CSI:Miami Road Trip: Unlucky Number 13

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    OO *eye twitches* Friendship over, much?

    Seriously, I did NOT see this coming. Lori made some stupid mistakes, and she's going to have to answer to them soon, but...Mr. Enlightement...who peed in his cornflakes? Lori's taken him to the edge so many times, I can understand that he's tired of it. Perhaps he needs to take a two and two from the friendship and focus...And for godsakes, get laid...Let some of that aggression go... ;)

    Excellent update:D
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    Thanks for the review! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. :eek:


    NY Penthouse, 9pm, 2 weeks later

    Anni: *steps in, looks around* Wow. You stay here when you're on business?

    Scott: Mhm. *shuts door*

    Anni: ...You have a doorman.

    Scott: *walks across room*

    Lights brighten

    Anni: *stares out windows* You have a great view.

    Scott: *grabs wine bottle* Shall I pour you a glass?

    Anni: *looks at Scott* Um...okay.

    Scott: How did you like the conference?

    Anni: It was interesting. *walks over* I don't think I'll be investing anytime soon but it's nice to know I have options.

    Scott: *smiles* I really have to thank you for attending. The last time Lori joined me, she fell asleep and started snoring beside the mayor.

    Anni: Yikes.

    Scott: I don't blame her, I just didn't want a repeat of last year.

    Anni: *takes glass* I see. *sips wine*

    Scott: *smiling* You have to see my new painting. *grabs Anni's hand, runs*

    Anni: Oof! *runs*


    Scott: Isn't it beautiful?

    Anni: It's very colourful.

    Scott: And an original Cornoyer. Took me months to find it.

    Anni: Does Lori know you're into art?

    Scott: Nah, she does all the decorating. I'm okay with it, she has taste.

    Anni: It's probably because she used to steal expensive paintings to fuel her addiction.

    Scott: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: ...I'm sorry, I didn't mean it th-

    Scott: No, it's okay. And probably not too far off the mark.

    Anni: How much has she confessed to you about all that stuff?

    Scott: At the beginning of our relationship, she was pretty open but I gather she'd prefer to forget about her past.

    Anni: *nods*

    Scott: *drinks wine*

    Anni: Does Lori know about this place?

    Scott: No.

    Anni: *nods slowly* Any particular reason why?

    Scott: Not really. She doesn't travel for business and I do; I may as well have a place to come home to at the end of the day.

    Anni: She could come with you and the kids now that she doesn't have a job.

    Scott: Maybe. But she hates it here.

    Anni: She might like it if you invited her.

    Scott: *lowers head* She's not as...ambitious as she used to be. She's even fearful of change, it's...not what I'm used to.

    Anni: Have you spoken with her about it?

    Scott: I'd like to.

    Anni: When did this start happening?

    Scott: Few weeks ago. She said someone at work beat her up and now she's scared of everything, including me. Nothing I say or do makes it better.

    Anni: Did you call the police?

    Scott: She said the police were already taking care of it.

    Anni: Maybe you should check into that. Lori hasn't exactly been known to tell the whole truth.

    Scott: *nods*

    Anni: *places hand on Scott's arm* You'll work it out with her. You always do.

    Scott: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: *smiles*

    Scott: Why don't I show you to your room.

    Anni: I'd love that.

    Scott: *smirks*


    Anni: *staring blankly*

    Scott: I hope it's okay, it's never been used.

    Anni: This is the size of my house. How big is your room?

    Scott: *smiles*

    Anni: I have to see it. *runs*

    Master bedroom

    Anni: *jumps onto bed* WOW! Look at this place! All you're missing is the roses and champagne.

    Scott: *walks over* I'm not sure I have the former.

    Anni: *smiles, wraps arms around Scott's neck* This is so neat. I feel like a princess.

    Scott: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: *smile fades*

    Scott: Goodnight.

    Anni: *nods* Night.

    Scott: *steps back*

    Anni: *jumps off bed, walks away*

    Scott: *slams forehead against bed column*

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    Is it me, or was that kind of ...awkward? I don't know, I think it's a good idea for them to be good friends,but as far as going on trips...maybe...not. Too much could happen, or awkward discussions such as this. But Lori scared? Wow...Tom really put the fear of something in her. I wonder if she's going to come out of it?

