CSI:Miami Road Trip: Unlucky Number 13

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    Thanks for the review. :)


    Gables Estates, house, driveway, 8am, 6-8 weeks later

    Scott: *picks up newspaper*

    Car backs off truck

    Scott: *lifts brow* Uh, excuse me, sir!

    Guy: *looks at chart* Yeah.

    Scott: What's with the car? And the uh...the boxes. I think you have the wrong address.

    Guy: You Scott Finch?

    Scott: Yeah.

    Guy: *lifts head* Scott Thomas Finch.

    Scott: Yes.

    Guy: It's not the wrong address, then.

    Scott: I didn't order a...*leans sideways* Mercedes Benz.

    Guy: Your credit card did. *walks away*

    Scott: *stares blankly*

    Lori: *jogs out of house, stops* Ooh.

    Scott: What the hell is this?

    Lori: *smiles* Wow. Neat car.

    Scott: *slides box over, rips it open* ...A zebra Snuggie.

    Lori: Ooh Dom's always wanted one of those. *picks up Snuggie*

    Scott: Did you use my credit card?

    Lori: Nope. You did.

    Scott: No I didn't. I think I'd remember a...*grabs paper off windshield* $40 000 Mercedes.

    Lori: You were drunk, sweetie.

    Scott: So you stole my credit card? That's a little low, even for you.

    Lori: *laughs* No. You wanted to go shopping and I tried to stop you but then you ordered all this cool stuff. *picks up box* Ooh new knives.

    Scott: I don't remember shopping.

    Lori: That's the whole idea behind being inebriated.

    Scott: But we don't need a Mercedes. What are we supposed to do with it?

    Lori: Give it away?

    Scott: To whom?

    Lori: I don't know. *places hands on hips* Does anyone hate us right now?

    Scott: *looks at Lori* Why would you want to gift a Mercedes to the Middle East?

    Lori: I was talking about people we know, Scott.

    Scott: Oh.

    Lori: We could keep it until Steph's 16.

    Scott: Steph's not getting a car when she's 16.

    Lori: Why not?

    Scott: She should work for a car.

    Lori: Maybe but...I didn't get a car when I was 16 and I just want Steph to have more than I did, that's all. Besides, by the time she's old enough to drive, this car will have depreciated in value anyway.

    Scott: *smirks* Sounds like a sound plan.

    Lori: *smiles* Thanks.

    Scott: *leans over, kisses Lori*

    Lori: *pushes box into Scott's chest* You might want to keep these knives in the garage until Dominick reaches an age where they'll be for food, not mass murder.

    Scott: *nods*

    New Jersey, graveyard, 9:40am

    Tom: *staring at tombstone*

    Karen: *walks over, stops*

    Tom: *turns around*

    Karen: *stares blankly* ...Tom. What are you doing here?

    Tom: Visiting Jaime. It's her birthday. *looks at tombstone* She'd be 14.

    Karen: *adjusts sunglasses* Thought you had your own life.

    Tom: I do. *steps aside* I was just leaving, feel free...

    Karen: No it's okay. You don't have to go.

    Tom: *tilts head* Are you okay?

    Karen: I'm fine.

    Tom: You seem upset.

    Karen: It's nothing, I just had a hard morning.

    Tom: *places hand on Karen's cheek*

    Karen: *turns head away*

    Tom: Apparently. Did the doctor give you that bruise?

    Karen: *pulls off sunglasses*

    Tom: *shakes head*

    Karen: What do you expect me to do? Leave him?

    Tom: Yes.

    Karen: It's not like I have anywhere to go.

    Tom: There are shelters.

    Karen: *rolls eyes*

    Tom: Do you have family around here? Your parents maybe.

    Karen: I can't impose on them, Tom.

    Tom: He's going to kill you.

    Karen: *lowers eyes* ...I wish I cared more. I really do. But I don't.

    Tom: *stares at Karen*

    Karen: *smirks* Sometimes I wonder if we could have worked things out.

    Tom: Don't. I'm no better than he is.

    Karen: *sits on grass*

    Tom: You can get out.

    Karen: *lies head against tombstone* ...I miss her.

    Tom: *nods*

    Karen: It's not fair. I did everything right. *lifts eyes* You did everything wrong...but you're the one with the family and the respectable career. Why am I being punished?

