Caption Game *puts on sunnies* Miami Style

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...Hmm, 3, 4, 8 or 11....

...Okay, #4 - even though I really liked #8 as well - Color co-ordination :lol:

#9 and #8 - AWESOME!!!

I love Horatio but this pic had me in stitches!!!:guffaw:

We used this pic on another forum and had lots of fun coming up with captions - wish I wasn't late to yours...

Try these out::evil:

Susie: Hey, Madison, Look at your uncle!!

Horatio: They did WHAT to my sunnies??

Anyone: And you thought Horatio didn't have a sense of humor...
Welcome Arcadian7!! Before I pull the votes, would you mind giving me just 1 vote?? Please & Thank you!!!:D
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