A NY Smex Story: Loosing Faith on Love

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  1. MacsGirlMel

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    Hmmm interesting....At least unlike the other fic the kids aren't students yet...
  2. MacsLovlyAngl

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    When Mac got back home Stella, was just dishing out supper.

    "Hey hun"! "How was your day"?

    "Not good love", looks like we have a new Serial Killer".

    "You're not serious are you"?

    "I'm afraid so love", this one seems to prey on male teens". "Needless to say, he cuts their organs off".

    "Oh lord"! Getting up, Stella gave Mac a much needed embrace.

    "I'm sorry you had such a bad day, I wish I could make it better for you".

    "You already have love, just by allowing me to share this with you".

    "Well on a happier note I made your favorite for supper, Mushroom Steak, baby potaoes and fresh veggies".

    "Thanks sweetheart", Mac kissed his pretty wife as he helped her set the table.

    After Dinner and dishes were done, Mac and Stella bathed the twins and put them to bed.

    "What do you think Mac", movie tonight"?

    "Sure love"! "which one"?

    "You pick tonight Mac", It's your turn".

    "Okay, how about " Mr.Jolly, does Stella"!

    "Oh no Mac, not tonight". "Mac, do as your told, get that look out of your eye".

    "I think it's Payback Mr.Jolly style".

    Stella made a run for it and got as far as the bottom stairs beofre Mac grabbed her and picked her up over his shoulder, carrying her upstairs.

    Going into their closet, he grabbed out the silk ties and tied her to the bed as he headed out of the room, he said "Night Stella".

    "Mac"! "Get back here, right now Taylor", Mac"!!!!!!!.

    Mac left her screaming as he headed downstairs whistling.

    "Now that's what I call Payback Taylor Time".
  3. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Jan 30, 2007
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    Mac waited about 15 minutes until the screaming stopped, then he walked back up to give her what she needed, Mr.Jolly. Problem was, she was gone, somehow she had untied herself from the bed.

    "God damn woman, must be Houdini for Christ sake", said Mac to himself.

    "Stella, where are you sweetheart"? "Oh Stella".

    "No matter how hard Mac looked he couldn't find her.

    "Come on Stella", where are you"?

    Just then Mac recieved a call on his cell.

    "Taylor"! said Mac.

    *heavy breathing*, Come, *panting*, and, *panting*, get,*panting*, me*** panting**

    "Is that you my little Vixen"? "Don't make Mr.Jolly hunt you down again". "Come on". "Listen Stella, he can smell your scent, he's pointing me to your direction, "Oh! Stella"!!!

    "Auh!!!, Mac,*sigh*, I'm so, so, so,so, *panting,sigh** hot, Mmm!!, oh if you only knew what Smexed things I was doing to myself".

    Mac was going insane, his need was becoming unbareable, he could tell his wife was all smexed up and he couldn't find her.

    "Oh!! , listen Mac, you hear the jade bells , *sigh*, panting**, if you only knew where they are", *pant,pant, ahh!!.

    Mac tried to follow his wife's voice, but she was hiding to well.

    "Come on Stella, I'm gonna burst, where the hell are you"?

    "Isn't payback great, Mac, *sigh*, pant***.

    Poor Stella, had herself all smexed up she moaned and that's when he heard her.

    "I hear you, I'm coming Stella".

    Pulling off his hanes, Mac opened the downstairs closet door and found Stella, about 2 smexes ahead of him.

    "Found you, you little naughty Vixon".

    As Mac pulled her up she smexed again.

    "Just can't wait, can you love, such a smexy girl", as he carried back upstairs.
  4. MacsGirlMel

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    ROFL...He is so darn funny in these stories. And you're so naughty :devil:
  5. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Jan 30, 2007
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    In the morning after a night of playing, Mac was readyto face another day of hell.

    "Hey sweetheart, how's daddy's Mackenzie Bug this morning"?

    As Mac took her over to the change table, he noticed she had a really bad rash on her little body.

    "Stella"? "Come here love, for a minute please".

    "What is it Mac"?

    "I think Mackenzie has contacted something", she's got a bad rash on her body".

    "Oh my"! "She may be allergic to the new baby bath soap I bought". "I'll call the doctor and see what he say's".

    "Hurry Stella, we can't leave her like this".

    "Relax Mac, she's fine, it's just a rash". "Why don't you undress her, and put her in one of cooler outfits, that will help with irritaion".

    When Stella left to call the doctor, he checked Michael, but found nothing wrong with him.

    "Good"! said Mac to himself, that means Stella is most likely right".

    "Okay Mac, he said to give her some childrens Benadryl it will help with the itching".

    "That's it, there is nothing more we can do"?

