Beta Volunteers

Name:Michelle (Earns me a big "Duh" LOL!!)
Pairings:Specialites are CatNip and Sandle, but I will do any pairings.
Specialites: Grammar and story flow...

PM me if you need a beta. Also if you are interested in reading any of my stories...

I'd be interested in being a beta. Nothing between now and the end of next week, but after that I'd love to do it!

Pairings: Any, but I only watch the original so I wouldn't be able to edit Miami or NY fics for content. I also hold a special place (a BIG special place :lol:) in my heart for GSR, but I'd love to beta any kind of fic
Specialty: Grammar, spelling, and mechanics. Basically the basics! :D

Please PM me if you're interested
I'll beta! :)

Pairings: Specialty is really Flack/Stella, but I can beta any pairing.
Shows: CSI and CSI:NY. I don't watch Miami often.
Specialties: Grammar, spelling, and flow but I can help with most anything. I am a little frank though.
Experience: Absolutely none :), but I'm willing to give it the good old college try (anyone read A Separate Peace?).

If you want me to beta, just PM me and I'll give you my e-mail address or whatever.
Name: Amy/Idiosyncratic Enigma
Pairings you beta: any really
Beta specialty: Grammar, character, flow - anything you want. I'm most familiar with regular CSI, then Miami, and not NY at all. I'm pretty good at catching mistakes, even when I make them myself.
Hey all! I'm going to be needing a beta sometime in the near future and thought I'd see who'd be up to it.

It's going to be a CSI: Miami fic, more than likely E/C. I'll need someone to keep an eye on the basics (spelling, grammar, sentence sctructure, etc.) but also on the characterization since I've just recently really gotten into Miami. Oh there is one main requirement: you have to be mean. I mean really willing to tear the fic apart. If you think you'd be up to it, just give me a holler via PM.

Thanks :D!
I'll be a beta :

Name: Msgirl
Pairings: Mac/Stella mostly, DL and others im mainly csi ny as i don't watch any others
Specialties: anything you want me to. I have plenty of time. If interested PM and i'll give you my email :D
Name: Jessie

Pairings: I'll do anything, but I prefer Nick/Greg or Greg/Sara...basically anything with Greg.

Beta Specialty: GRAMMAR, flow, tense, humor, and overall it making sense.

I have a lot of time, so it would be nice to do something with it! Thanks!
I am looking for someone to beta a Grissom/Greg slash fic for me, it's rated NC-17. I am in need of a full beta, someone with experience doing slash, everything including, grammar,sentance structure, spelling, puntuation, and making sure I stay in character, as well as offering suggestions for improvement. PM me please. thank you.
Hi there, new to this site. Was wondering if there is any good beta's out there, basically my storis are adult themed. I only realy need help with spelling and grammar. I've got tons of ideas, so thats not a problem. I've also done some poetry. As soon as its all done then i will post some here.
Hi there! I'm looking for a beta to check my CSI:Miami fiction. It's an all-rounder with all the cast though it does focus on Speedle somewhat. It's an action-crime drama genre and (obviously) it's post Lost Son. I need someone who can check for plot-holes, grammar and continuity :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I would love to beta for you if you're interested. Please, let me know! And I'm almost always available.

Name: Kathy, LLK, lostladyknight (here,, everywhere).
Show: CSI "LV" as some people put it. I can't help you with CSI Miami or NY and though I'd offer to try I can honestly say I just won't pay attention.
Pairings: Character/OC YoBling (my favorite), GSR, Snickers, Sandle, SoNick, Cath/Greg, pretty much anything else. Grillows and Slash will be taken on a case by case basis.
Genre: Any, I'm not afraid of Smut or Slash though I'm not saying I'll beta all of it.
Specialties: Spelling, structure, splitting up paragraphs, continuity, and general ideas.
Contacts: AIM- chanslover1, Email- kpurvis121086(at), lostladyknight, Or just PM me here.

That all being said. I've decided to Rip one of my stories and start it over. I'm going to finish it and keep posting the last 10 or so chapters and then I'm going to remove it and rework it from the start. I would really love a beta to help me with the project, so I can turn out something truly worth my time.

I also have another project I'm working on where I have approximately 25 pages per chapter at about or greater than 10,000 words in each chapter. I'm still just starting out and my original test for the chapter didn't go as well as I wanted. I'd really like a beta to go over it with me.

AAAANNDDD.... I'd like a general beta to work with me on things I'm currently working on. I don't have a beta so everything is posted "hot off of the presses" I'd like to command a higher amount of respect from the fan fiction community and I think a beta will help me to proofread more myself and to take my time getting things up. I'm currently working on two chapter fics both of which I'd love a beta for another I'm keeping "in the closet" until it's finished and I write various one shots all the time. I am appealing to you all that I really need a beta. I feel like half the writer I could be with one.

However, I also love betaing for people so please let me know if you need my help with any projects. I do reserve the right to say “no” but right now I really don’t have too much on my plate so I’d be glad to take on almost anything.

Name: UltraViolet

Pairings: I'm not a fan of romances, so unless it's mild and central to the plot, no thanks :) I'll beta LV and Miami though I haven't watched much NY yet.

Beta speciality: Plot-holes, continuity, grammar, spelling, characterisation
Name: Allie
Pairings: I love Greg, Ryan, Hodges and most of the NY team but don't mind doing others
Speciality: Spelling, Grammar etc (note: I'm from NZ so our spelling can be different but I know most NZ/US ones)
I need a beta for a crossover femslash CSI:NY and L&O:SVU. Max R rating for a challenge. PM me!! I'll feed you cookies!