Speed: They're open-ended on both sides.

    Delko: ...They stick to me.

    Speed: *rolls eyes*


    Tom: *staring at phone*

    Anni: *walks in, shuts door* Hey. Horatio said you had to be out with everyone else. *smiles* Seatbelts and all that.

    Tom: ...I'm going to kill her.

    Anni: Uh oh. What did Lori do now?

    Tom: My brother Jeff just texted me. *lifts head* Lori gave him all these files on me and my family without asking me. She just blew the lid off of everything I chose not to divulge to the whole god damned world. *stands* What the hell gives her the right to do that?

    Anni: You know her. She doesn't have boundaries.

    Tom: I'll tell you what she does have. A death wish.

    Anni: Thomas, you know it's not going to do any good. Maybe you should just talk to your brother.

    Tom: He never listened to me before, what makes you think he will now?

    Anni: It's worth a try...at least to me. I can come with if y-

    Tom: No. I'll take care of it.

    Anni: *nods*

    Tom: After I make a fillet out of Miss Lori.

    Anni: *smirks*

    Miami, APL Financial, 11pm

    Frederick: *writing*

    Chloe: *steps over* Freddie? You're still here?

    Frederick: Go away, Chlo-bar. I need to get this report finished and your big fat ass is blocking my light.

    Chloe: I thought you finished it yesterday.

    Frederick: I just said that so I could get to the game. You're such a moron.

    Chloe: Oh. Well, I usually get my work done before I play.

    Frederick: Get lost.

    Chloe: Need any help?

    Frederick: NO! *stands, turns around* NO I DON'T NEED HELP! I NEED YOU TO GET OUT OF MY FACE!

    Chloe: *stares at Frederick*

    Frederick: Why don't you go to a gym and do something productive with your lard. *sits on chair, twirls around*

    Chloe: *nods* ...*places card on desk, walks away*

    Frederick: *looks over at card*

    Card reads: Happy Birthday

    Frederick: *lowers eyes*

    Hummerhome, bedroom, 1am

    Katie: *sits up, turns on light*

    Speed: *winces*

    Katie: Are you in love with Anni?

    Speed: Katie, go to sleep.

    Katie: Because Anni's in love with Scott.

    Speed: *sits up* She is not.

    Katie: *smiles* She is.

    Speed: Why? Why would she do that? Why?

    Katie: He gave her this really expensive necklace for Christmas last year and she didn't tell Tom about it.

    Speed: Did she show it to you?

    Katie: No but I bet it's pretty. She said it was about friendship, what do you think?

    Speed: No way. Men do not buy jewelry for female friends. It's like pissing all over the local tree in front of all the other females.

    Katie: I KNEW IT!

    Speed: Hush.

    Katie: *covers mouth*

    Speed: I hope Scott's not really that stupid.

    Katie: Maybe he's in love with her too.

    Speed: That doesn't make sense.

    Katie: Why?

    Speed: ...I don't want that to be true.

    Katie: What if Scott leaves Lori for Anni and Anni leaves Tom for Scott? And what if Anni marries Scott and adopts the kids? That would make Lori *GASP* ...YOUR DAUGHTER!

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: Wait...

    Speed: I should have a chat with Scott.

    Katie: NO! He'll tell Anni and Anni will know that I told you. You CAN'T say anything.

    Speed: *angry sigh* Then why did you tell me?

    Katie: ...I can't gossip with Anni about it, can I.

    Speed: I'm not your girlfriend, Katie.

    Katie: *smiles* Of course not. You're my boyfriend.

    Speed: *leans over, kisses Katie's cheek* Goodnight. *lies down*

    Katie: But I'm not done gossiping.

    Speed: I am.

    Katie: *crosses arms* I should have married Josh.

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    Oh boy, so not only is Lori going to get fileted, but Anni's going to be in hot water. Yikes...It sounds like there's blood in the water. I hope everyone can make it out alive.

    Meanwhile, Eric is...clueless...And Katie can still somehow be toxic after ALL that stuff she's been through. * sigh* As the world turns, so does the drama on RT.

    Excellent update!
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    Thanks for the review! :D


    Everglades, air strip, 9am, 2 weeks later

    Anni: *steps into plane, looks around* ...Scott?

    Scott: *opens curtain, steps into cabin* Morning. *smiles* Ready to go?

    Anni: Uh, I hope you don't mind if I bring a visitor.

    Tayla: *jumps into seat*

    Scott: *looks at Tayla*

    Anni: Babysitter's sick.

    Scott: It's no problem.

    Anni: So. Is it Mexico?

    Scott: *shakes head* Jamaica. I know a fantastic little place where they serve the best curry goat and plantain salad in the world. *smiles* They have a children's menu as well.

    Anni: *smirks*

    In the air, 10 minutes later

    Anni: *sips wine*

    Tayla: *places hands on window* MOMMA LOOK! BIRDIES!

    Anni: I see them.

    Scott: How was the trip?

    Anni: Great. Although you might want to steer clear of Katie for a while, lest she begin the interrogations.

