Beta Volunteers

hey, i beta. my favorite pairing's grissom/heather, but i'll beta damn near anything.
Name: Hank
Pairings: Nick/Sara, Horatio/Calleigh, Nick/Jesse Menkin
Specialty: Flow, plot consistency, CROSSOVERS.
I would like to Beta anyone that needs my help.

Name: Melissa
Pairings: Pretty much anything, but I prefer Greg/Sara, Catherine/Warrick, Danny/Aiden, Mac/Stella, Calliegh/Ryan
Specialty: Grammer, flow dialogue
Hey there!! I love to beta so here are my details/prefs...

Name: Jess
Show: Just CSI. Don't really know the others in enough detail.
Pairings: Pretty much anything involving Sara, but I am most into sara/gil, sara/greg, sara/nick, sara/hodges (oh please!!) and sara/cath.
Genre: Comedy or angst/drama
Specialities: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, splitting up paragraphs, continuity, and general ideas sounding board.

I'm currently betaing Blast From the Past by Foxy Nighthawk on so you can check that out. My name over there is Jessica Summers, so send me a message through that.
I'm willing to beta for people =)

Name: binglexjells (whoa, obvious?)
Pairings you beta: Everything I 'ship... and some I don't! (Mac/Stella, Danny/everyone except Mac or Stella, Horatio/Calleigh, Speed/Calleigh, Gil/Sara, Sara/Greg, Nick/Greg, Catherine/Warrick...)
Beta specialty: My grammar is bad... but if it sounds wrong I can probably make it sound right. That is if you catch me on a day where I make sense. Uh, I can do characterisation for the most part, and spelling (if you want British English, that is), and tense and flow etc.

=) Just... yell, hah. Uh, I don't know how this board works re: sending messages but I think email would probably be easiest and that's in my profile (Dizzy-Dreamer)
hehe... i'll beta ^^

Name: Elanor

Show: Sorry, I only watch LV :D

Pairings: I am a multishipper so the pairings don't matter. However, I do specialize in lab techs.

Beta Specialty: I am called the "grammar Nazi" for a reason. :lol: Although I haven't posted any fan fictions on this board, I do have a lot of experience. However, my spelling ability only pertains to American English. I can point out characterization, character development, plot inconsistencies, and all that good stuff. If you want perfection, you can PM me. I also work fast. :D
dude, I'd love to beta!

Name: Nadine
Pairings you beta: Any
Beta specialty: grammar, flow, sentence structure

It would really be awesome if I could do this for somebody. I also right fanfiction myself, so I would love to beta for somebody.

beta means to edit a fan fic story so u check for things like grammer, spelling, flow, and other things along the same lines
oh thanks, and thanks for not laughing at me lol :lol:

As a drama student im good at analyzing characters and there behaviour and keeping the characters true
so if anyone needs help with LV characters PM and ill try
Thanking you
(Im not to good at NY or Miami characters)
I like to beta too!

My friends all complain, because I beta their fan-fics and check their coursework too and find so many mistakes but when they beta my work they can't find any! I'll beta anything at all and can check for grammar and British spelling, as well as general flow and structure.

My email is in my profile.
Hey y'all, I'm looking for a beta. The stories I need beta'd are Gil/Lady H, and I pretty much just need grammar help and keeping the characters true to who they are. My email is in my profile and I'd appreciate any help at all. :)