    Tom: Believe me, Karen, I've had my fair share of punishment.

    Karen: I don't see how.

    Tom: It's up to you to change your situation. I wish you all the luck in the world. *turns around, walks away*

    Karen: *frowns*

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    I think it's pure hilarity that Scotty didn't remember the purchases! Can you imagine walking out of the door and there's this 40 grand car sitting in your driveway? Even the richest person in the world will have a coronary about it. Good to see that they are going to put it to good use...someday.

    I love the emotion to Tom's visit. I know , he's wanting to help her, but the question is, can just words be enough for him? This is why I like him though, he's come from some very low beginnnings and has risen to topple his past. I just hope that if he does help, he doesn't get in too deep.( hate for him to be incarcerated in Jersey- I don't think that Anni would like that in the least bit).

    Excellent update!
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    Thanks for the review! :D

    Something to wet the appetite...:)


    Miami, Collins Ave., alley, 2 weeks later

    Horatio: *places hands on hips* Time of death?

    Alexx: Between 2 and 2:30am.

    Horatio: What do we know about her?

    Alexx: *opens wallet* Her name's Riley Levine.

    Horatio: *blinks* E-Excuse me?

    Alexx: *lifts head* You know her?

    Horatio: *takes off shades, kneels* Unfortunately. *pulls out phone, dials* Do me a favour and take good care of her, alright?

    Alexx: Always.

    Horatio: *stands, walks away*

    Outside alley

    Calleigh: *steps out of Hummer*

    Horatio: *looks down at phone*

    Calleigh: What do we have?

    Delko: *walks around Hummer*

    Horatio: The victim is Riley Levine.

    Delko: That name sounds familiar.

    Calleigh: She's the CEO of Levine's Fashion. It's about half a block from here. I go there all the time with Natalia.

    Horatio: She's also Speed's daughter.

    Calleigh: *blinks* She's his daughter? *looks at Eric*

    Delko: *looks at Calleigh*

    Horatio: Let's keep this under wraps until I speak with him.

    Delko: You got it, H.

    Horatio: Thank you. Process the scene, let me know what you find. I'm heading back to the lab. *walks away*

    Delko: Guess we should get started.

    Calleigh: *nods*

    Miami Lab, Trace Lab

    Tom: I don't know why I always get stuck with the vegetation.

    Speed: I'm delegating.

    Tom: You're bad at it. Why don't you give me Tox and you can map out the DNA sequence of a Hibiscus tree.

    Horatio: *steps in*

    Tom: *looks at Horatio* Hey, H.

    Horatio: ...Speed. A word.

    Speed: *lifts eyes*

    Horatio: My office. *walks away*

    Tom: Uh oh. What'd you do?

    Speed: The better question is what Katie did. *pulls off gloves* Can you seal up my evidence?

    Tom: Sure.

    Speed: *walks away*


    Calleigh: *shines flashlight at ground* No footprints.

    Delko: And no sign of struggle.

    Calleigh: *lifts head* Alexx mentioned on the way out that Riley had scratches all over her forehead and hands.

    Delko: You thinking she was dragged?

    Calleigh: Maybe. *stands* I'll head over to the Post. You mind finishing up here?

    Delko: Sure.

    Morgue, 8:40am

    Alexx: *closes envelope*

    Calleigh: *steps in, grabs gloves* I hope you haven't cleaned her up yet.

    Alexx: I was just about to start. How's Speed taking it?

    Calleigh: I don't know, I haven't seen him yet today.

    Alexx: I'm surprised he isn't already down here.

    Calleigh: What can you tell me so far?

    Alexx: I smelled something interesting in her hair. It wasn't regular decomp so I sent a sample of her hair to Trace. I also collected some pavement fragments from the injuries on her forehead.

    Calleigh: We're thinking she was dragged.

    Alexx: You'd be right. *lifts arm* Double levitity. She was lying facing downward and then dragged to the secondary crime scene and rolled onto her back.

    Calleigh: *shakes head* It's cowardice. Thrown out into the alley like trash.

    Alexx: I just collected some of the debris from under her fingernails. *looks at Riley* If you scratched your attacker, we'll know it.

    Calleigh: *lifts head* I'll take it to DNA myself.

    Alexx: *hands over envelope*

    Calleigh: Can you tell me anything about cause of death?

