Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

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Aww, those are so cute, snagged them all, thanks Fay! *Hugs* I especially love the one where you can see his tummy, the way he is standing is so cute, and the one of him and Eddie, and the one of him throwing the ball, so cute. :D Thanks again Fay!! :D
luv the picz...
He so cute..
And its sweet to see that they are frinds outside the show too.
i think thats a good thing. makes the cemestry on set even better :)
Aww thats a cute pic Lorelai, I'm so jealous, that you got to meet him, :lol: I'd love to meet him, he seems like such a sweetie. :D Thanks for sharing it with us. :D

Not that lucky. I live on the wrong continent ( Europe ). Just found that on that girl's LJ. She met him at one of the Supernatural conventions.
Hello, I found some pics of AJ at the Roma Fiction Fest, cute pics of AJ, Eddie and Carmine pics can be found here. Enjoy.
OMG LOL! :lol:

Click (He mentions us.)

Where did the phrase 'bumfluff' come from, anyway? :p
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WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! :D :D :D AJ, YOU RUUUUUUUUUUULE! Thanks for the nod to CSI Files! It is very much appreciated, He-of-the-Magnificent-Beard. :D

Yeah, where did 'bumfluff' come from?! :guffaw: Was it mentioned in the first thread?
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