    Excellent chapter...Still more questions, but I figure they'll be answered sooner or later. I enjoy the pursuit:D

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    Thanks for the review! :D Hehe!


    Gables Estates, house, den, 11am

    Lori: *staring at television*

    Scott: *walks over* I'm home.

    Lori: *flips channel*

    Scott: *sits on couch* Maybe...maybe the next time I go out on business, you and the kids can come with.

    Lori: *leans forward, grabs wine bottle*

    Scott: I'd like for you to join me.

    Lori: *drinks*

    Scott: *takes bottle* Have you been drinking all morning?

    Lori: *looks at watch* It's morning?

    Scott: Lori, you have to get out of the house.

    Lori: No I don't. I'm fine just where I am.

    Scott: You've been through worse. I don't understand why this is affecting you so much.

    Lori: *snatches bottle back* Strangers, pimps *drinks* ...never had trust.

    Scott: Someone you trusted hurt you. Okay, Riley?

    Lori: *scoffs* I could take Riley.

    Scott: *frowns* Tom.

    Lori: *drinks*

    Scott: I'm going to-

    Lori: Do nothing.

    Scott: Why.

    Lori: Just be glad he isn't sleeping with me.

    Scott: You think he's hurting Anni? I didn't see any bruises on her last night but you never know.

    Lori: *looks at Scott*

    Scott: She went with me to the conference.

    Lori: *narrows eyes*

    Scott: SO! Tom beat you up.

    Lori: You slept with her.

    Scott: Only a little bit.

    Lori: *stares at Scott* You're lucky I am PLASTERED. *starts to laugh*

    Scott: *blinks*

    Lori: *laughing*

    Scott: *smirks nervously*

    Lori: It's alright Scotty. *slaps Scott's knee* I don't think I've ever been faithful to you.

    Scott: That's...good to know.

    Lori: *grabs Scott by the collar, smiles* Let's just hope little Dommy Wommy doesn't carry on the family tradition. *pokes Scott's nose, giggles*

    Scott: I love her.

    Lori: *smile fades*

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: Awesome. *leans back on couch, drinks*

    Scott: *sigh* It's...a little complicated.

    Lori: You think I'm stupid? It's not like I didn't know.

    Scott: ...Then why are you still with me?

    Lori: Because life is not happy or monogomous or fair. That's why. *throws bottle*

    Bottle rolls across floor

    Lori: There's no such thing as domestic bliss.

    Scott: *lowers head* I wish I could have convinced you otherwise but here I am...proving you right.

    Lori: It's okay. Really. I'm not mad.

    Scott: Not yet.

    Lori: *lies head on Scott's shoulder* I still love you.

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *closes eyes*

    Scott: ...*wraps arm around Lori*

    Apartment, 11:30am

    Katie: *smiling* Happy birthday.

    Speed: *staring at box* What the hell is this?

    Katie: It's to bring us closer.

    Speed: *lifts eyes* You attach this to bike tires, right? My motorcyle's been gone for years.

    Katie: *snorts* No. This is to enhance YOU.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: You can go ahead and try it. I'll wait here.

    Speed: No. *closes box* You're going to take this back to whatever store you got it from.

    Katie: Oh I borrowed it from Colton.

    Speed: *rubs eyes* Do me a favour. Don't buy me anymore birthday presents.

    Katie: I made you a card. *slides card across table*

    Speed: *picks up card*

    Katie: *smiles* I made it myself.

    Speed: ...*smirks*

    Katie: See the little stick figure? That's me. And there's you on your new bike.

    Speed: I don't have one.

    Katie: *points to box* That's actually for the bike. It's outside.

    Speed: *lifts head*

    Katie: *throws keys*

    Speed: *snatches keys*

    Katie: *smiles*

    Outside, parkinglot

    Speed: *staring at bike*

    Katie: Happy birthday.