    Scott: *lifts brow* Why?

    Anni: She knows about the necklace you gave me.

    Scott: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: It wasn't exactly rocket science to figure out who it was from.

    Scott: *nods*

    Anni: We're not doing anything wrong, are we? I mean, you can see how this might look on the outside.

    Scott: *sips wine*

    Anni: I bet you don't take all of your friends to exotic retaurants.

    Scott: *places glass on table* You expressed how you loved to travel and experience different tastes.

    Anni: It's not like I never travel. I just got back from vacation.

    Scott: And how many of your friends can have a meal without engaging in food fights and destroying the restaurant?

    Anni: ...You have a point.

    Scott: To be perfectly honest, I had another motive with this outing.

    Anni: Oh?

    Scott: I'd like to give you something.

    Anni: ...Okay.

    Scott: *pulls pocket book from breast pocket*

    Anni: *looks at book*

    Scott: *opens book, rips off page*

    Anni: *lifts eyes*

    Scott: *hands over cheque*

    Anni: *takes cheque, looks down* ...What is this for?

    Scott: Your children.

    Anni: *lifts eyes* I...I don't know what to say.

    Scott: Your kids deserve every opportunity.

    Anni: *looks at Tayla*

    Tayla: *staring out window*

    Anni: ...What do you want in return?

    Scott: I'd like to say nothing but I'd appreciate your continued friendship.

    Anni: And what if we have a falling out?

    Scott: A gift's a gift.

    Anni: *nods slowly*

    Tayla: *picks up brochure* Where's Ja...merica?

    Scott: *smiles*

    Miami, apartment, 11am

    Katie: I haven't been able to reach her ALL day. I bet she's in the sack with Scotty.

    Speed: *brushes Brook's hair* I thought you were supposed to do this.

    Brook: *winces* OW!

    Katie: *paces back and forth* Maybe...Tayla isn't even Tom's. *gasp* Someone has to tell him!

    Speed: Stop it. You're as bad as Lori.

    Brook: *picks up yellow elastic*

    Speed: *takes elastic* What Anni and Scott do on their own time is none of your business.

    Katie: Anni is my bestest best friend. I have to look out for her.

    Speed: *ties Brook's hair* Or you could take up basket-weaving.

    Katie: We have to spy on them. That's the only way.

    Speed: N-

    Katie: *turns around* You're Brook's biological father, right?

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: You can get the inside info. Sneak into Anni's bedroom and go through her intimates.

    Speed: Wait a second. Why do I have to do your dirty work for you?

    Katie: You've seen most of her underwear, therefore you can pick out the ones that are either new or don't belong. For example, gifts from a certain pimp.

    Speed: Scott's not a pimp.

    Katie: Pimp, sugar daddy, whatever.

    Speed: I'm not going through Anni's underwear drawer.

    Katie: And while you're there, snap a few pictures of Tom in the shower.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Brook: *shakes head, giggles* I have cute hair.

    Speed: Yes you do. *kisses Brook's head*

    Katie: You could always go through Scott's underwear drawer.

    Speed: Go do something productive that doesn't involve other human beings.

    Katie: *steps closer* Maybe...I could watch Brook?

    Speed: *lifts eyes*

    Katie: Just for a little while.

    Speed: Sure. I have to run a few errands anyway.

    Katie: *smiles* Excellent.

    Biscayne Park, house, 40 minutes later

    Katie: Okay, open the backpack and give Auntie Katie the key.

    Brook: Daddy says it's not for strangers.

    Katie: *smiles* I'm not a stranger, sweetie. I'm your other daddy's lover.

    Brook: *scrunches nose* What's that?

    Katie: Just open the door.

    Master bedroom

    Katie: *opens drawer*

    Brook: *rocks back and forth on feet* Whatcha lookin' for?

    Katie: Underwear.

    Brook: Oh.

    Katie: *lifts thong* Does Mommy wear this all the time?

    Brook: *stares at Katie*

    Door slams

    Katie: Shit. *throws underwear, pushes drawer shut*

    Brook: Uh oh.

    Katie: *runs over to window, looks outside* AH! IT'S TOM! He's not supposed to be home!

    Brook: *smiles* Yer in BIG trouble.

    Katie: Quick, get lost.

    Brook: *runs*

    Katie: *looks around* Uh...uh...*twirls in circles*

    Tom: *walks in*

    Katie: *rips off shirt* MARDI GRAS! *shakes hips*

    Tom: *blinks*

    Katie: *smiles* Hey, you aren't by chance related to Jimmy Carter.

    Tom: What are you doing in my house?

    Katie: The better question is what are YOU doing in your house?

    Tom: Put your shirt back on.

    Katie: *bounces boobs* Take a look at the implants. Do they look like they're sagging? I hear they c-

    Tom: No. *bends over, picks up shirt* I don't know what you're doing here and I don't care. *stands straight*

    Katie: *wraps arms around Tom's neck* Have you noticed any new...undergarments in Anni's possession? Maybe jewelry.