    Alexx: *places hands on Riley's cheeks* Dried vomit on the side of her cheek. Air pockets suggest she was still breathing at this point. No other outward signs of trauma but I'll have to wash her down to see any injection marks or subcutaneous bruising. I'm going to send her blood work through Tox.

    Calleigh: Mind if I borrow her clothes? There might be some more evidence we can use.

    Alexx: Sure thing.

    Calleigh: *smirks* Thanks, Alexx.

    Alexx: Tell Timmy that she's safe down here with me.

    Calleigh: *stares at Alexx* Will do.

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    OO... RILEY? DEAD? Oh...aww....Poor Speed. He's going to lose it, I'm sure. I can't wait to see what happened and why she had to die. Riley was pretty cool too... * pouts*. Well...that puts Lori as the last surviving kid- save for Brook ( hands off, Geni- she survives,LOL). Poor Speedles...

    Awesome update:)
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    Thanks for the review. :D

    :lol: About Brook. I think she'll be okay for now...:shifty: :D


    Trace Lab, 10:30am

    Tom: *grabs paper from printer*

    Calleigh: *walks over* Is that my toxicology report?

    Tom: The first one, anyway. *looks at paper* The substance on the victim's hair was alkyl alcohol ethoxylates, sodium petroleum sulfonate, pine oil and isopropanol.

    Calleigh: Cleaning solution.

    Tom: Industrial cleaning solution, probably Pine Sol.

    Calleigh: Well you certainly don't find that in an alley. I'm thinking her place of business.

    Tom: Makes sense, she was facing down onto the floor.

    Calleigh: Is Tim still up in Horatio's office?

    Tom: Yeah. Katie joined him a few minutes ago.

    Calleigh: I don't hear anything.

    Tom: You just missed it.

    Calleigh: *sigh* I wish there was more I could do to help.

    Printer beeps

    Tom: *grabs paper*

    Calleigh: Second test?

    Tom: Yeah. There were high levels of cocaine hydrochloride in her system.

    Calleigh: Overdose.

    Tom: Seizures, brain bleed...chocked on her own vomit. It is a scary, painful death.

    Calleigh: Is that really appropriate?

    Tom: No. Scientific truth has a way of transcending what's appropriate.

    Calleigh: I hope you don't plan on telling this to Tim.

    Delko: *walks over* Here's something else you might not want to tell him.

    Calleigh: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: Got the DNA back from Riley's fingernails. *hands over paper*

    Calleigh: *takes paper*

    Delko: It's Lori.

    Calleigh: *lifts eyes*

    Tom: *looks at Eric* Are you sure?

    Delko: Natalia triple checked. 7 markers in common.

    Calleigh: This day is just getting worse.

    Tom: You don't think Lori would actually kill her own sister.

    Calleigh: She would know how to procure cocaine.

    Tom: Half the employees there are closet addicts. It could have been any one of them.

    Delko: We're going to have to bring her in.

    Tom: Don't bother. *snaps off gloves* I'll do it. *walks away*


    Katie: *blows nose*

    Horatio: Do you two need a minute? I can go check on the case.

    Speed: *staring at floor*

    Horatio: *places hand on Speed's shoulder* Let me know if you need anything. *walks away*

    Katie: *wiping eyes* This isn't FAIR! *stomps feet* SHE WAS THE GOOD CHILD! WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN L-...

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: This SUCKS. *kicks desk* ...*kicking desk, screams*

    Speed: *wraps arms around Katie*

    Katie: *crying*

    Speed: *hugs tighter*

    Interrogation room, 12:04pm

    Lori: What the hell is this?

    Tom: *walks around table*

    Lori: Would you tell me what the hell's going on? You just dragged me away in front of everyone at the school. Dom's teachers probably think you're CPS.

    Tom: Riley's dead.

    Lori: *stares at Tom* ...Excuse me?

    Tom: She was murdered this morning.

    Lori: *staring at Tom* ...*sits in chair*

    Tom: Where were you between 1am and 2:30am?

    Lori: Are you seriously accusing me of killing her? Just because I have a record?

    Horatio: Answer the question.

    Lori: *looks at Horatio* I was at home. Sleeping.

    Horatio: Can anyone verify that?

    Lori: Scott can, he was...*lowers eyes* damnit. He had to go back to work and help someone with a report. Look, Steph and Dom were both home. You can ask them.

