CSI books.


Sorry but I was wondering if there's a book based on the eppie butterflied. I really want to know cause I really love that eppie.

I don't believe there's a book based on it. Bummer...I loved that eppy too :lol:

Bummer I really wanted to know more about Grissom's pov and I seriously wanna know what sara thought about Grissom's speech at the end of the eppie :D.
My new favorite book is CSI Miami Cult Following (I think that's the title--I read it when it first came out). I gave it to my friend to read, because cults in general fascinate me... and a cult based on nutrition? Interesting.
I got Dead of Winter today. Poor Stella. Although I'd love to see it onscreen just for the SMACKED moments.

And poor Mac at the end.

Are there one or two more coming out? One is Blood on the Sun but what's the other?

gregsandersluver said:
im reading binding ties

I read Body of Evidence in Two Days. I'm now about 5 chapters into Binding Ties--YOWSER! That is the best book yet! Someone needs to get Max Collins to write a screenplay for a few episodes. Either that or use some of his existing books as a basis for a few episodes.

I also bought the Comic Book/Graphic Novel Trade Paperback for "Serial"--also VERY WELL DONE!!!
CSI007WW said:
I didn't say I didn't like it. I like it, but I liked it least of all the books up until now. I thought the first two chapters were really boring. The novel made a wrong start.

I respectfully disagree. The Prologue that showed things from the first victim's perspective of the CASt copycat were actually riveting, scary and helped set up the whole story. While it did seem slow, it was necessary exposition to set up the story. I thought they did just fine.
I only found out MAC was connected to the CSI books over on one of the Bones forums.

I'm liking Buried Deep so far although he did make minor descriptive mistakes with a couple Bones characters. I haven't read any of his CSI books though.
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I finished one of the CSI novels today and I loved the ending. Max Allan Collins really does captivate the show into a novel. :)
Are there going to be any new CSI:LV books coming out? I'm pretty sure i've read all of them and i crave more! :lol:
The latest one, "The Killing Game" by Max Allan Collins, was released in October 2005. "Snake Eyes," also by Collins, is scheduled for late August 2006.

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I read Dead of Winter today and enjoyed it. I have to wonder if futur CSI NY books will be S1 or S2. I've seen some franchises that have novels all or mostly set in one season...I'll take whatever I can get but I like 'em spread out a bit too.