    "No Mac, we can bath her in oatmeal too, he said that will help also".

    "Good"! "I'll run the water".

    Poor Mac"! Stella said to herself, "Will he ever relax", *giggling*

    Once Mac had Mackenzie all bathed, he took her downstairs with Michael for breakfast.

    (knock, knock")

    "Good morning Mac", said Lindsay, "Is Stella ready to go"?

    "Go where"? asked Mac.

    "Shopping of course". "She's helping me pick out some cool maternity clothes".

    "Great"! There goes our credit card again". "Hey Shop-a-holic, your spending buddy is here".

    "Quiet Taylor, or you'll get smexed again".

    "Right now, love, come on"!! "Mr.Jolly is always ready".

    "Who's Mr.Jolly"? asked Lindsay as Stella came out of the kitchen.

    "Oh"!!! "That's Mac's new nick name", said Stella. *giggling*

    "Ready to shop, Lindsay"?

    "Sure , let's go". Lindsay knew she missed something, but she let it drop.
  6. MacsGirlMel

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    ROFL!!! They're both funny.
  7. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Jan 30, 2007
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    Once the girls had left Danny showed up.

    "Hey Mac, are they gone"?

    "Yeah"! they left about 20 minutes ago".

    "Did you check for camera's"?

    "Relax Danny, Stella and I had a long talk last night". "She won't be doing anymore video's for a while".

    "Good to know". "Hey little Michael", how are you"?

    Michael gurggled out a sound "ah" and then a louder, longer one, "aaaaaaaahhh!!!

    "Really"! said Danny, that's quite a story Michael".

    Michael let out a deep gurggle laugh, that had Mac grinning like a Chester Cat.

    "You do know he's telling you you're silly right"? said Mac.

    Danny gave Mac a look that said .... "Huh"! "I don't get it"?

    "Never mind Danny, what did you want this early"?

    "Nothin, just got bored, so I thought I'd bother you for a while".

    "Not enough crime to keep you busy"? said Mac.

    Just at that moment Flack called.

    "Mac"!, we need you and Danny down at the pier, there's been another male student murdered, same MO".

    "We'll be right there". "Come on Danny, we need to get the twins ready, they'll have to go with us to the crime scene".

    Once they got to the crime scene, Mac had Danny put on a carry pouch and put Michael in it.

    "What the hell is this Mac"?

    "It holds the baby, now just put it on"?

    "Christ"! "I look like a commercial for Dads-R-Us".

    After Mac had his on they headed over to Flack.

    "Awww1!! look, isn't that cute, CSI BabyBoom", laughed Flack.

    "One more word Flack and you'll be seeing the ground", said Danny.

    "Okay guys enough". "Flack, where is Hawkes"?

    "I'm not sure, I paged him".

    Looking at the DB Mac could tell that the organ was missing again.

    "What the hell is this guy doing with them"? "Collecting them"?

    "Christ Mac, that's just rude", cover him up Flack".

    At that moment Hawkes arrived.

    "Christ Hawkes it's about time", said Flack.

    "Sorry, I was busy with another body over at the dump". "Awwe!! BabyBoom CSI's".

    "Same MO, asked Mac.

    "No"! "Natural causes".

    "Did anyone happen to find his organ"? asked Hawkes.

    "No, this Serial seems to take his trophy with him", said Mac.

    "Okay guy's let's get him back to Sid and see if he can find any trace".

    Once they had the crime scene cleaned up, Mac and Danny headed back to the lab with the twins in tow.
  8. MacsGirlMel

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    Awww....that's a visual I'd love to see of Mac :D
  9. MacsLovlyAngl

    MacsLovlyAngl Head of the Graveyard Shift

    Jan 30, 2007
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    Back at NYPD, everyone went gaga, over the twins.

    "Oh!! Look at the little Angels", said Sid. "Wow, they've grown so fast Mac". "They must be a handful"?

    "You got that right Sid", said Mac.

    "Danny fatherhood suits you", said Sid.

    "Yeah"! So I've been told".

    "Have you found any trace on the body"?

    "Nothing yet Mac, though I'll say this much, I wish I had such percission with cutting". "Your Serial has very sturdy hands".

    "Great, now if I could just figure what he's doing with the lower organ I'd be fine".

    "You'll get there Mac, you always do", said Sid.

    "I know, but it's so damn frusterating". "I'll see you later Sid".

    After they had finished at NYPD, the guy's headed home to Mac's.

    "Think the girls will be home yet"? asked Danny.

    "Only one way to find out", and thats to get there and see".

    When they pulled up into the driveway, the girls were waiting for them.

