You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...Part 2!

You know you watch too much csi miami when your at the beach, in England, and see someone hangliding really near to some poor womans head (she actually had to duck :lol:) and think, that would make a good storyline on csi... Ahhhhhh! maybe there filming csi miami, we are a beach. :D
My family crushed that dream pretty much as soon as i said it.. admittedly hunstanton doesn't really look anything like miami.. but maybe, jusy maybe it could happen. :p
you know you watch to much csi miami when you...make up a kid version of the show. LOL! :)

Oh my, I've actually done this :D

I love these list.
How about:
You leave your house and think you're going to a crime scene
You have at least 1 Calleigh Duquesne inspired outfit
You still cry when Eric is shot even though you know he's gonna get better
You know each and everyone of Clavo cases
See a Hummer and get all excited
Things in regular life reminds you of certain characters
You think about CSI: Miami way to much
The other night on tv happened to flick channels and seen the episode SGIYCSI's and the next day had a little laugh to myself when my 4 year old and 3 year old were in the back of the car repeating ryan and calleighs scene....

"What was that?" says my little boy
"FIRE" says my little girl loudly then my 4 year old makes an explosion sound :guffaw::guffaw:was laughing so hard so you know you watch too much when your 3 and 4 year olds start re-enacting the scenes themselves!
ahaha I watched that episode 2 days ago.

You know you watched to much CSI: Miami when:
-You have September 21st marked on you calenders
-you have a actual countdown clock to the premiere
-You throw birthday parties for the characters birthdates
-you know all of their backstories.
-you write fanfictions
You know you watch too much CSI: Miami when you try to convince people that you got this for your birthday... and some of your friends actually believe you. :lol:
-when you compare your friends to the characters. Phrases such as: 'you are soooo like Ryan' etc. comes out often.

-When you snatch the remote control out of your parents hands cos you realised that CSI Miami is on, your parents's facial expression goes from disbelif to anger to oh-I-see to *sigh* shaking their heads to asking you 'so how many times have you seen this episode?'

-When you can mouth all the line from the start of 'Sink or Swim' to the end cos you've seen this episode FAR too many times! (kind of applies to hiphugger fans only)

-when you find yourself speaking like H when answering questions.
* when you start dreaming about anything connected with csi:miami
* when your phone memory is full of ryan's pics
* when you start thinking about csi-like career
You know you watch to much CSI: Miami... when you start dreamin about your murder and how H would be standin over your body and shootin his one liners while Alexx takes you back to the morgue and does the routine autopsy and your thinkin that this is way cooler then dyin of natural causes!

Later you imagine how Eric and Ryan must be photgraphing all the defense wounds on your body and you're like "sigh! :drool:I wish i could faint, but i'm dead! Damn, that s.o.b. who did this to me!:mad:"
You know you watch to much CSI: Miami when...

-Adam Rodriguez sends you a message on Twitter and you can't stop going on your page to read it again and again and again... (raises hand... present!!!)

-Your mother-in-law tells you she's going on a vacation to Miami and you think :OMG MAYBE SHE'LL GET TOO SEE THE WHOLE GANG!!!!
you know you watch way to much CSI Miami when you buy the dvd's and say every horatio caine line before he says it and your sisters look at you like a complete freak and tell you you watch way to much csi miami :lol:
You know u watch too much CSI:Miami when....

~You have a countdown on your phone programmed for the premiere
~Your alarm on your cellphone goes off every Monday @ 10, and plays the shows theme song.