    Tom: A 9-year old and a 6-year old. Both of whom could have slept through you leaving the house.

    Lori: *frowns* I've never left them alone in the middle of the night. I didn't kill my sister!

    Tom: Explain the DNA we found under her fingernails.

    Lori: *blinks* ...DNA..I...*looks down at arm* No, I didn't, we didn't struggle. *lifts head* I was at a shoot yesterday and she let me take over the camera for a few frames. We were at the pier and I wanted to get onto one of the rocks to get a better angle and I slipped--she grabbed my arm to pull me back up.

    Tom: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: *leans back in chair, wipes eyes* I didn't want my sister dead. *sniffs, covers mouth*

    Horatio: *pulls out chair, sits*

    Lori: *lifts eyes*

    Horatio: Is there anyone you can think of who would want her dead?

    Lori: *sniffs* I uh...I don't know. Jillian was already put away.

    Horatio: Jillian.

    Lori: Yeah, *wipes eyes* her girlfriend. She was taking over the company secretly so she could sell cocaine under the table.

    Tom: She had half the staff addicted before we took her down. We're still investigating the death of a model under her care; the theory was pre-meditated murder by overdose. Jillian was one of the...Colombian alumni.

    Horatio: Thomas, take a trip to the correctional facility. Find out if anyone visited her in the last few weeks.

    Tom: *nods*

    Horatio: Are there any security cameras at the fashion store?

    Lori: All of the tapes were taken when the DEA raided the place after Jill got arrested. I don't think anyone put any new tapes back in but I can check.

    Horatio: We'll take care of it.

    Lori: *nods*

    Horatio: For now, I'd like you to stick around. Would you like anything to drink?

    Lori: I want to speak with my father.

    Horatio: I'll see what I can do.

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    This has gotten everyone * as predicted* all turned around. It's nice ( I don't think that's appropriate here, but it's all I've got at the moment) to see that Katie has feelings and is capapble of showing them without being reduced to a lunatic. It has to blow that they've lost another child though... poor Tim and Katie...:(

    I believe Lori- I don't think she'd kill her sister. What was the motive? She worked well with Riley, she liked being around her...I just don't see the reasons there. I hope they do find who did it. Perhaps that twit Jillian had something to do with it?

    Awesome update!
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    Thanks for the review! :)


    Interrogation room, 6pm

    Horatio: We have the jail logs, Carlos. You've been visiting Jillian since she was incarcerated.

    Carlos: So? She's my friend. I can't visit a friend in prison?

    Tom: We think she was more than a friend. Lover? Maybe. Your drug dealer, definitely.

    Carlos: How exactly does that connect me to a murder?

    Horatio: *places paper onto table* Do you remember that swab we took from the bottom of your shoes?

    Carlos: *shrugs* I got nothing to hide.

    Tom: Cocky, for a guy who had a dead woman's bile on him.

    Carlos: *looks at Tom*

    Tom: She was choking on her own vomit and you watched.

    Carlos: She was going to find out about what Jillian was doing and I'd lose my job and my supply. She'd already been digging into things.

    Horatio: What things? What supply?

    Carlos: White gold, bro. If she thinks she's running a fashion business, she's very mistaken. There are some pissed off mofos out there waiting for their coke and my dealer was just busted. It's my neck next!

    Horatio: So you killed her.

    Carlos: She found the telephone message from one of the buyers. I had to do something.

    Tom: Is that why you killed that model a few weeks ago? She was going to go to the police because you were drugging her against her will?

    Carlos: *runs hand through hair*

    Horatio: It's over, Carlos.

    Carlos: Arrest me. Put me in jail. At least the guys on the streets can't get me.

    Tom: I wouldn't be too sure about that. *walks around table* Get up.

    Holding cell

    Lori: *bites nails*

    Speed: *walks in*

    Lori: *lifts head, stands*

    Speed: They're cutting you loose.

    Lori: Did they find who killed Riley?

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: Who was it?

    Speed: One of the employees.

    Lori: *frowns* Carlos.

    Speed: I'm going to take you home.

    Lori: I don't want to go home. I want to see Riley.

    Speed: You can't. Her body hasn't been released.

    Lori: You're speaking about her like she isn't a person.

    Speed: Lori, I don't want to get into this with you. Let's go.

    Lori: Mom's disappointed, isn't she.

