Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

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Yaaay!! Pics, thanks so much for these, they are cute!! :D Who does Adam call an SOB? I can't wait to see this ep. :D Is Adam in 'Taxi'?
No, Adam's not in any of the cabbie killer episodes (17, 19 or 20).

Adam calls the gunman an SOB. It made me happy. :p

(How would you classify that brown shirt? It's bugging me now, not knowing what to call that pattern. It's not important, it's just nagging me. :p It's not a check, really, and it's not really a plaid...could someone clarify for me, please? :))
Aww that sucks, I was hoping that he would be, cause at the end of the last ep, Mac said get everyone (he called all of their names including Adam's) down here. So i was hoping that he'd be in the ep... Anyhoo...

I'm not exactly sure how I'd describe the shirt, probably just a 'checked shirt'... :lol:
Top41 told me about an interview with AJ in the April edition of TV Zone magazine and I thought I'd see if any of y'all happen to have it. It's #227 (official site here).

• Actor AJ Buckley reveals how he’s made the shift from guest star to regular member of the New York team… and gained a girlfriend in the process!​
Sounds good to me (that he's a regular), it's always great to have the prospect of more Adam on the show. Sounds like season 5, is going to be a good one, thanks for the info Fay. *Hugs*
It's about bloody time they made him Reg.
He's awsome!

And LOL at that vid, the whole silly dance thing is the way
I like the fact that he talks a lot, i see a lot of AJ. In Adam...the whole Hyper thing...he has that.
Well, technically he's a regular, but he won't be in the credits next season (unless they changed something without me knowing about it). He's under contract but not for every single episode. It's a pity really, but there you go. I love him either way. ;)

According to the spoilers, Adam's name is mentioned in episodes 5.01, 5.02 and 5.03. He's not mentioned in 5.04, but the first three episodes sounds good to me. :D In season 4, he was in the premiere and then disappeared for two episodes. I was a very sad bunny. ;)

Keep in mind, of course, that him being listed in the spoilers is no indication that he's actually going to be in the episodes themselves. You never know what'll happen. :)
No posts for several days? I'm shocked! :eek:


AJ was submitted for Emmy consideration in the Supporting Actor category for his role in "Down the Rabbit Hole". Yay for AJ!
Congrats to AJ, I really hope he makes it to nominations, but even to be submitted is great!! :D Hehe, this has made me day. :D
Aww thats a cute pic Lorelai, I'm so jealous, that you got to meet him, :lol: I'd love to meet him, he seems like such a sweetie. :D Thanks for sharing it with us. :D
Picspam! (click the thumbnails for full-sized pictures)

First, two I randomly found on Google (they may or may not be new to you):

Then I went over to his website, which has changed since I last visited, and snagged these:

I'm pretty sure these are old, but I don't think I have them, so I snagged them anyway:

I also grabbed these two scans from the news section:

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