Caption Game *puts on sunnies* Miami Style

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i'm sorry HoratioStalker. i clearly stated in the rules that you CAN NOT vote for your own. so could you please choose another caption to vote for? thanks :D
You did??
Ok so this is basically a strictly non shipper Miami version of the shipper central game. here are the rules

1. please don't post anything offensive i.e. no bashing characters or anything over the PG-13 level. foul language unless you censor it like this.....A** or @$$

3. you will only be allowed one caption per picture in order to make it fair to others.

3. there will be a 48 hour posting period. after that I will post the caption again with everyones captions in a poll. there will be a 48 hour voting perid. after that I will post the winning quote and the winner gets to post the new picture.
I'm blind.... :confused:
Whats going on w/ this thread?? Its been 5 days, is there a winner yet? NEED, stop crying in the SPEED thread for a while, we need you over here for a sec! :lol:
I hope this is ok. The voting started on November 7, well over a week ago. I've tallied up the votes & there is a tie between #1 -HORATIOSTALKER & #3 -SILK.

If its alright w/ everybody else, then can one of these posters claim the winning title & give us a new image, please? :D
That's fine. :) Either HoratioStalker or silk, please feel free to post the next pic of your choice for captioning. :D
Frank: Stand back, Horatio. There is something in that plant that makes grown men go bald.
Frank: What are those 2 girls doin' in the bushes?

Horatio: I don't know Frank but I wish I was w/ them... did I just say that out loud?
sorry net has been acting up...haven't been on in like TWO weeks!!! sorry :D ok seeing as i can't always do this i'm appointing MJ as assitant game runner :D that is if she wants the job....if you don't MJ it's ok....i'll find soemone else :D just PM me and let me know k? :D
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