    Speed: *grabs Katie, hugs her*

    Katie: *smiles*

    Speed: *twirls Katie, laughs*

    Katie: Wee!

    Speed: I can't believe you did this. *lets go* Where did you get his?

    Katie: It's custom. Had it delivered from California.

    Speed: It's beautiful.

    Katie: And made for two.

    Speed: How did you afford this?

    Katie: Never you mind.

    Speed: *kneels* You've actually been listening to me. Everything I said about this model.

    Katie: It's part of my 12 steps.

    Speed: *lifts head*

    Katie: ...Opening my ears and shutting my mouth. I mean, it's not the official step but I've modified it.

    Speed: *stands* You didn't have to do this.

    Katie: *steps closer* It's a little extravagant, I know. But I wanted to do something nice. For once.

    Speed: *smirks* The card was just fine.

    Katie: *wraps arms around Speed*

    Speed: *kisses Katie's forehead* Thank you.

    Katie: *hugs tighter*

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    So the cat's out of the bag. Lori's afraid of the outside world because someone she trusted *coughTOMcough* beat the crap out of her. I can see where this becomes a problem. It's kinda awesome that Scott admitted to sleeping with Anni and a drunk Lori still proclaims her love. I happen to think no matter how drunk Lori is, she still loves Scotty. It's the way the world should be, I guess... *sigh*

    Katie has shown a bit of awesomeness...She gave Speed a bike. That kinda makes up for most of her insanity...Kinda...She's yet to absolve most of her lunatic moments...

    Awesome update!
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    Ok lets look at the broad picture here. Who Credit card is this Bike gonna sow up on! I'm thinking the last time I heard Katie was flat broke. I think Tim is not gonna be happy when he finds out who paid for his present.

    Great Update Geni
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    Thanks for the reviews! :D


    Miami, shipping docks, warehouse, 2 weeks later

    Jillian: *pushes open crate*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Jillian: *picks up bag* I thought we discussed 15.

    Rico: I want half the money now. You get the other 7 after.

    Jillian: *lifts eyes* What do I look like to you?

    Rico: A stuck up bitch.

    Jillian: That's unfortunate. *pulls out gun, lifts gun*

    Rico: Whoa! Whoa! *lifts hands* Now hold on a second. You want to risk a body?

    Jillian: What body?

    Rico: *stares at Jillian*

    Jillian: I want the other half. Now.

    Rico: I don't have it.

    Jillian: *looks at Lori* He doesn't have it.

    Lori: *looks at Jillian*

    Jillian: Customer service really is going downhill these days. *turns back* Here's what I'm thinking. *pulls trigger*


    Rico: AH! *grabs knee cap, falls over*

    Jillian: I only have half my merchandise and now you only have half your knees. So what do you say we make a compromise before more is lost.

    Rico: *wincing* What.

    Jillian: One hour. You have one hour to hobble over to your bosses and get me the other half of my merch.

    Rico: Give me two.

    Jillian: One.

    Rico: *stands, grabs onto wall* What about my money?

    Jillian: I don't believe in upfront services. So hop to.

    Rico: *runs*

    Jillian: *smiles* Having fun yet?

    Lori: You always were impatient.

    Jillian: Think you could have handled that better?

    Lori: I wouldn't have shot the guy.

    Jillian: You're getting soft, Ana.

    Lori: That's not my name.

    Jillian: Right, Lori Finch: American extraordinaire. How can you trust these people? Take their names? At least I took one to fool them but you...you live it as if it's truth.

    Lori: In case you forgot, I was never one of you. I was a present to your father.

    Jillian: He always liked you better. Everyone called you poca muñeca.

    Lori: I wasn't his doll.

    Jillian: And I wasn't his daughter.

    Lori: *lowers eyes*

    Jillian: I hated you.

    Lori: The feeling's mutual.

    Jillian: *smirks* Look at us now...working together. Maybe we'll make a good team afterall.

    Lori: I never wanted to be on your team. *reaches into breast pocket, pulls out recorder*

    Jillian: *looks at tape recorder*

    Tom: *steps in, lifts gun*

    Speed: *walks over, pulls out gun*

    Jillian: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: My daddy's better than your daddy.

