A NY Smex Story: Loosing Faith on Love

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  1. MacsGirlMel

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    I hope they find her soon. Post again!
  2. MacsLovlyAngl

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    "Danny"! where is Flack"? "Is he back yet"? asked Mac.

    "Not that I know of", I haven't heard from him".

    Mac called Flack on his cell, but got no response.

    "Come on Danny, let's go check it out, he still must be at the Alpha house".

    When they got to the Alpha house, it was quiet.

    "I don't get it Mac, there is his car, but where is he"?

    "I'm not sure Danny, lets check around the Campus".

    As they checked around the Campus, and asked students if they had seen him, they all replied "NO"!.

    "Excuse me Coach"! called Mac. "Have you seen my Detective"?

    "He was here earlier and took several of my guys". "He said he was taking them NYPD".

    "That's weird Mac, how can he take anyone anywhere, when his car is here"?

    "I don't know, look you check left, I'll check right and we'll meet back in the middle".

    "That's fine Mac, but I don't understand how flack and six guys could all disappear".

    "Either do I Danny". "So start looking".

    As Mac walked along the Campus, he talked to several of the students.''

    "Excuse me"! "My name is Det.Taylor, can you tell me if you've seen this Detective around the Campus today"?

    "Oh yeah"!! "He was with some of the Football players, they were headed into the gym".

    Once Mac got into the gym, he seen Flack and the 6 guys talking.

    "Flack"! "Why didn't you check in"?

    "My damn car died, and then I forgot to recharge my phone, "God this day has been a nightmare".

    "Well now that I've found you, lets get these guys down to the station".

    As they were all headed out the door, Marybell walked in waving a gun.

    "No one goes anywhere Detective". "Not until they admit to killing and raping my sister".

    "What the hell, said the guys"? "Are you nuts Karen"?

    "I'm not Karen, I'm Marybell". said Karen.

    Your just as fu88king nuts as your sister", said one of the Alpha's.

    "Just admit you bastard or I'll blow off your balls, like I did to your Alpha buddies".

    "That was you"? "You bloody bitch".

    That was it, Karen shot at the Alpha and hit him in the upper leg, barely missing his middle organ.

    "Now who's next"? said Karen". "Either tell the Detectives what you did, or you all die".

    "We didn't do nothing Karen, stop lying".

    *Bang,Bang** Shooting at the ground , she missed the Alpha by a mile".

    "That's my last warning", now tell the nice Detectives what you did"?

    "Listen Karen, said Mac. "You neee........."

    "Shut the hell up", my name is Marybell". "Just shut up, all of you".

    "Hey guys"! said Danny. "You better come clean before she kills us all". "think of all the deaths you will be responsible for".

    "He's right man", let's just tell them what we did to Marybell".

    As they all sat down and talked, Karen had escaped the building.

    "Auh christ"! "Come on , where the hell did she go"? yelled Mac.

    "How the hell should I know"? asked Danny.

    "Flack get these guys out of my site, take them too booking".

    "Danny, let's go, you're with me".

    After 3 hours of searching with no sucess, Mac headed home to Stella.
  3. nattybatty55

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    At least Flacks safe!!! Can't wait for your next post!!
  4. MacsLovlyAngl

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    As Mac headed home, he was being followed by Karen. Pulling up in front of the house, she watched as he entered.

    "Hi sweetheart", I'm home, called Mac.

    "Hey hun"! How was your day, as Stella walked up to him with a twin in each arm.

    "Hi Mackenzie love", "Hi Michael", how are my babies"? "Daddy loves you".

    Mac took his babies and sat down with them on the sofa.

    "Have you gotten any closer to catching this guy"? asked Stella.

    Mac laughed, he forgot he hadn't informed Stella it was a girl.

    "No love, and our killer is a female, a student actually".

    "You're kidding right"?

    "Afraid not, She witnessed her sister being brutally raped and murdered". "It drove her over the edge and she decided to get revenge on all the Alpha males that were involved".

