Beta Volunteers

I can beta!

Name: Chloe
Specialty: Grammar, spelling (Canadian/British but I can do American too), verb tense, punctuation, sentence structure, flow.
Pairings: Snickers, Yo!Bling, Sandle, SoNic, GilLH, Grillows, Lemonjelly, CatNip (Preferably no slash or NC-17 stories)
Hi everyone,I'm a newbie here.Be nice. ^_^

K,I'm looking for a good beta for a Willows/Keppler fic.It will be in chapters,and most likely there will be some form of smut,which I've never wrote before.I've never wrote a CSI fic,but have wrote plenty of fanfiction for several things like;Harry Potter and M*A*S*H. I would prefer for an experienced beta also. You might also need some patience and creativity too,because I’m sometimes unsure of how I’m going to write a part of the story.
If you have some type of IM that would be great.Thanks!
Pairings you beta: GSR, YoBling
Beta specialty: Character, grammar, flow. Vegas only, I'm also open to Bones, House, NCIS, Numb3rs, alot of stuff, just ask if its not one of those.

I mostly write/read GSR and I'm going to be of more help on GSR stuff. I'm slightly obsessed with Sara so I'm going to be really picky about her characterization, especially since more people seem to write her badly in my opinion. Feel free to PM me if you want me to read. I don't have a LJ or FFN account so anything I do will be through here.
Hello, I'm new here. I'm working on a Cath/Sara story that I'm posting on and I need a beta. The story isn't done yet so I'll need someone who will make sure I don't go too far between updates. I'll also need help with grammar, spelling, plot flow...the usual I guess. Any one interested?
Name: Sam (or Oouga)

Pairings: Any except female slash. I also Beta other genres. I am very unfamiliar with CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, but will still beta for grammar and spelling and flow.

Specialty: History major, English minor, Criminalistics minor. Commas and other nortorius problems are a speciality of mine; just ask my Dyslexic roommate (not that Merrianna is on this site... yet). I am patient and encouraging, while being as honest as Sarah Sidle (no joke, my roommate calls me blunt to a fault). I Beta American English, but can use my computer settings to Beta British English if necessary.

PM me: Email removed

I'm really interested ^^ So here it is

Name: Iris
Pairings you beta: Everyone's fine for me, even though I've got a preference in stories about Catherine especially
Beta specialty: I don't really have a speciality, I do as you want me to do. You want me to check up grammer? I'll do so. Something else, I'll do it too ^^

Feel free to PM me or email me ^^
Oouga, I removed your email adress cause i think it's a personal information and if it comes into bad hands it can't be good for you...If some members want your email adress, i suggest them to PM me. This way you will be able to control that information ;)
Name: CaRWash Cutie
Pairings: I'll beta pretty much anything as long as it's not slash. I know the Miami characters best (as I write my own fanfiction about them), but I'm a huge fan of all three shows so I can totally help you out!
Specialty: Grammer, tense, flow, whatever you need help with!

Also, I've always got some ideas for fanfictions floating around in my head if someone wants to write a fanfic, but doesn't have any ideas. I don't always have time to write them myself, but I'm willing to turn the ideas over yo you!
Hey CaRWash cutie do you wanna beta my fics?? Im a new writer and all so i mainly need help with flow and i tend to make people a little ooc :/ If you can help i would really appreciate it

Heres the link to my if you want to read them
CSI: Miami writer would like a mature partner in crime to exchange beta services with. Check out my name in fanfiction to see what I've done so far. Looking for serious writer who doesn't let RL get in the way of what's important.
NAME: Kassie
PAIRINGS: I'm partial to slash, but will beta anything as long as it isn't Gil/Sara, or has very little Gil/Sara
SPECIALTY: I can do it all. I will even help with plot!

Give me a holler if you would like my help. If you want to see an example of my CSI writing, I am at What Makes the Desert Beautiful, pen name: ktattoo

EDIT: I could not find a place to request a beta, so I will do that here as well. I am in need of a beta. And not just for grammar and what-not. I am writing a AU piece that is a major crossover with all three CSI's, Criminal Minds, Numb3ers, and NCIS. So yeah, if you would like to help, just give me a pm. It is NC-17 and has both slash and het situations. I would really love the help! This is planned to be a rather long piece.
^^A beta is basically an editor in the world of fanfiction :)


NAME: Messermonroe
PAIRINGS: Danny/Lindsay
SPECIALTY: I don't mind helping with anything and everything since I write D/L fics too.

Send me a PM if anyone needs a D/L beta.