    Jillian: *frowns*

    Lori: *steps back*

    Speed: *steps closer, grabs Jillian's wrist*

    Jillian: *drops gun*

    Speed: *pulls out cuffs*

    Lori: You just shot a cop in the knee cap. Yikes.

    Jillian: *staring at Lori* You set me up.

    Lori: Now there's only one of us left.

    Jillian: *lunges forward* I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU BITCH!

    Speed: *slams Jillian onto floor, presses knee into her back*

    Jillian: AGH! YOU BROKE MY NOSE!

    Speed: Oops.

    Tom: *holsters gun*

    Lori: *looks at Tom*

    Tom: *glances at Lori*

    Lori: *walks away*

    Tom: *looks back*

    Outside, near police cars

    Lori: *drops tape recorder into bag*

    Cop: *walks away*

    Tom: *steps over* Hey.

    Lori: *leans against cop car, crosses arms* Evenin'.

    Tom: That model who died...it wasn't a heart attack. It was an overdose of cocaine. We traced the impurities to a small Cessna the Coast Guard captured 3 months ago. It came from Colombia.

    Lori: Congrats.

    Tom: I was wrong, you were right.

    Lori: Apology accepted.

    Tom: I didn't apologize.

    Lori: *places hand on Tom's shoulder*

    Tom: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: *yanks Tom forward, knees him between the legs*

    Tom: AH! *grabs onto car* OH GOD! *winces*

    Lori: *grips Tom's arm*


    Lori: *lets go*

    Tom: Jesus. *drops head onto cop car*

    Lori: *walks away*

    Tom: Ugh.

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    HAHAHAHA ... Guess she's not so scared anymore. Perhaps, she's now pissed. Honestly, now that she's sucked it up, I do believe that Scotty should watch out. Anni for that matter. Somehow, I'm seeing this as a rebirth for Lori. Everyone's put on notice- not as much as Tom mind you, but they better watch out...

    Excellent update!

    Ps...YES Jillian is outta there!
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    Woooo Hooo! Its the return of Action Lori with kung fu grip. Somebody is gonna get an ass whippin . Look out and watch your backs people cause Action Lori is back in town and shes taken names!

    All Action Lori accessories sold separately. Pussy Tom and Real Tim Speedle also sold separately. Lol!

    Great update Geni.
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    Thanks for the reviews! Sorry I haven't updated lately. :eek:


    Gables Estates, house, den, 2 weeks later

    Tayla: *staring at TV, humming*

    Dominick: Shh.

    Tayla: Music, Dommy. *smiles* LA LA LA LA LA!

    Dominick: *frowns*

    Tayla: We dance like Dora. *stands, grabs Dominick*

    Dominick: No.

    Tayla: *twirls Dominick, giggles*

    Dominick: *pushes Tayla*

    Tayla: *falls onto pillow*

    Dominick: *sits*

    Tayla: Dommy, I wanna dance.

    Dominick: Dance alone.

    Scott: *walks over* Refill on snacks?

    Dominick: I wanna watch somethin' else.

    Scott: *sits on couch* What's wrong with Dora the Explorer?

    Dominick: She's stupid. I wanna watch Die Hard.

    Scott: Die Hard's for grown-ups.

    Dommy: *crosses arms, frowns* Mommy lets me watch.

    Scott: Mommy has no boundaries.

    Tayla: *jumps onto couch, grabs cookie*

    Scott: Tayla likes Dora.

    Dominick: Tay's stupid.

    Tayla: *slaps Dominick in the head*

    Dominick: Ow.

    Scott: Now don't hit, you two. Use your words, not your fists.

    Dominick: Mommy uses fists.

    Scott: Do as she says, not as she does. Or some variation of that.

    Tayla: *drinks milk*

    Dominick: *stands, slaps Tayla's hand*

    Tayla: *drops milk*

    Scott: *frowns* Dominick, what did you do that for?

    Dominick: She smells.

    Tayla: *starts to cry*

    Scott: Apologize to her.

    Dominick: I'm not sorry.