    "Oh my"! "That is so strange for a girl to commit that kind of torture".

    "I know, she's highly unstable", she's taken on her sister, she believes she is Marybell".

    "Wait a minute, I'm confussed". "She's Karen, Marybell is the sister that was killed"?

    "That's right love, she's making herself believe her sister is doing her own revenge".

    "God"! that's really eerie".

    "Your right stel, let's not think about it for now, how about we all go out for dinner".

    "That sounds great, just give me 5 minutes to change", said Stella.

    "why love, you look amazing, don't ever change".

    Bending down Stella kissed Mac and said.... "I won't".

    As Stella headed upstairs Mac got the babies dressed and ready for their outing.

    10 minutes later......

    "Come on Stella, move your tail".

    "I'm coming Mac, as she ran down the stairs. "Okay let's go".

    As they left for their outing, Karen entered their home and looked around.
  5. nattybatty55

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    ......... can't wait to find what she does next!!
  6. MacsLovlyAngl

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    As they were driving Mac realized he forgot his wallet on the couch.

    "We need to go back Stella, I forgot my wallet".

    When they got home, Mac noticed the door was slightly ajar. Heading back to the car, he told Stella, to drive down to the end of the street and wait for him there.

    "Why"? "What's the matter Mac"?

    "I think, someone is in the house, go love, I'll let you know when it's safe".

    Mac slowly walked into the house and pulled out his gun. He could here someone rumaging through the kitchen.

    "FREEZE"!!! he yelled. Karen stood there in shock.

    "Hands behind your back, down on your knees". "Nice and slow".

    As Karen obeyed, Mac wasn't prepared the knife that came out and stabbed him the stomach. As Mac went down to the ground Karen took off out the back door.

    "Come on Mac"! "What is taking so long"?

    Stella decided to drive back too the house and see. When she entered with the twins she almost dropped them, there was Mac bleeding on the floor of the kitchen, picking up the phone she called 911, and then Lindsay.

    "Lindsay"? "I need you to come watch the twins Mac has been stabbed". "Please hurry".

    After Lindsay arrived, Stella left for the Hospital. When she got there Danny and Flack were waiting for her.

    "Any news"? , said Stella.

    "Yeah!, small flesh wound, they're stitching him now". "She obviously didn't want to kill him, I think she just wanted to get away", said Flack.

    "Great"!! "So she's still running around the streets, she knows our address, and she followed you Flack". "Be careful, you may be next".

    "You know me Stella, I'm always ready".

    "That's good, "who's watching the Alpha house, for those other 4 Alpha's that went on that trip", asked Stella.

    "I have two seasoned officers waiting for them to arrive".

    At that moment Mac came walking out of the E.R.

    "How are you hun"? "Are you okay"?

    Putting his arm around Stella, he told her he was fine.

    "Who has the twins"? asked Mac.

    "Lindsay is with them and I told her to put on the Alarm".

    "Good", let's get home, I need to sit before these painkillers kick in". "Flack"! "call me at home if anyhing changes".

    "I will Mac". "Take it easy".

    "Mac"!!!! yelled Danny. "Can you keep Lindsay with you, till I get there, she shouldn't be going home alone in her position, that baby is due soon".

    "Don't worry we'll keep her with us".

    As they headed home. Karen was over at the Alpha house, watching and waiting for the four remaining Alpha's to come back.
  7. nattybatty55

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    Poor Mac, will they ever catch karren!! I wont be able to come on for most of tommorw and I feel that i'll have a lot to read!!
  8. MacsGirlMel

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    More soon....aww I feel bad for you natty. I hate it when I miss most of the day.

    Post, LMH, post! lol
  9. nattybatty55

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    Thanks Mel at least its not 'chore' when I read fanfics!! It's something fun to come home to!
  10. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Okay, Okay :lol: This is the end.... But alais there is a new one right behind :)

    "Hey Lindsay"! said Stella, we're back.

    "Oh Mac, how you feeling"? asked Lindsay.

    "Really dozey, I'm going up to lay down love".