    Speed: Of course she's disappointed. She's more than that, she's a mess.

    Lori: No. I mean about Riley dying and me still being alive.

    Speed: Don't even start.

    Lori: It's true.

    Speed: *grabs Lori's hand* Move it.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Inside car, road

    Lori: *stares out window*

    Speed: Your mother's very upset. We all are. It's not the time for petty arguments.

    Lori: Fine.

    Speed: *stares at road*

    Lori: It's not fair.

    Speed: No, it isn't.

    Lori: I don't know what I'd do if I lost Steph.

    Speed: What would you do if you KEPT losing children?

    Lori: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *sigh*

    Lori: You won't lose me.

    Speed: I already lost you once.

    Lori: That was sort of your fault though.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Lori: What?

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    At least they got Riley's killer! Carlos is sorely mistaken, he's as much as someone's bitch now more than ever. Serves him right...

    Poor Lori, she knows that her mother hates her, and Speed's too busy putting up that wall so no one can see his pain to even talk it out with her. I have a feeling this may get worst before it's done, but here's hoping they communicate better:)

    Awesome chapter!
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    Holy chunky soup! :eek: Haven't had a chapter in a while. Here's a bit to wet the whistle.


    Hummerhome, highway, 4 years later

    Dominick: *staring at road*

    Speed: It'll be fun. You've gone camping before.

    Dominick: *looks back into cabin*

    Brook: *texting*

    Tayla: *pulls Barbies from bag*

    Dominick: *looks back at road* This is lame.

    Speed: It's not lame. This is fun, it's the American dream.

    Dominick: *lifts brow, points to the side of the road* That hooker's the American dream?

    Speed: That's not a hooker, that's a hitch hiker. The open road is one of the most freeing experiences you'll ever have.

    Dominick: We're in the middle of nowhere.

    Speed: It's Georgia.

    Dominick: Exactly.

    Brook: Did we just drop out of the coverage zone? I thought we had a satellite on top of this thing.

    Speed: No cell phones. Turn that off.

    Brook: *rolls eyes*

    Dominick: Can we go home now?

    Speed: We've just started, Dom.

    Dominick: I'm bored.

    Speed: Just wait until we get to the campsite. Then we can do something fun.

    Dominick: Like turning around and heading the other direction?

    Speed: Even better.

    Campsite, 7pm

    Dominick: *stares at ground* Making a fire. This is your idea of fun.

    Speed: Every man, *looks at Brook* and woman should learn how to make a fire. It could save your life one day.

    Dominick: Or kill everyone.

    Brook: *sits in chair* Just throw the match in there already. I'm freezing.

    Dominick: We could go back inside the Hummerhome.

    Speed: I'm not using matches and we're not going inside yet. All you need are two sticks, some hair and wood.

    Tayla: *shivers* Timmy, I'm cold. Start the fire.

    Speed: Okay, here we go.

    25 minutes later

    Dominick: You suck at this.

    Speed: Patience is a virtue.

    Dominick: Hypothermia is a reality.

    Speed: It's 70 degrees outside; you're not going to freeze.

    Tayla: *lifts hand* I am.

    Speed: *sigh* Okay. Let's go inside.

    Inside Hummerhome, 9pm

    Tayla: *slams piece onto Monopoly board* There. *smiles*

    Dominick: No. *slides piece* There.

    Tayla: ...I don't wanna go to jail.

    Dominick: Then you shouldn't have taken bribes under the table.

    Tayla: *starts to cry*

    Speed: Your mother lets you watch too much television. *slides piece back* She's out.

    Dominick: That's not fair. I had to sit in jail for 3 rounds.

    Speed: You could have paid the 50 bucks, Dom.

    Dominick: Mom says it's cheaper to do the time.

    Speed: It's cheaper not to commit crimes.

    Brook: Dad, this game's boring.

    Speed: If you don't want to play, go to bed.

    Brook: Can I have my phone back?

    Speed: No.

    Brook: Ugh. *kicks table*

    Speed: It's your turn, Brook.

    Brook: *throws dice*

    Dominick: OW! F-

    Speed: Dom.

    Dominick: *frowns* She threw the dice at me.

    Speed: Okay, game time's over. Everyone get your pyjamas on.

    Dominick: Way to go, bitch.

    Brook: *frowns*

    Speed: Now.