    Scott: You'll be sorry when I get done with you.

    Dominick: Use your words, not your fists.

    Scott: *stares at Dominick*

    Dominick: *walks away*

    Tayla: *sniffles*

    Scott: C'mon, Tay. Let's get you cleaned up. *lifts Tayla into arms, stands*

    Tayla: *wraps arms around Scott's neck*


    Scott: *wipes Tayla's cheek*

    Tayla: He's a meanie.

    Scott: Boys usually are.

    Tayla: *crosses arms, swings legs* I'm not talkin' to him anymore.

    Scott: *smirks* You show him.

    Tayla: *nods*

    Scott: *tilts head* What's on your arm?

    Tayla: *looks down at arm* Indian burn. Dommy did it.

    Scott: *lifts eyes* Did he do anything else?

    Tayla: He pulled ma pigtails.

    Scott: How come you never told anyone?

    Tayla: I'm a big girl.

    Scott: *places hand on Tayla's cheek* You are a big girl. But it doesn't mean you have to let him hurt you. Next time he does something like that, you come straight to me.

    Tayla: *nods*

    Scott: Your dad's going to be here soon, let's clean up the den.


    Tayla: *fluffs pillow*

    Scott: *picks up plates*

    Anni: *walks in* Hey, I hope you don't mind, the door was open.

    Scott: *lifts head* Anni.

    Anni: You seem surprised.

    Scott: *blinks* I thought Tom was picking her up.

    Anni: Tom's stuck at a 5-car pileup downtown. Tayla, go get your shoes on.

    Tayla: *runs away*

    Anni: Was she good?

    Scott: She was a blessing. Dominick on the other hand...I need to have a word with him about being too rough.

    Anni: What did he do this time?

    Scott: He exerted his dominance by slapping her around. I don't know where he gets it from because it's sure as hell not from me.

    Anni: Lori doesn't act that way around him, does she?

    Scott: No.

    Anni: Maybe he learned it from school or TV.

    Scott: *walks into kitchen* Tayla's a good kid. Smart, just like her mother.

    Anni: *smirks* Thanks.

    Scott: *puts plates in sink*

    Anni: *walks over* Lori's not home yet?

    Scott: She was having lunch with her parents today. *looks at watch* She's probably been pulled into a food fight by now.

    Anni: That sounds like the dynamic.

    Scott: I wish I could fit in with them a little more.

    Anni: *places hand on Scott's arm* You're too mature. It'll never happen.

    Scott: At least not until Katie receives a lobotomy.

    Anni: *laughs*

    Scott: *smiles*

    Anni: You need any help with this?

    Scott: Nah, I have it. I think Tayla's just about ready to hit the road.

    Anni: *looks into Foyer* Dom's over there with her.

    Scott: Great. Just wait for the screams.


    Tayla: *fiddles with laces* One, two, over my shoe. *furrows brows*

    Dominick: You're wrong.

    Tayla: *lifts head*

    Dominick: *kneels, grabs laces* Here's the bunny, here's the tree. Watch the bunny run around the tree. Out pops his head to see what he can see, how great a knot he made 'round the tree.

    Tayla: *smiles* It's tied.

    Dominick: You gotta do the other shoe.

    Tayla: *grabs laces* ...Bunny...tree. *lifts eyes*

    Dominick: Yep.

    Tayla: ...Bunnies have holes.

    Dominick: No hole. Just trees.

    Tayla: *stares at laces*

    Dominick: *rolls eyes* Here. *grabs laces, ties them* You're good. Go away now.

    Tayla: *jumps up, hugs Dominick* Thanks, Dommy.

    Dominick: *pushes Tayla, walks away*

    Tayla: *looks down at shoes*


    Anni: ...He didn't shove her all the way to the floor this time.

    Scott: He has a soul afterall.

    Anni: *taps chin* ...Tayla Finch. Has a neat ring to it.

    Scott: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: *smiles*

    Scott: You're already setting them up? At least wait until they're in their teens.

    Anni: It's a mental exercise, that's all.

    Scott: I don't think Dom would ever be right for her. Tayla's...sweet. Dominick's-

    Anni: Spicy.

