Anna/Lindsay #2- Montana Girl in the Big City

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She worked a case with just Flack, making it essentially a solo case for her (because Flack's not a CSI, not because he doesn't work).
I think it would be interesting to see Lindsay handle a case alone. She wouldn't have anyone there to joke around with, so I think her case would be boom-boom-done. Like that. Not that she's distracted when she's has a partner, it would just be different. I think she would seem (to a suspect) kind of easy to take advantage of because she's so tiny and she is a girl after all (not that girls are easier to take advantage of but, you know). Then, wham. They'd get kicked in the ass cause she's just cool like that. She'd have to be mucho tough (tougher than she is already) by herself. That's just IMO though.

oh and here's a topic for thought: Do you think the majority of NY fans like Anna/Lindsay? Or do you think more of the NY fans would like to see her gone?

Me personally-- Well, duh. I love her, she's my favorite character. k.thanks... :D
I was actually wondering that myself the other say when I saw a picture of her arm in a long-sleeved shirt that was rolled up a bit. Because it seems she's always wearing long-sleeves... :lol:
Well, she did get there in the fall, so it would make sense to wear longer sleeves....not that it made any difference to Stella...
But seriously, most of the season they were wearing jackets, so it doesn't seem out of place for her to be wearing longer sleeves. I'd have to go back and look at caps to see if she wore any short sleeves, but even in the finale she had a jacket.

I wonder if/how her style will change in the upcoming season. She's been living in NY long enough to have changed her style a bit to fit the city more.
That's true, and at the beginning of the season we'll see her in the summer summer. Like when it actually get;s hot there. Hopefully she doesn't have a realy bad farmers tan.. ha ha j/k :D
^I went and checked-in the first couple of eps she had on 3/4 legnth sleeves, and then she's been in long sleeves or a jacket.

It did make sense that most of the time she would have been in long sleeves, but by the last 4, I would have expected her to be in at least shorter, if not short sleeves.
Looks like Stella is the only one allowed to show of her "assets". Honestly, as hot as it gets there in the summer, you would find me in the same shirts as Stella, as little as possible.
Lindsay got to show some of her assets off in "Risk"- the formal dress was pretty low cut.

The black one in Stealing Home is fairly low cut as well. So is the one from City of The Dolls/Necrophilia Americana (I think it's the same shirt)

No offense meant to Anna, but I think one of the reasons they may not be showing the girls as much, is that Anna's are not nearly as big as Melina's. I think you can see in the cap from risk that hers are fairly small.
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