    Dominick: *stands, walks away*

    Brook: *jumps off seat, runs away*

    Speed: *looks at Tayla* Looks like it's bed time.

    Tayla: Nuts.

    Speed: *smirks*


    Tayla: *squirts toothpaste, giggles*

    Speed: You're supposed to put that on your teeth.

    Tayla: *looks up at Speed* Oops.

    Speed: *kneels* Do you normally do this by yourself?

    Tayla: Yup. Mommy and Daddy work lots. I gotta look out for myself.

    Speed: You still have someone at home though.

    Tayla: Lori sometimes. *smiles* She brings Dommy.

    Speed: *places hand on Tayla's head* Brush.

    Tayla: *nods*

    Master bedroom

    Dominick: *fiddles with PSP*

    Speed: *steps in, shuts door* Ready for bed?

    Dominick: There are a million bunks in this place. Why do I have to sleep in your room?

    Speed: Because your mother asked me to watch you closely. This is as close as it gets.

    Dominick: This trip is getting less fun by the second.

    Speed: It's not all bad. *sits on bed* We can talk about why your grades are down at school.

    Dominick: School's boring.

    Speed: Well, unfortunately it's important and I know you can do better.

    Dominick: So that's what this trip was about. Lecturing me about my education.

    Speed: No, this trip is about bonding as a family.

    Dominick: Tayla's not your family.

    Speed: Family's not always what's in your blood.

    Dominick: *sighs, tosses PSP onto bed* You done?

    Speed: *rolls out sleeping bag* Good night, Dom.

    Dominick: Whatever. *grabs blankets, rolls over*

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    AWWWW Speed taking the kids on a camping trip. Now, normally, this would cause fear, doubt and a tad bit of resignation, but I think that Speed has evolved into a more, caring, responsible man( Never thought that would be the truth). Alas, it is, and this is acutally a cute chapter. A good way to bond with his family and influnce them, even though they don't actually realize it just yet. I think more of this would be awesome...

    Very awesome chapter!
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    I'm surprised Dominick wasn't all for starting the fire there... :lol:

    Where's Steph? Or did I miss her on this trip?

    And, as for the past few months I've missed...

    HOLY CRAP! Poor Riley. She gets screwed, has most of her company drugged, and then gets killed. :(

    I hope Speed and Katie can work it out. Same goes for Scott and Lori and Tom and Anni.

    Awesome updates (and sorry I kinda fell off the face of the earth...)
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    You would think... :lol: Maybe he's calmed down some in the last 4 years, lol.

    She's at home. :D It appears that Dom fits in better with the Grey clan (Brook and Tayla) at the moment so he gets quality time with Speed. :p

    No worries. I admit that RT sort of fell off the face of the earth for a while. :lol: I'm trying to get some more chapters in--mostly with the CSI:Miami gang a little more.
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    ^^ Hooray! I can't wait to read more. :)

    Haha, is that because he didn't almost set them on fire? :lol: I see Dom has that Speedle snark, though. I can't wait to see more of that. :D

    Yeah, it's been a little crazy lately. Mostly, it's settling out... *fingers crossed it stays that way*
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    Ack! I need to be here more often. :eek:

    Thanks for the reviews! :D


    Miami Crime Lab, Trace Lab, 2 weeks later

    Horatio: *staring at computer*

    Tom: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: *grabs mouse, clicks*

    Tom: ...Need some help?

    Horatio: I'm trying to find a woman.

    Tom: You might try Missing Persons. You can access the database th-

    Horatio: No. I'm on a dating site.

    Tom: *lifts brow* Why?

    Horatio: I think it's time I found my one true love. If Speed can find 3 of them, I should be able to have one.

    Tom: I thought that Colombian was your one true love.

    Horatio: No she's off limits.

    Tom: Some people seem to think Stetler's in love with you. Go with it.

    Horatio: He doesn't have a uterus.

    Tom: For shame.

    Horatio: *smiles* Hey, I've already got 18 matches in the greater Miami area.

    Tom: *looks over*

    Horatio: Shasta McNasty. That's a unique name.

    Tom: H, that's not a dating site.

    Horatio: Yes it is. I'm paying them to find me a woman.

    Tom: Not the kind of woman you're into.

    Horatio: This one here has full service skills. You think she works at a gas station?

    Tom: I'm sure she does a lot of pumping.

