Beta Volunteers

Yeah, just updating here. Between periods of being extremely busy I have acquired new skills, mostly:
-Graphics/basic web design (though none of that fancy forum/archive code, and certainly no Java) for anybody who might need a basic site designed, regardless of ship, fandom, etcetera.
-I incidentally also have access to a great textbook on psychology.
-Explosives and forensic related knowledge, from books and sources I will not divulge. :rolleyes:
So, yes, PM if you need me. Even if you don't need my grammar-ness, I'm great for a quick consult. That will be my update. Public service announcement over. *beep*
I am still looking for a Beta. Most of my stories are CSI Vegas, and Sophia centric. They also have Teri Miller in them. I have been known to be a bit demanding; all though I don't really feel that expecting someone to do something they said they would do is demanding, just realistic. But anyway.. Most of the stuff is all dialog. I have a problem with description and emotion or conveying the moving along of the scene. If anyone can help me, please please please PM me.
Hello all. I am seeking an experienced beta who is mature in thinking and doesn't mind reading same sexed stories.

I write in Uk English and i need help with some forms of dialogue.

I tend to write character based stories as opposed to scientific ones, reason being I'm not a science nerd, but my latest work of fiction is combining science, religion and supernatural phenonema..

I also tend to write Nick and Greg stories, however I am thinking of expanding it to include general CSI stories.

So any help please PM me. Normally I just spell check them, and that picks up general spelling and grammar. Ever since I was a child I had problems with past present terms... This I am trying to change, which then helps wiht my writting and spelling. I hope that all makes perfect sence?

Thanks in advance.
Hi all,
I'm looking for a beta.

I'm in the middle of a fic and I'm looking for someone to help with basic grammar and punctuation.
Ideas are always helpful since reading your own work can become one sided. I'm always open for suggestions.
Most of my fics are CSI LV but I did attempt two CSI NY ones.

My ships are

Gris/Lady Heather

The one I'm working now is Catherine/Detective Vartann.

Please PM me if you are interested.
Hello all!

Ok, so I'm looking for someone who would be interested of correcting grammars of this story I started way time ago, mostly to decrease boredom. Then time became a major issue and the story was left hang unfinished... but anyway, the rest of the story is now just about done, and I'm hoping to find someone who could make the grammars right. They sucked when I was first writing the story and now, after not using English every day lately, well, they suck even more. So getting even the last 5 chapters right would be amazing.

The story is NC-17
Contains violence at the beginning but that's it.
The story is up at (it's so far from a good story, but I hate to left things in a half way, so decided write it to end anyway...)

If there's anyone who's interested, please let me know!

Thank you in advance.
Hey *waves*

I'm looking for a beta (finally, because I was too lazy to begin with)

I have a real problem with not being able to spot my own typo's even when I've re-read it 5 times :S. Punctuation kills me, and sometimes my characterization is a little off...anyone still interested? Heh.

I only write CSI:Miami fics, and they are generally Calleigh or Calleigh/Eric centered.

I looove ideas and suggestions and I'm open to new ideas.

Please PM me if you're interested :)

LeAnne :cool:
My schedule has slowed down considerably and will stay that way for quite a while, so I can now offer my services as a beta.

Name: Cory (Zelda)
Parings: any except slash
Shows: New York and Miami are my specialties, but I also love Vegas, too
Skills: Technical stuff (spelling--American or UK--grammar, sentence structure, etc.), and non-technical stuff too (flow, plot, characterization, etc.). Good attention to detail (which happens when you grade as many papers as I have!). I'll be as invlovled in your process as you want me to be :)
Hey, I'm attempting fanfic for the third time now, hoping to actually finish something for once. I'm looking for a beta to help me with plot flow, I get stuck easily. I'm pretty good with conventions [spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.] but can occasionally get a little comma-happy. PM me if you have any spare time.
I realize no one has posted here in quite a while, so it doesn't seem to make sense to reply to individual beta requests here. Anyways, I'm happy to beta for anyone in need of one. I generally beta Vegas stories, though I've watched a decent deal of Miami as well. My fave characters are Cath and Greg, as well as more obscure and/or less established characters (like lab rats, SuperDave, Doc Robbins, Riley, Lady Heather, Brass, etc.) I'm fine with most ships, including slash and femslash, though my fave ships are Yo!Bling and any ship involving Greggo. I can do GSR, though it's not my preference. Let me know if you want any help ;)
Hey, I am offering my services as a beta. I'll read pretty much anything, slash or non-slash, NC-17, whatever.

Except Danny/Lindsay.

I am fluent in English (being english :p), so theres no problems there.

PM me an I'll send my email, I find it's easier when people send me longer chapter to beta.

Got way too much free time on my hands so decided to offer up my services as a beta.

I mainly do NY, but occasionally Miami. Any ship - not fussed. I mainly look for the technical stuff e.g. spelling and grammar but I can look for other things such as flow, characters, plot holes etc. Anything you want really!

Hazel xx