    Scott: Not her type.

    Anni: *smiling* Then what's her type?

    Scott: Someone who doesn't treat her like a raggedy Ann doll.

    Anni: Maybe he just likes her.

    Scott: I guess that makes sense in Soviet Russia where love beats you.

    Anni: Cute.

    Scott: Dom's probably going to end up with a hooker and a bucket of chicken by 21.

    Anni: You didn't.

    Scott: Yeah I don't like chicken.

    Anni: *slaps Scott's arm*

    Scott: *smiles*

    Lori: *walks in, trips over backpack*

    Scott: *smile fades*

    Lori: Hey, Tayla's still here.

    Anni: I was just about to take her home.

    Scott: How was dinner?

    Lori: *gets to tippie toes, kisses Scott* Awesome.

    Anni: *narrows eyes*

    Lori: At least until my mother started throwing wine in my father's face.

    Scott: What happened?

    Lori: Nothing, she's just always wanted to try it. *looks at Anni* Buh-bye.

    Anni: *smiles* Vete a la mierda.

    Lori: *frowns*

    Anni: *walks away*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Scott: What did she just say to you?

    Lori: It's a woman thing. *walks upstairs*

    Scott: *nods slowly*

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    LOL...It looks as if the rivarly between Lori and Anni is on! I loved that Scott and Anni were all laughter and smiles while talking about their children, but also that Anni's already pushing Tayla and Dom down the aisle. Hey, what can you say, a mother knows her kid:guffaw:

    How awesome is this though...I see this coming to a head...and it's going to be defining as well as hilarious.

    I can't wait for more!

    Excellent chapter!

    ps...Dom , hooker and bucket of chicken at 21...:guffaw: Classic!
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    Thanks for the review. :D


    Miami, restaurant, 10:30pm

    Lori: *smiles, lifts wine glass* A toast, to us. Best friends forever.

    Anni: *stares at Lori, lifts glass*

    Scott: Here here.

    Tom: *squints* Why is Lori's hair strawberry blonde?

    Lori: *smiling* Riley's fault. She thought it needed some sprucing up for a shoot.

    Tom: You're modeling again?

    Lori: Well since 30% of the models were drug addicts and her business partner's rotting in prison, I volunteered to pick up the slack. It's exciting, isn't it?

    Scott: Very exciting.

    Lori: *looks at Scott*

    Scott: *smiles*

    Anni: *narrows eyes* Then you'd better lose a few pounds.

    Lori: *looks at Anni* What?

    Scott: *smile fades*

    Anni: The camera might be unflattering to your inflating tush.

    Lori: I hear that's in this year.

    Anni: Maybe. But you probably only have 6 months before you're past your prime anyway. It's a shame you were more interested in shooting up when you were actually pretty.

    Scott: Let's move on, shall we?

    Lori: *drinks wine*

    Tom: This steak's great. Definitely worth $39.98.

    Lori: It's wonderful that we're so fortunate to be able to have the things we want. *smiles, kisses Scott's cheek*

    Scott: *smirks*

    Anni: *frowns*

    Lori: Isn't that right, Anni?

    Anni: Maybe I prefer the 12 dollar steaks.

    Lori: *looks at Tom* I find that they're usually rather...tough.

    Anni: Too much of a good thing can give you the trots.

    Lori: *runs fingers through Scott's hair* Some of us have the stomach for it.

    Anni: Speaking of upset stomachs, would you mind accompanying me to the ladies room? *stands*

    Lori: Sure.

    Anni: *walks away*

    Lori: *walks away*

    Tom: You gonna finish your steak?

    Scott: *looks down at plate*


    Lori: *fiddles with purse*

    Anni: *crosses arms* You're a bitch, you know that?

    Lori: *smiles* Proud of it.

    Anni: Fine, you have Scott. Good for you. But I have Tom so HA.

    Lori: *lifts head, smile fades* Oh. I'm jealous.

    Anni: *frowns* Tom's a wonderful husband and father. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him.

    Lori: He's a heroin addict.

