Anna/Lindsay #2- Montana Girl in the Big City

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he he... we're so crazy in here... and I love it!!! ::dances around:: I brought a jukebox and some CD's anyone feel like dancing with me?? ::blasts music::

Yeah Anna/Lindsay is that cute girl next door, which I think is why shes liked - for other reasons to I'm sure, but she seems like she has an amazing personality and shes very pretty. I wish there was more about her over the internet or something.
Yeah, I was bored yesterday and was trying to find picsof her and the newest I found were ones from like 03. grrrr.

::cranks up music::
1 weeeeek... 1 weeeeek... 1 weeeeeek... fo excited jumping for joy! yay! yay! yay!

And glad you like the Avvie Spader... I LURVE it too! :lol:
Tha only pics i can find are the screencaps.
I love the jacket, to bad she only wore it in that scene.


She's so pretty :D
awwww, she is so pretty, I loved that outfit. Simple but cute. Makes me want to go shopping after class today - maybe I will.. I think American Eagle has similar jackets like that. :)


I love her hair in this pic. And her jacket, I want it!


this shirt is super cute.. :)
Winter' s coming up, so im going to be in need of a jacket, but im not going shoping till sunday so don't take all the jackets CSINYRULZ :lol:
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