Caption Game *puts on sunnies* Miami Style

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Frank: "Oh for God sakes Eric, get dressed and out of that loin cloth, this isn't the jungle, and you ain't no Tarzan.

H: "You got that right Frank". :lol:
***chirp chirp chirp*** The crickets are busy. Should we put this to a vote and get a new photo? Mine didn't seem to inspire much creativity. :p
I think it would be a good idea to start voting as to move the game along--if mjszud or Need4Speed have no issues with it. :)
Voting time!! Theres only three captions, but here ya go :D

#1- Frank: Stand back, Horatio. There is something in that plant that makes grown men go bald.

#2- Frank: What are those 2 girls doin' in the bushes?

Horatio: I don't know Frank, but I wish i was with them...did I just say that out loud?

#3- Frank: Oh for god's sakes Eric, get dressed & out of that loin cloth, this isn't the jungle & you aint no Tarzan.

Horatio: "You got that right, Frank". :lol:
Me Jane, me Jane!! :D

Congrats LUVINGMYHORATIO, #3, recieved the most votes. Your turn to post a new image!

Note: The captions will be pulled to start voting in 2 days (from the time new image is posted) so keep 'em coming in! :)
Ryan (thinking): Ewwww. Look at that dandruff. Should I tell her about Head And Shoulders?
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