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Name: Kasandra
Pairings/Shows you beta: Specialty in Miami and NY. I will read Vegas but can't promise anything as I haven't followed as thoroughly as I've liked.
Beta specialty: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, flow.
Ratings: Doesn't matter as I myself have written in all ratings.
Contact: PM (if you can); if not at
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Hey everyone,

I am in 'DESPERATE' need of a BETA....pleaseeeee. :eek:

CSI:MIAMI- I write Horatio/Calleigh FF :D - some NC-17. :devil:

I wrote two stories so far and sent one in to another site that told me i seriously need to get a beta! :(

So here i am....HELP! :D

Anyone want to be my beta??? :lol:


Hcrazy! :D
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Oh cool, thank you, that makes sense!
So, what if you write fanfics, but you have only just started and they really suck and you haven't actually published any on, would I still be able to have a Beta? :confused:

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Yes of course, you could send your fic to someone who will beta it for you. ;)

So...okay if I have any time I will volunteer to beta for any CaRWash (Calleigh/Ryan) fic around. :D
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Oh cool, hehe! :lol:

Im so random!!! And Im sticking up here I can read any fics if you need me to (that I have time for, so if you have a deadline, dont send it) but I dont ship (much) i can read ship fics, but not Snickers, sorry! (not my fave ship!!!) hehe, but I do love the M&M ship, so IO can beta them lol :lol:
Basically, I can Beta some that are any ship bar Snickers, if anyone wants.

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I'm always up for beta and helping anyone... Email me if you have any concerns. I have good grammar. :) If you don't believe me, go to fanfiction and read my stories. My pen name is 'all the glitters'. I mostly write Danny/Lindsay and Smacked stories. :)
Hey guys,

New to the site but already liking what I'm seeing. Was wondering if there was anyone willing to beta and go the long haul with me on a Grissom story. It is slash. I am mainly desperate to link up with someone who is an avid and focussed Grissom fan who can spot a true or false Grissom-ism. as well as all those little issues like where to you put the ' when it concerns belonging to someone and not a plural or an 'is'.

If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Reminder: Grissom focussed slash storyline

Just replying To HH...

I got your email and can't wait for the rest of the story.

You've got yourself a beta.
Name: Kate (Duh?!?)

Pairings: Any from Las Vegas. I know squat all about the characters from the others.

I don't mind slash.

Specialities: Grammar, characterisation (sp?), spelling (and I can't even spell myself....), flow.

And, yeah. That's it. I really enjoy beta-ing. SO PM /email me if you have a story.

My email:
I'm working on a multi-chapter fic which eventually will contain Nick/Sara pairing and I'm looking for a good and honest beta-reader who can help me with the grammar, flow of the story, characteristic, etc. Please send me a PM if you're interested. :)
Hiya. 8D~
I'm new to this forum, and new to the world of fanfiction, so call me a n00b...

Anyway, I'm trying out some fanfiction right now, with Greg/Sara pairing, and I'm looking for a beta, of course. :3 Just, you know, to check over my grammar and make sure that all the information I have about the characters is correct. I'm still currently in the process of writing the fic, but I've got the first chapter done already.

If anybody is interested, please PM me. 8D~ Any help is very much appreciated. x3
Hey there!!!some of you may have seen my fan fic...but I was suggested that I look for a beta reader, which I thought was a capital idea-so here I am asking :D
I'm dyslexic so as you would imagine, spelling and grammer checking are the big things always a character, plot development etc. I write Talleigh ones at the mo but may expand in future....if interested PM me. Thanks :D
I don't mind being a beta reader if anyone needs help.

Name: Georgie
Pairings: CaRWash, GSR, Grillows, Cath/Sara, M&Ms, SMacked
Beta speciality: Spelling, grammar, paragraph structure, characterisation, etc

I'm also looking for a beta, basically I just need a good prod to make sure I update, and I don't go to out of character. My story at the moment, is a CaRWash story. I hope to do other fics soon as well. If intrested, just PM me. :cool: