Anna/Lindsay #2- Montana Girl in the Big City

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As much of a Lindsay fan as I am, I'd have to agree; she probably sucks at lying. But at the same time she'd be lying to a complete stranger who doesn't know her or her personality, so (I think) it would be kind of easy to lie to a person she doesn't know. But still, I'd guess the only way to know is to see it on screen.
Guys and girls..

The highest grade is Grade 1- both Mac and Stella are grade 1 detectives.

Grade 3 is the lowest. I think I remember Mac saying that Danny was now in the running for the promotion, then he got removed.
I think it was becaues he didn't listen to Mac when he was told not to give a statement and he did it anyway and could have cost him his job, freedom, etc. Mac was really pissed at him. He was having problems following orders over a course of a few episodes and then in the finale he asked Mac if they were good and Mac only said we'll see.

Grade 1 or 3 whatever :confused:..It's confusing because on Miami 3 is highest and 1 is lowest. I just forget that NY is the opposite. :rolleyes: Also they call them grades and Miami calls them levels. So, please forgive me. ;) did we get so off topic??
Faylinn said:
Now, as for Lindsay being a horrible liar, I think so--she strikes me as someone who's very honest and straightforward, who wouldn't see a good reason to lie. That would make for an interesting story. Remember that episode in S1 when Aiden lied to that guy with the pizza place about how the kid died so that he'd admit to the murder? I can see a similar situation coming up and Mac telling her to remember that rule, and then she tries to lie to the person and isn't convincing. (Then she'd go back and find the evidence to put them away anyway. ;))

That would be an interesting scenario. Maybe they didn't have quite enough evidence, and Mac wants her to go ahead and interrogate the person since they know it's him (possibly argument here), and lie about something they have. I could see her arguing with Mac over it. It's just kind of nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks it. (This is something where I'm probably not similar to Lindsay- I hate to count the number of times I got out of trouble by lying when I was a teen- although, sometimes I don't think I should of been in trouble anyway (ie getting a 90 on a test)

Back off topic: I thought Danny was put on the promotion grid because of the diner case, not got the promotion then. Then after the fiasco, Mac took him off- probably more over the defiance, and leadup of doubt and defiance than the shooting.
I could see Lindsay being a bad liar, but I wouldn't necessarily put that as a negative thing...
Better to be a bad liar than a good one I guess. A good one could fool anybody anytime. Lindsay doesn't seem like the type that would be comfortable with that.
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Yeah, I too, can see Lindsay as a bad liar. But I don't know if that would be a bad thing. It would just depend on the situation I think.

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Lindsay just seems to genuine to be a good liar...which could also make her a really good liar if she could portray that genuine-ness while lying...hmmm... She might be able to lie convincingly to someone who doesn't know her, but I couldn't see her managing to (or wanting to) lie to someone she really knows convincingly.
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Lindsay does seem like a genuinely sweet girl but if it pertained to her work, I wonder if she could pull it off and lie? I have a hard time lying but it is a little easier if you know you have to and if you don't know the person. Besides, have you ever seen a suspect that didn't continue to lie until they had to tell the truth?
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