Beta Volunteers

Name: Megan

Pairings: Any from CSI, CSI:NY or CSI: Miami but samesex, GSR and Nick/Sofia.

Specialty: Plot consistency, grammar and spelling.
hey! im new over here, but i have a GSR story which could use some looking over. i asked my friend to do it, but she's a lamo.
lol, so if anyone wants to beta it for me, PLEASE pm me!
Beta needed!

I need a kick-me-in-ass-or-dangle-a-carrot-so-I-update kinda beta. I write slashfics and am on an earnest pursuit of finishing off my Danny/Mac fics so I can move on to Danny/Flack. I work crazy hours and I am a horrible procrastinator. If you would like to read some of my work before volunteering, you can do so at You can also go to my LJ at Sense of humor is a plus :D Please don't be scared. I don't bite, unless you want me to ;) :lol:
WANTED: CSI:Miami Beta readers for more mature fanfic writers. Seeking betas for punctuation, syntax, and more importantly, plot discrepancies and characterization. Would like betas who can respond in reasonable time frame, and are not afraid to weild a red pen like a sword. We are older, and can take constructive critiquing. If interested, contact or
Ciao, everyone! I'll gladly beta.

NAME: Lexi
SHOWS: Vegas or NY (I'll attempt Miami, but I don't watch it on a regular basis so I can't promise anything profound.)
PAIRINGS: Any, || or // ... Doesn't matter.

PM me with your story, or drop me an e-mail at I'm looking forward to reading your stuff!
hi id like to beta peoples fics

Name - Nicole
Pairings - anything from LV, haven't watched enough of the others.
Specialities - punctuation, grammer, plot flow - anything really.

Just PM me if you need to.
Hi everyone,

I'm not able to PM anyone yet...

I'm right in the middle of writing a CSI:LV Cath/Sara fic. Though I already have one beta reader (mainly checking phrases and grammar), I'd like to have one more (greedy much :D). Considering my German(ic) background, my writing tends to be a bit "chiselled" - that's why I'd really like to "hire" a native speaker who looks through my fic - giving me hints how to smooth it out... :)
I already have 5 chapters (2-4 pp each) and will probably write 6-10 more. I'm not that fast (too much work on the side), so no pressure for a future beta as well! But it would be nice to have someone who sticks with me and my fic over a longer period.. thank you.
When interested write to: elite_closeyoureyes at
name: devoted99
pairings I beta: Sandle, SoNic, YoBling, Grillows,
Beta speciality: Grammar, spelling, tense
Hey everyone... I'm pretty new here, but I'm more than willing to beta the following:

Name: Tan
Pairing: GSR, Mac/Lindsay, Horatio/Calleigh... but really anything but slash.
Specialty: Grammar, tense and spelling

I love any and all fanfic, so just PM me and we'll go from there!

Tan :cool:
Beta Needed Re: Beta Volunteers

Hi, I am just starting to write in some fiction challanges and I am in need a beta.

I have not really written anything for public viewing in a few years and I would like to get into writing more, and if possible I would like to find a beta that is willing to continue to beta my writings.

I am going to be writing for 2 fandoms for the most part that I will need a beta for. CSI - Greg Sanders/Gil Grissom pairing and also Criminal Minds Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan pairing.

If you are interested please email me at

Thank you in advance.
Re: Beta Needed Re: Beta Volunteers

Here at Talk, a "beta" is somebody that reads over a fanfiction before the author publishes it to make sure it has good grammar, the characters' attitudes aren't too out of whack, and the plot makes sense. Some betas do more than that, but that's the general idea.
The word "beta" comes from the Greek letter. The first letter in the Greek alphabet (alpha+beta=alphabet, incidentally) is "alpha." That's the "original" copy of the work. "Beta" is the second letter in the Greek alphabet, so that comes next.
The same general lingo is used in game testing.
Please, don't ask how I know that.

P.S. I actually do beta, mostly for Vegas. And I know forensics stuff. And explosives. Some of you know this. <cough> Anyway.
Re: Beta Needed Re: Beta Volunteers

I'm looking for a beta who has some time on their hands. It's mostly for a Sara/Calleigh fic I'm co-writing with someone and maybe later on for some other fics I'm personally working on. We need a native speaker to check the story's flow, punctuation etc. Please PM me or leave a message at my LJ