Beta Volunteers

Hi! I need a beta for a story in progress I've already started. Mostly Grammar corrections. The fanfics are Danny/Flack and have M rating. If you're interested, please, PM me. :)
I need a beta for a CSI/Criminal Minds fic . Please , if anyone can help me please PM me . It's rated T . Not slash or anything . casefile .
Just realised you're supposed to put your info into a format hah so here:

Name: Jodie
Beta: Anything
Strong point: Spelling/grammer/ characterisation from the following shows:

Criminal minds
Without a trace
The X-files
8 Simple rules
Greys Anatomy

Get in touch!
Name: Samantha

Pairings you beta: Any really...But my favs are Greg/Nick
Nick/Warrick Eric/Ryan Catherine/Warrick Calliegh/Eric

Beta specialty: Don't really have a specialty, I don't think, I guess spelling and grammar.
I am looking for a Beta for both Miami and Vegas. All though I am currently working on a Miami fiction that I need to post, I am also in the process of creating a Sofia Curtis, Teri Miller [not a ship; made Teri Sofia's Aunt] universe, and will need someone to Beta it when the stories are finished.

Also I would love to know [of topic here] if there is someone who would be able to Beta The House Of Eliott. I [back on topic] have worked the characters of Evangeline Eliott and Beatrice Eliott into Sofia Curtis's family history and would love to write stories building up to her character on Vegas.

Also on Teri Miller, I will be working her into some Bones fictions I would like to write, and well am looking for someone to Beta them as well.

Thanks KC :D
I'd be happy to help. I would be able to help with characterization in the Bones ones, but not with the others.

Spelling/grammer/punctuation/etc wont be a problem with any of them.


Name: gsrLOVE
What I beta: GSR/ Yo!Bling, anything really as long as it's CSI since I have little to know knowledge about Miami/NY
Beta specialty: i.e. Characters, flow, spelling, grammar. I will also give you feedback on what I think is strong in your fic, and what could possibly be left out or changed.
hey, I could use a beta for my first CSI story... I could use help in keeping the characters in character and also to check for any mistakes I might have missed. So if anyone would be willing to help me, please PM me. Thanks.
I'd like to invite everyone in this thread to bring their fanfiction over to the "Fanfiction critique group" because it's a great place to get help with your fics and learn a lot from each other.

Hey, I'm new here and was looking for a beta, hope it's ok asking here. My story will be Sara cenetric it will crossover with CSI Miami, it's post Dead Doll/Living Doll. it will contain OC's. So if anyone's interested send me a message, and I'll give full details, ships, etc. One thing though in my story, Speed will be alive. Thanks.
Hello, Mature beta reader here :)

Name: Della
Beta: Anything Horatio centric including romances and slash, though, I'm afraid, not Y/H
Strong point: Spelling/grammer and characterisations

Anything from CSI:Miami :)

PM me if anyone would like to use me as their beta

Sure, I have lot's of free time at the mo,

Name: Marti
Beta: SMacked (Mac/Stella)
Specialties: Anything really, Just give me a PM and I'll take it from there :)
Name: Sissi (SpeedsDaughter)
What I beta: CSI: Miami, all ships (except CaRWash), no slash or OCs.
Beta specialty: Characterization & descriptions.

PM me if you'd like a beta... I'm friendly :) Can't do email contact... sorry.