You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...Part 2!

You know you watch to much CSI:Miami when everytime you watch Lost Son you cry, and get mad at your TV for Rory leaving.
You know you watch too much CSI:Miami when you are going to start onther Miami marathon in the next minutes(marathon=all seasons!!).
Ok so this one is old but when CSI Miami used to be on Mondays...
1. I used to actually look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them. LOL Now it's Sundays I look forward to.
And this is still true today..
2. When my friends call me while I'm watching CSI Miami and I answer the phone but don't say anything until a commercial.. esp if Eric is on the screen. LOL My friend told me she can hear me breathing and now knows to just wait it out.
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~When you realize that you missed half the rerun for Ambush last night and get excited because you get home just in time to see Eric tackle Cooper.

~You still grin like a fool at the end of All In

~You plan your vacation around CSI Miami. I can't miss seeing it at its regularly scheduled time.

How about downloading that Eric/Cooper scene to your phone?! lol
I'm gonna post this here and in the CSI: NY version of this thread.

You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...
You download songs you've heard on CSI: Miami and CSI: NY to the MP3 player you got for Christmas.
You know you watch too much CSI: Miami when...
1. You see a thin ginger man with sunglasses in the street and point him out to your friends...who then think you've lost it
2. You air drum to the intro music every time
3. You can tell which season an episode is by the opening credits and/or state of ryan's hair or absence of ryan, e.g season 3 - long, season 4 - short, season 8 - weird.
4. You are reading this. :rolleyes:...
The season 9 season finale gave me the ideal for this one.
You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: Miami When...
You wish you could jump through the tv screen and magically become twins who save both Horatio and Natalia.
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You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...

You have an serious addiction to Horatio and Ryan which you do know that the addiction is severe and there's no cure for the addiction.

You play Wont Get Fooled Again so many times that you drive your friends bonkers with it on repeat.
You know you watch too much CSI:Miami when...

1. A song you previously despised has become one of your favorites simply because it reminded you of a character from CSIM. (aka: 'Cooler Than Me' by Mike Posner to Horatio Caine. heh)

2. You get excited whenever you see/hear the names Horatio, Ryan, Calleigh, Eric, Natalia, etc...

3. You see the series at a store and have a hard time controlling the erge to buy it, even though you already have a shiny new set sitting on your shelf at home.

4. A Hummer is now the car of your dreams.