    Anni: He's been clean forever. Besides, Scott's had his own drug problems.

    Lori: Scott is a tortured soul.

    Anni: So it's okay for Scott to hurt but not for Tom.

    Lori: Tom made a choice. Scott was stuck.

    Anni: When it gets far enough, there's no such thing as a choice. You know that better than anyone.

    Lori: What I don't understand is...you're missing something you never had in the first place. A fling is not love, sweetie. Scott loves me and he'll never love you.

    Anni: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: *walks away*

    Inside town car, road, 11:20pm

    Lori: *fiddles with cell phone*

    Scott: Dinner was interesting.

    Lori: Mhm. Loved the chicken fricassé.

    Scott: That's not what I'm talking about.

    Lori: *lifts eyes* So Anni and I bickered a bit. It's like a sibling rivalry.

    Scott: I can't help but think you were...bickering over yours truly.

    Lori: Your taste is hard to get out of some people's mouths, apparently.

    Scott: You didn't have to react in that way, Lori.

    Lori: She has to know where we stand.

    Scott: No. Where YOU stand.

    Lori: What's that supposed to mean?

    Scott: I don't want any part of your little...tiff.

    Lori: You were part of it the second she took advantage of your vulnerability.

    Scott: Nobody took advantage of me.

    Lori: Whatever. She needs to release her claws and stay on her side of the playground before I bust a cap in her ass.

    Scott: Please try to be more civil.

    Lori: Nah.

    Scott: If the kink in this chain is me, I can always remove myself from the equation.

    Lori: But you'd be so lost without me.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: Alright, alright. *lifts right hand* I, Lori Speedle, will be coming back down to Earth for an extended stay. I promise not to yank out her weave or push Tayla into the mud.

    Scott: ...Anni doesn't wear a weave.

    Lori: See it's comments like that, that confuse Bob.

    Scott: *leans over, kisses Lori's cheek* Thank you.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

  13. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Well, well...are the ladies having a little tiff? It seems to be harmless in some ways, but in others, I can see where the feelings are being hurt. I think this was a good thing, lines are being drawn, and now, it's up to the GROWN- UPs to kiss and make up... In a totally platonic way, of course.

    Excellent update!

    OOOH...will Tom mention something to Anni about the dinner, or was he just oblivious? *HEE*
  14. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Thanks for the review. :D



    Delano hotel, restaurant, 11:23am next day

    Anni: *looks around, fiddles with napkin*

    Scott: *walks over, sits*

    Anni: *lifts eyes*

    Scott: Sorry I'm late. Office emergency.

    Anni: What happened?

    Scott: We ran out of printer paper.

    Anni: *smiles*

    Scott: *winks*

    Anni: I'm glad you could make it, Scott. I want to talk about last night.

    Scott: Me too. I apologize for Lori's behaviour. She's assured me that she'll behave next time.

    Anni: You know she won't.

    Scott: *picks up glass, sips water*

    Anni: I've ordered you the chicken parm.

    Scott: Thank you.

    Anni: You mentioned once that it was your favourite.

    Scott: *smiles* It is.

    Anni: ...I want you to level with me.

    Scott: Always.

    Anni: Lori told me that you could never love me. Is that true?

    Scott: *blinks* Lori knows how I feel about you, I told her myself. She's obviously trying to mislead you.

    Anni: Do you blame her?

    Scott: *places napkin on lap*

    Anni: You two might be separated but you share a bed. That's as good as married to me. Besides, I love Tom and I don't plan on going anywhere.

    Scott: I understand.

    Anni: *nods*

    25 minutes later

    Anni: *digs into salad*

    Scott: *drinks water*

    Anni: *stares at salad*

    Scott: You're not enjoying the salad?

    Anni: *places fork on plate* Want to go upstairs?

    Scott: *drops cup, runs*

    Anni: *runs*

    Hotel room, 2pm

    Scott: *stares at ceiling*

    Anni: *staring at ceiling* ...What time were you supposed to be back at work?

    Scott: Who cares, I own the company.

    Anni: *smiles* That's so hot.

    Scott: Bob's going to be pissed off.

