Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

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Wow, we have officially made more than 1000 posts about our favorite lab rat. Here is the second thread dedicated to Adam Ross, aka AJ Buckley. (The first thread can be found here.)

Adam first appeared on CSI:NY in the season two episode 'Bad Beat', and since then he's worked his way into the hearts of the fans--and really, how could you not love him? ;)

This picture was posted in the very first post of the first thread, and it remains one of my favorite Adam pictures. :p


What would the team do without him? :lol:

To start things out, how about a little poll? (And if you choose the last answer, I have to wonder why you're reading the thread in the first place. :p)
Aww, yay (finally) for the second Adam/AJ thread! He deserves it. :D

I used to like Adam, and now I love him. You're right Fay, how can anyone not love this guy? He's adorable, adorkable, so cute, so geeky and such a great addition to the show. He made the step up to regular character status with ease, and makes every lab scene extra special. Long live Adam Ross, he has the x-factor! :D
I'm the same. I voted for the second one. He's always been fun in his own adorkable way, but he really grew on me as time went on. This is definitely a case of AJ taking the character and running with it--and it worked. :p

I'd love to see more of Adam on the show, but even with a minute or two, it feels like he's added something to the episode. When he's not there, the show is missing something for me.
You know I've always loved Adam, he reminds me of someone I know. He's such a character, and a lovable one at that :p He has great chemistry with everyone and anything he touches and he makes me happy :D. I should post here more often seeing as I didn't in the last thread.

Oh, and AJ's Canadian, so BONUS!!! (It's always exciting to see more of us on American television AND be successful at it):lol:
Oh, yayyyy for the 2º thread !!! :D

I'm also with the "I've always liked him but now I love him", he add something great to the show, as Sid, and now that he has more screen time is absolutely awesome.

Btw, if someone is a reader of "Alternative Press", he's in this month one.

A cool pic of AJ:
wow!! I've just arrived from my Christmas vacation and when I thougt I've already got all my presents, I found the new AJ's thread! Cool!! I love the tittle chosen for it, btv.

And as some of you have already pointed out, I'm more like the second option of the poll, too.

Oh! Almot forget it! Nice picture the one from above, Hormiga ;)



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I know that it's not because of me (I don't post that much) that we have a second thread for AJ now - but a big "yeeeahh" for the second one. He really deserves it.

I also go with the "I used to like him, but now I love him." He is just great. I really enjoy the scenes with him. Adam is a lovable, dorkable character. And AJ plays him so great.
Hey guys! I happen to love AP Magazine so I got the January issue. I got all excited when I saw AJ in it. :lol: In case you haven't see it. I scanned it for you guys. :) You can see it here.
Great new thread- Adam is the XFactor :D

Aaah so that's where that nice picture of Adam came from, thanks for the links guys :)
i always liked adam. :) i think he's a good fit to the group....i also like how he always has extra info about certain in the suicide girl ep, how he knew that the intials stood for, coz he dated one...or with the role playing ep, gives you a peek on what he does outside of work..makes him more real..
Thanks for the link PerfectAnomaly and thanks for scanning the article sandersidle. That's nice of you. I will have to read both articles later, but I sure will see what he has to say.
Ooh, thanks for the scan, sandersidle. I'm not at all surprised that he mentioned Ray LaMontagne. The song from his site gets stuck in my head periodically. :lol:

That's an interesting interview, PerfectAnomaly, thanks for sharing. I'll have to watch for part two. :D

AJ said:
It was a five year contract I signed and at the moment I’m not in every episode produced, so I’m at that ‘guest star’ level. It’s a guaranteed 13 episodes, then the following year it’s 16 shows and so on. That kind of credit status doesn’t worry me at all, but it’s just nice to be able to flesh Adam out a little more.
So basically, he's only guaranteed to be in 13 episodes this season (if there were 24 episodes, of course, which I doubt)--he's been in, what, 8 out of 11 so far? That's more than half, but anyway...we'll see.

I still want to see him in the opening credits. ;)

My two favorite quotes from the interview:

"You should see me when I’ve had a few pints of beer… I’m like a drunk leprechaun." *snorfle*

"I'm literally happier than a pig in shit." (That's the kind of thing my mother would say. :p)

I didn't realize AJ was part Canuck, but I learned as much when I came across ET Canada last night featuring a little spotlight & interview on him and some of his up coming work.

The interview was mostly touching on his role in NY, and a flick he's done in '07 called The Box which I'm kind of interested to see. From what I saw he does a pretty good job of playing a rather shady and intense character. Sooooooo very much the antithesis of a character like friendly, unassuming Adam.

</ random>
I love him, but not quite as much as Fay. That should have totally been a choice in the poll! :lol: :D

Wow, AJ is all over the place! Both of those interviews are cool. It's nice to have his exact status on the show explained. These contracts sure are exact!

And I think it's hilarious and cute that Carmine hangs out with AJ and his parents when they're in town. :lol: I picture the Buckleys taking AJ and Carmine out for ice cream. Or, well, if they're Irish, Guiness I guess. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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