    "Okay Mac, I'll be up shortly to check on you". said Stella.

    "Listen Lindsay", Danny wants you too stay here until he comes to get you".

    "Oh"! "Okay, that's fine".

    "Do you want some coffee or something" , asked Stella.

    "No that fine Stella, you sit down, I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen".

    "thanks Linds, but you didn't have too".

    "I put the twins down, they're still napping".

    "that's fine Lindsay, did they eat"?

    "Yeah"! "I gave them some finger foods, they loved the little pieces of peaches and pears".

    "I know they love all their fruit". "Now if I could just get them to eat their vegtables".


    Flack and Danny headed back over to the Alpha house, to check on the officers. Just before they pulled up, they seen someone in the bushes.

    "Flack"! "Look over there, in the bushes". "Is that her", "Is that Karen"?

    "Looks like it", "We need to get closer". "You go left and I'll go right, one of us should be able to catch her if it is".

    As they snuck around the bush, Danny tackled her to the ground. Karen started screaming.

    "Let me go, Let me go you fu88ing a$$hole".

    "Calm down Karen", said Flack as he cuffed her.

    "Fu88 you all, you don't understand", those bastards killed my sisiter, they killed her". *Crying*

    "I know Karen, we're going to get the rest of them as soon as they get back". "We are sorry about your sister, but you can't go around killing people".

    "People"! "You call them people"? "they're God damn killers, dirty rotten killers".

    "Shh!!! it's okay Karen, we'll get you some help".

    "I don't need help, I need revenge". "Now let me go"!!!

    "Sorry Karen, we can't do that"., said Flack as he put her in the squad car. "Danny go let Mac know we caught her".

    "On my way", I'll see you later Flack.

    Once Danny arrived at Mac's, he gave Lindsay a kiss before telling Stella and Mac, they had caught Karen.

    "Where did you find her"? asked Mac.

    "She was crept down in the bushes, waiting the four remaining Alpha's to get home".

    "Good job, you two". "Has Flack got her at booking"?

    "Yeah"! "He's also calling in a specialist for the girl".

    "Perfect that's what she needs right now", alot of help".

    "That's true Mac, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better", said Danny.

    "Yeah"! "It will be nice to get back to work in the morning".

    "Nice try Taylor". "You're stuck here for at least a week". "Stella's orders".

    Mac laughed because he knew, it was going to be a week full of Stella and Mac, Taylor time.

    The End...... or is it"?

    Next on Loosing Faith the Series.

    Danny and Lindsay share the Birth of their first child, Stella gives Mac some amazing news. While Flack, has to have Mac and Danny's help recatching Edward Davis, who's out to finish what he started, killing his Grandfather Judge Davis. "But it doesn't end there, because Judge Davis isn't Edwards only target.
  11. nattybatty55

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    That was great I can't wait for the next fic!!
  12. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Jan 30, 2007
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    Next Story

    After Danny and Lindsay left, Stella tried to get Mac settled back into bed.

    "Come on Mac, you know what the doctor said, you need rest or you'll pop your stiches".

    "There's only one thing that will help me rest Stella, come here".

    "Dream on Horndog". "It's not gonna happen and you're not well enough to chase me around the room".

    "Think not love"? "Think I couldn't catch you"?

    "Listen Mr.Taylor, come say goodnight to your babies, then get into bed and I'll give Mr.Jolly a surprise later".

    "Fine Stella", you win this round, Mr.Jolly and I will await your visit".

    As Stella passed the twins to Mac too kiss, he headed off to bed.

    "Mackenzie and Michael., I hope daddy falls asleep, before I get there".

    "Dream on Stella", I heard that through the monitor".

    "Well there goes that idea Little ones". "Mommy see you in the morning". "Love you".

    "STELLA"!!! called Mac.

    "I'm coming, just tell Mr.Jolly, to chill it".

    "That's not what I wanted Stella". "I needed my meds, I have a nasty stitch".