    "Aww!! look at Daddy one and Daddy two", said Stella. "Did my little BabyBoom CSI's have fun today with Daddy"? said Stella.

    "Funny Stella", I can honestly say, I know how you women feel, carrying a child inside for nine months".

    "Come on Mac, give me the twins, I'm sure they need changing, and there is lunch for you and Danny on the table".

    "Thanks love", said Mac.

    "You're welcome". "Come on Linds, let's get the twins changed".


    The killer was putting the prizes from the victims in glass jars.

    "Not a bad start Marybell", she said to herself.

    "Guys are such dirty bastards and they all deserve to loose their organ if they abuse it, by taking a woman with severe force". "I promised you Karen, I'd avenge your death, when I'm done, there will be no Alpha-Beta guy's left".

    "Marybell, I'm home"! , yelled her mom.

    "Oh shit"! "Hide them jars, right now", said Marybell to herself.

    "I'm coming mom"!!!!! as she ran upstairs before her mom became suspicious.

    After Danny and Lindsay left, Mac and Stella, actually did sit down to a movie.

    "Are you comfortable love"? asked Mac as he held Stella's head in his lap.

    "Yes"! "thanks for asking". said Stella as Mac was toying with her hair.

    Mac couldn't help becoming excited everytime he got near his wife. He thought to himself.....
    "Control yourself Taylor", just behave". Problem was Mr. Jolly didn't want to behave.

    "Mac, stop poking my head please, it's annoying".

    "It's not me love", it's Mr. Jolly, he said laughing.

    "My God Mac, you are bloody Horndog". 'Can we not have night without smex involved".

    "I'm sorry love, I know you're right, but I can't control, Mr.Jolly".

    "Here then, I'll sit up, that might help". "Now Mr.Jolly has no one exciting him".

    "Stella!!!!!!! Come back love, my leg is cold".

    "I bet, forget it Taylor, I'm not making him hot again". As Stella sat at the opposite side of the sofa.

    Mac took his hand and caressed it up Stella's leg, as she giggled and squirmed.

    "Stop, you horndog", Mac come on, this isn't "FAIR"!!!! screamed Stella as he grabbed her thighs. Pulling her towards him, he laid his face between her legs.

    "Wow"! said Mac, what have we here"? "I smell the nectar of the Gods". "Stella, could you be in heat again".

    "Mac, stop that, Stella said between deep breaths.

    Taking his mouth he pressed it against her thighs of her jeans and gentely bit down.

    *hiss*sigh* "Mac", please, Oh God, stoooooppp!!!!!!.

    Stella $%^% without warning in her pants as she looked at Mac in his eyes and said.......


    That was all needed to here as he ripped off her pants and got down to the buisness of teaching his wife "No", meant yes.

    A long time later, Mac turned off what was left of the movie and carried his wife up too bed.

  10. MacsGirlMel

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    LOL he is sooo darn naughty

    The part with the killer is interesting and a bit creepy.

    More soon!
  11. MacsLovlyAngl

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    This is my only post today.


    The Alpha-Beta's were in an uproar, they had lost to of their best brothers.

    "What the hell is happening around here"? asked one of the brothers.

    "I haven't a clue, but if we lose one more, we can kiss the Semi-Finals good-bye".

    "What have the police said"? "They must know something"?

    "They have no clues yet, I talked to some detective guy who said they are doing their best to find the killer".

    "To hell with that, we are going to take shifts in two's". Each brother will take turns staying awake". "Also, If you need to go out somewhere, take one of the other brothers with you".

    "What if we want to be alone with our dates"?

    "That's fine, you have someone with you, Look, all I'm saying, is we need to be careful, until they find out who is trying to kill us".

    "Okay, then Mike and I will take the first shift".

    "Perfect, and two hours later , someone will relieve you's".

    After everything was in place, the rest of the brothers went to bed.


    Mac got another call at 4am from Flack.

    "It's happened again Mac". "This time over at the Alpha-Beta House".

    "Okay, I'll be right there Flack".

    "Sweetheart"! "I have to go love, I'll see you when I get home". "I love you".

    "I love you too Mac, stay safe".

    "Alway's love, give kisses to the twins for me". "Bye".

    Once Mac arrived at the Alpha's, he found a bunch of jocks screaming and yelling.

    "CLEAR THE CRIME SCENE PLEASE"!! yelled Mac. "We need this area secure, please move away". "Officer, get the guys away from here".

    "Right away Sir"! "Everybody move back immediately".

    "Oh Christ, not again, cover him up please", said Mac. "Flack any luck finding the missing organ"?

    "None Mac". "This case is really freaking us out", said Flack.

    "Hmm!! I'm begining to think we may be dealing with a female suspect", said Mac.

