CSI books.

I just wanted to mention I got around to reading the last CSI book that came out, Brass in Pocket. It was a really good book. The cases kept me interested and all the characters were used well.
Yes, probably the most recent one of the Las Vegas team. It just came out in August of this year.

Far from the glittering lights and 24/7 spectacle of the Strip, the Las Vegas Crime Lab's team of investigators is gearing up for a rough night ahead.... A brutal shooting at a cheap motel may be business as usual for CSIs Catherine Willows and Nick Stokes, but as they process the crime scene and quickly identify the victim as a noted local private investigator, nothing could prepare them for the shock of finding physical evidence belonging to none other than Detective Jim Brass.... Meanwhile, CSIs Greg Sanders and Riley Adams are called to a nearby airport where they must face the ultimate locked room mystery: how a pilot flying solo in a small private plane wound up murdered while miles above the ground....
I've had "Sin City" and "Cold Burn" for a few years now; "Cold Burn" being my favorite. I loved the cases and it's GSR heavy. :adore: I read it in a few hours, I was so hooked.

Could anyone give me a semi-detailed description of the other CSI: LV books? (not of Cold Burn and Sin City.)
i really need new books .___.
i have nearly all us books but not a single german book of csi, LOL...but reading it in german is kinda...horrible :/
cold burn i really cool, yes!
i just started reading "florida getaway" again :)
Welcome to the board, Bonasera-Taylor. Hope you like it here.

I've read three of them, along with several Miami and Las Vegas books. These books help carry me through during the summer hiatus. If you check back along the 32 pages of this thread, you might find others who have read them.
I know of Donn Cortez via his CSIMiami novels, however, Jeff Marriotte is new to me. What's his rep?
i have every single CSI, Miami, and NY book.

the NY books are very good. Deluge was one of the best i wish it had been an episode. the writer was fantastic he really knew the characters.

the LV books i have been getting since they first came out god knows how many years ago. the first two novels i have the first editions of with the cast on the covers. i just got Brass in Pocket for my bday, i was reading too many books at the time it came out so that's why i just got it now. it sounds really interesting i cannot wait to read it over winter break.

i have all the Miami books except for "Right to Die". i think i liked the books better than the episodes haha.
^ i agree about deluge, i really liked all the NY books actually, much more than i expected to. i haven't read any of the vegas/miami ones though.
I read about a dozen or so CSI novels (this includes all three series: NY, Miami, and the original) and have not really enjoyed any of the ones that have come out in the last one or two years. Max Allen Collins did an amazing job with the CSI books. Cold Burn is flat out amazing....