    Stella said to herself as she walked down the hall to their room, "It's a shame they couldn't have stitched your mouth for a couple days", *laughing*.

    After Stella got Mac's pain meds she headed back upstairs.

    "Here hun"! "Now be good and go to sleep".

    "Oh Stella"!! "Look what I have for you, look love".

    "Yeah! I know". "Just relax, I'm coming".

    Once Stella was comfortable in bed, she turned to give Mac what she promised, but he had fallen asleep.

    "Thank God for painkillers", said Stella because she knew Mac would now sleep, and so would she.
  13. nattybatty55

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    I loved the baby moniter accident!!
  14. bringirl2001

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    I LOVED your fic- you are an excellent story- I will TRy to keep up with my reviews better a lot of the time I lurk and don't think about reviewing but YOU deserve it- I LOVE this smexy series- and you are startinga new one- great!
  15. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Thanks for the FB Bringgirl :) and Welcome aboard

    It was 4am when Stella got the call.

    "Hello"! said Stella.

    "Stella, it's Danny", "Listen I need you, I mean Lindsay needs you, the baby, it's coming".

    "Calm down Danny, did you call the Paramedics"?

    "Yes, they're on their way". "but she swears it's coming now".

    "Okay listen Danny, lift up her gown and see where the baby's head is".

    As Danny lifted up Stella's gown, he could see the baby's crown.

    "I see it Stella, the head, lots of hair".

    "Okay Danny, get Lindsay to push, and hold for three seconds".

    Stella could hear Lindsay swearing at Danny, for doing this to her.

    "Push love, said Danny, that's it push". "Stella I see it coming".

    "Okay Danny grab the baby's shoulders and hold there and tell Lindsay to give one last push".

    "Come on Lindsay., push ,one more love, that's it, here it comes". "Waaaaaa!!!! Waaaa!!!

    "Danny, I hear it, what is it". "Come on Danny answer me", said Stella.

    "It's a boy Stella, a beautiful boy". "Now what do I do"?

    "Wrap the baby in a clean towel and lay him on Lindsay's tummy". "Don't touch the cord".

    After Danny had done what Stella had told him the Paramedics arrived.

    "Okay Stella, they're here". "Thank-you Stella for everything". "I gotta go".

    When Stella hung up the phone Mac was staring at her intently.

    "What is it Mac"?

    "I want another baby". "I want one Stella".

    "I know Mac, and when you are better we will".

    "NO Stella"! "right now". "Climb on top Stella". "That's it love, just close your eyes and enjoy".

    "Damn you Mac, I don't want to open your stitches", and just because we do it, doesn't mean I'll get pregnant".

    "Screw the stitches Stella", I want another baby".

    Stella finally gave in and gave Mac what he wanted, Smex".

    A few hours later they fell back to sleep.

    In the morning they packed up the twins and headed to the Hospital to see the new baby.

    "Hey there's the new mom", said Stella. "Where's that beautiful baby"?

    "With Danny, he took him down to the nurses station again, he likes showing him off".

    "What did you name him"?

    "Danniel Michael Jr". "Or as Danny says", "Danny Jr.".

    At that moment Danny walked in with the baby.

    "Oh my"! said Stella. "He's beautiful". "Pass him over dad".

    Danny passed the baby over to Stella.

    "Thanks for all your help Stella". "If It wasn't for your coaching, I would have lost it", said Danny.

    "Not true". "You'd know what to do when the time came", said Stella.

    "Hey everyone"! "Taylor and the Twins aare in the house". "Where is that new baby"?

    "Right here Mac", said Danny. "Isn't he something".

    "Wow"! "That he is, he has his mothers great looks".

    "Haha Mac, very funny". said Danny.

    "Great job guy's, Stella we have to get you home, I need to get into work".

    "What happened to your other car"? asked Lindsay.

    "It broke down", It's being fixed as we speak".

    "Take care Lindsay, and when you get out, we'll have you a huge shower".

    "Sounds great". "bye guys".

    "Bye", said Stella and Mac.


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