    Tom: *lifts brow* No.

    Katie: Swell. *pokes Tom's nose* You keep on truckin'. *walks away*

    Tom: *looks back*

  12. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Katie's cruisin for a brusin'. She just doesn't know how to leave well enough alone. I mean, I know it looks bad from the outside, but as I see it, they're not doing anything wrong- they're just hanging out...In a tropical location...and Scotty's a hottie....OKAY, so yeah, it LOOKS very bad, but I'm reserving judgement. This is perfectly innocent.... Perfectly!

    Awesome update

    PS... Enough for the kids' education...YiKES...
  13. CSISDFlash

    CSISDFlash Pathologist

    Sep 16, 2008
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    So Whats up with Scott and his James Bond kinda Man of Mystery stuff when hes with Anni. Money for your kids? WTF is that all about!

    Don't worry Naked Katie is all over it. She'll get to the bottom of it, and as always she will use her incredible jiggling boobs to get the root of it all! lol!

    Great Update Geni!
  14. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Thanks for the reviews. :lol:


    APL Financial, 50th floor, 7:40pm

    Scott: *places hand on Lori's back*

    Lori: *steps inside*

    Bob: *walks over, smiles* Scotty, Lori. My two favourite Finches.

    Lori: *smiles, wraps arms around Bob* How've you been?

    Bob: Great, great. *steps back* You look beautiful tonight.

    Lori: *smiling* Thank you. Scott, go get me some wine.

    Scott: Yes dear. *walks away*

    Lori: *looks at Bob* So what's APL pimping out this year?

    Bob: Scholarship program for business and technology students.

    Lori: It'll be put to good use, I'm sure.

    Scott: *walks over, lifts glass*

    Lori: *takes wine*

    Bob: I really do appreciate the contribution. *looks at Scott* You're sure tanned. *smiles* You get out to the beach recently?

    Lori: *looks at Scott* ...Yes. Where did you get a tan?

    Scott: Jamaica. *sips wine*

    Lori: *stares at Scott* ...Jamaica. When did you go to Jamaica?

    Bob: Uh, I should go speak to the mayor. Catch you both later?

    Scott: *nods*

    Bob: *walks away*

    Lori: *steps in front of Scott* You said you went to lunch.

    Scott: I did go to lunch.

    Lori: In Jamaica.

    Scott: Yes.

    Lori: With...

    Scott: Anni.

    Lori: *nods slowly*

    Scott: I knew of an interesting restaurant, she wanted to try the food so I flew us there.

    Lori: Right.

    Scott: That's all it was.

    Lori: I believe you. *smiles* You're allowed to have friends, Scott.

    Scott: *narrows eyes*

    Lori: *drinks wine*

    Scott: Are you okay?

    Lori: Mhm. *wipes chin* Just trying to enjoy the night.

    Scott: And you're not angry.

    Lori: Nope.

    Scott: ...Okay.

    Lori: *grabs Scott's arm* I want to dance. *runs*

    Scott: AH!

    Apartment, 8pm

    Brook: And then what happens?

    Speed: Well, then Rapunzel lets down her hair.

    Katie: *leans against door frame* BOOORING.

    Speed: *lifts eyes* It's a bed time story, Katie.

    Katie: You're supposed to be telling her about boys and ghosts.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: *runs in, sits on bed* How would you like to hear about Bloody Mary?

    Brook: *smiles* YAH!

    Speed: It's time for sleep. *covers Brook with blanket* Katie, get out.

    Katie: You used to be cool. *stands, walks away*

    Speed: *looks at Brook* Goodnight, sweetie. *leans over, kisses Brook's cheek*

    Brook: *wraps arms around Speed* Night Daddy.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Master bedroom

    Katie: *jumping on bed, singing* I WANNA TAKE A RIDE ON YOUR DISCO STICK!

    Speed: *steps in, shuts door*

    Katie: *screams, falls off bed*

    Speed: *catches Katie*

    Katie: *smiles* Hi.

    Speed: *places Katie on floor* Stop using my bed as a stage.

    Katie: You're strong.

    Speed: And tired. *lies down in bed*

    Katie: *crawls into bed* I'm bored.

    Speed: That's nice. *turns out light*

    Katie: *smiles* Let's do something fun.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Ugh. *slams head on pillow* I see why Anni left you for Tom.

    Speed: *frowns*

  15. Anni Grey

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    Well...something...new? Lori's not going crazy over the fact that Scotty took Anni to Jamaica. Of course, there's nothing to go cuckoo over- it was just a lunch. It's nice to see some...civility. That's odd, I just got a chill when I said that...

    Katie hasn't changed much. Well, she's not swigging every second anymore, but she's still the zany one. I do believe that this is who she's meant to be. Now if only she could reign it in some... And I think I just fell and bumped my head. Reigning in Katie would be equivalent to roping the moon and making it your own personal night light - that sort of thing just doesn't happen. And it's cool...it's familiar...Hey, it's Katie...

    Awesome update:D

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