    Anni: Maybe you should invite him next time.

    Scott: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: *lies head on Scott's chest*

    Scott: *places hand on Anni's back*

    Anni: We're horrible people.

    Scott: Yes.

    Anni: We have to stop doing this.

    Scott: Agreed.

    Anni: *lifts head, looks at Scott* Seriously.

    Scott: I'm being very serious.

    Anni: You're smiling.

    Scott: I'm a little drunk.

    Anni: ...Maybe we shouldn't have had those two bottles of pinot grise.

    Scott: You know French?

    Anni: *pats Scott's chest* I'll call your driver.

    Gables Estates, house, 4pm

    Lori: *folds up vacuum cleaner*

    Scott: *staggers in, shuts door*

    Lori: *lifts head*

    Scott: *grabs onto stair railing*

    Lori: Scott?

    Scott: Hello, my spicy little hot sauce.

    Lori: *lifts brow* Are you drunk?

    Scott: My body is drunk. My mind is fantasmic.

    Lori: *walks over* Were they having a party at the office?

    Scott: *grabs Lori's cheeks* Whoa.

    Lori: What?

    Scott: Your eyes are GREEN.

    Lori: Yeah. They've been like that for the last, oh...30 some years.

    Scott: You're THIRTY? OH MY GOD. *grabs Lori's rear end*

    Lori: *screams*

    Scott: *smiles* That's what I like to see. No ass-collapse.

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: *slaps Lori's rear end*

    Lori: *winces* You know, I don't enjoy that.

    Scott: I do.

    Lori: *pushes Scott* You're an idiot.

    Scott: You want to say that again to my face?

    Lori: You're an idiot.

    Scott: *starts to laugh*

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Scott: *laughing, leans onto railing*

    Lori: Let's go upstairs and get you...locked away. *grabs Scott's arm*

    Master bedroom

    Scott: *sits on floor, laughing*

    Lori: Would you stop it?

    Scott: *pulls Lori down*

    Lori: AH!

    Scott: *strokes Lori's cheek* You have beautiful ankles.

    Lori: That's what I work out for 3 times a week. My ankles.

    Scott: *laughs*

    Lori: I don't like this. You're not supposed to be...

    Scott: Happy?

    Lori: *sits up* I'm not used to it.

    Scott: *sits up* It upsets you that I'm kerblunked.

    Lori: Interesting way to put it.

    Scott: Don't worry, I won't beat you. *lifts hand* Scout's honor.

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: Oh hey, let's invite Tom over. I haven't kicked his ass in a while.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Scott: I see a smile! *points, claps*

    Lori: Stop it. *pushes Scott over*

    Scott: *laughs*

    Lori: *runs hand through hair*

    Scott: *sits up* We should go shopping.

    Lori: I don't want to go shopping.

    Scott: *pulls laptop off desk* No worries, we can stay right here.

    Lori: Scott, you hate online shopping.

    Scott: Hand me my plastic thing with all the digits.

    Lori: You mean your credit card.

    Scott: Yeah.

    Lori: *grabs wallet from Scott's pocket*

    Scott: I want a set of knives.

    Lori: Why?

    Scott: TV tells me I want them.

    Lori: Scott...

    Scott: *typing* Steph wanted a pony, right?

    Lori: No.

    Scott: Oh hey, diamonds. Let's get some diamonds.

    Lori: N-...*narrows eyes* real ones?

    Scott: *presses button* Done.

    Lori: What did you do?

    Scott: I ordered one of everything off this page.

    Lori: *grabs laptop* Scott, there was a Mercedes on that list.

    Scott: *smiles* And a Snuggie.

    Lori: Oy. *lies head against bed frame*

  15. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Ah...yeah. This is totally what Anni was talking about when they needed to talk. First off, as much as they want to stop, they can't. It's like some kind of addiction between the two of them. I do wonder when the time comes, will they be able to let go? Hmmm

    Om...Scotty drunk...is. Hilarious. I need to have him around when he's drunk. A mercedes and a snuggie? The man is awesome. Simply, awesome.

    Excellent Chapter!

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