    Horatio: I think I'll give her a call.

    Tom: No. No, that's a bad idea.

    Horatio: Why?

    Tom: I assume you want to keep your pension. *closes laptop* Trust me, there's nothing good online. Not unelss you're alone in a dark room and your wife's working a 12-hour shift.

    Horatio: *stares at Tom*

    Tom: *smiles* Good times.

    Speed: *walks over* We've got a scene.

    Tom: *smile fades* Can't.

    Speed: Why?

    Tom: Too hot out.

    Speed: Then go back to Jersey.

    Tom: I'd rather just stay in the air conditioned lab, thanks. But have fun.

    Speed: I'm not working the floater alone. Not again.

    Tom: So call Calleigh. She loves explodey people.

    Speed: Calleigh's not on until this afternoon.

    Tom: Katie?

    Speed: She gets queasy watching Law and Order.

    Tom: ...Eric.

    Speed: Get your ass outside, Grey. *walks away*

    Tom: Good luck with the woman search. *pulls off gloves, walks away*

    Horatio: *cracks knuckles*

    Miami Beach

    Speed: *kneels*

    Tom: Yuck.

    Speed: Is that your professional analysis?

    Tom: Yeah.

    Speed: *opens kit*

    Tom: Sand and corpse juice don't mix.

    Speed: *shines flashlight under boat* It looks like it's been unearthed by the tide.

    Tom: It? You can't even tell the gender? This is a horror movie.

    Speed: *lifts head* How did you pass the exam to get here?

    Tom: Oh I got here on my fantastic looks.

    Speed: *stands* We'll have to collect evidence from the body at the morgue. Sift the area around the body.

    Tom: I really think that's your specialty.

    Speed: My specialty is trace and blood spatter analysis. Yours is doing whatever the hell I say.

    Tom: *sigh*

    Break room

    Anni: Stop it.

    Katie: I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you, I'm not t-

    Anni: *slaps Katie's hand into her face* Stop punching yourself.

    Katie: Ow. *rubs eye*

    Anni: *grabs magazine from Katie*

    Katie: Hey, that's mine.

    Anni: You don't believe in Cosmo, Katie.

    Katie: It's a cult.

    Anni: It's not a cult.

    Katie: Yes it is. They hate men. It's a man-hating club. *gasp* Cosmo are lesbians!

    Anni: You've never actually read a Cosmo, have you.

    Katie: Sure I have. Scott has them in his glove compartment.

    Anni: Why were you searching his glove compartment?

    Katie: I think Scott was in on 9/11.

    Anni: *rolls eyes* Here we go.

    Katie: How do you think it was funded? Scott's a bazillionaire.

    Anni: First of all, Scott wasn't a bazillionaire when he was a kid. Secondly, let's assume his whole family somehow funded it. Why would he voluntarily go work on the 84th floor?

    Katie: 80th.

    Anni: Whatever.

    Katie: To throw suspicion off of himself.

    Anni: Right. He purposefully traumatized himself to take down 'The Man'.

    Katie: Exactly.

    Anni: Have you brought this up with him?

    Katie: Once. *lowers head* I'm not allowed to sit in his car anymore.

    Anni: Uh huh.

    Katie: I'll expose whoever did it. You'll see.

    Anni: Then you'd better explore the UFO angle.

    Katie: *wide-eyed* UFO'S DID IT? I HAVE TO PUT THIS ON MY BLOG!

    Anni: Be sure to call up Charlie Sheen for a quote.

    Katie: Oh man, you're a genius. *stands* I always knew Scott seemed too much like an alien to be a real man. *walks away*

    Anni: *shakes head*


    Horatio: It's so nice to meet you, Shasta.

    Shasta: *looks around* You got a car?

    Horatio: I have a Hummer.

    Shasta: Kinky.

    Horatio: What would you like off the menu?

    Shasta: B-

    Man: *walks over, lifts gun* I TAKE EBERYTING U WUB! *pulls trigger*


    Shasta: *falls over*

    Horatio: *looks down at table*

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    I'm going to give this a try...lol. Katie...insanity at it's best, but I've been missing this insanity. Cosmo is apart of the conspiracy! Scotty had his hands in on 9/11...He's an alien....Horatio's dating escorts...Wait...that one's not Katie's fault :D.

    Ah...the RT...where have you been?

    Excellent chapter!

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