    "What"? "You're kidding right"? asked Flack.

    "I'm afraid not, think about it, what is the only thing the Serial takes"? "We are dealing with a female medical student".

    "Yeah"!! But why is she doing it"?

    "My guess would be, one of these Alpha's did something to her, and this is payback".

    "Come on Mac, this brutal and goes beyond revenge".

    "Not really", "Go back to the station and have Danny check into any criminal activity that's been happing here, or strange occurrances".

    "You got it Mac, I'll call you", said Flack.
  12. MacsGirlMel

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    I hope they find her soon. And that you post more soon hehe
  13. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Once Flack got back to the station he informed Danny to have a look at the happenings over at the University.

    "Danny"! called Flack, "Mac wants you to go over the happening........

    "I know Flack", "He called me to let you know, you forgot your report book, he's say's he'll bring it with him".

    "Oh shit"! "I thought my pocket felt light". "I'll see ya Danny".

    Danny went to the University and talked to the Dean about speaking with Campus Security. The Dean informed Danny that he needed to go too the Green Building, down the stairs and into the lower level, first door on the right.

    (knock, knock)

    "Yeah"!! come in", called someone from behind the door.

    "I'm Det.Messer from the NYPD Crime Lab, I need to ask you some questions". "Could you tell me if there has been any complaints made over the last 3 months from female students"?

    "Where should I start", said the guard. "You see that pile on the table over there"?

    "Yeah"! "Why"?

    "Those are all complaints that range from theft, to date rape, disturbing the peace, and even one suspicious disappearance".

    "What do you mean, disappearence"?

    "20 year old female student, went missing about a month ago from our Campus".

    "Wasn't it reported, or didn't someone notice"?

    "Yeah actually....... Marybell Sweed, made a complaint that her sister was being harrassed by the Alpha-Beta's a few months back, she wanted me to check it out, when I got there everything was quiet". "I went back and told Miss.Sweed, she became angry, and stormed out". "Come to think of it, I haven't seen her around lately".

    "Could I have the report please"?

    "Sure here"! "Just make sure I get a copy of it".

    "Don't worry, you will". "Thanks"! said Danny as he left the building.

    After Danny got back to NYPD, he and Mac checked over the report and found Marybell's address.

    "Let's go Danny", I think it would be a good idea to talk with her".

    "Okay"! "I'm right behind you Mac".

    "When they got to Marybell's house, no one answered the door.

    "Think they've gone out"? said Danny.

    "I'm not sure, there isn't much we can do right now, we'll come back later", said Mac.

    Once they left Marybell said to herself, "That was a close call, but they're coming back", You need to hide your sister's body".

    Once Marybell hid her sister in the empty freezer, she took her trophy's and put them in her closet.

    "Good for you Marybell", she said to herself. "You did it".
  14. MacsGirlMel

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    They didn't have enough to go in, did they?

    More soon!
  15. MacsLovlyAngl

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    while right now, they just need to talk to her about her sister, they're not sure yet it's her.

    When they back to NYPD, Mac and Danny sat down to discuss the case in more detail.

    "What do you make of it Mac, I mean by what we are reading in this report, do you think this girl Karen may have been raped, or killed"? asked Danny.

    "I'm not sure". "What I am sure of, is that we need to speak to the sister and find out what happened that night".

    "Did Flack post those Officers on her door"?

    "He did"! "They'll call in when she arrives home".

    "So what do we do now"? asked Danny.

    "Go home and get some rest". "I need to see my babies and my wife".

    Once Mac got home, he went right to his wife and gave her a passionate kiss, "Hi love", I missed you".

    "I missed you too Mac". "You must be tired, why don't you go get some sleep".

    "I need to see my babies first".

    Mac headed upstairs to the Nursery.

    "Hey my little loves", "Daddy's home".

    Mac picked up both twins and took them over to the rocking chair , sitting down he started rocking and humming to them.

    "There"! said Stella, everythings done". "Time to get the twins dressed.

    "As Stella headed into the Nursery, she found Mac sound asleep with a twin in each arm. Bending over she took Mackenzie from Mac and laid her in the crib while she went back to grab Michael. After she had the twins settled, she softly shook Mac.

    "Mac"! "Mac"! "Wake up hun, and get into bed".

    Mac opened his eyes and looked into Stella's beautiful eyes, and then without warning he scooped her up and carried her to their bedroom.

    "Mac I nee............

    "Shh!! "Not a word Stella, just let me love you". "I need you to breathe your life into me, help purify my soul". "I need you too love me Stella".

    Stella wrapped herself around Mac and passionetly gave him what he needed, her love, her purity, and her soul.

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