You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...Part 2!

You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...
You see a man age 18-26 with red hair in a jeep and you think he looks like a young David Caruso.
Yesterday I passed a jeep waiting to make a left turn and the driver fit ^^that^^ description.
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The Dead Reviver (ME) strikes again.

I have 2 versions of this one--a CSI: NY version and a CSI: Miami version. So I shall post the CSI: Miami related one here and I've already posted the CSI: NY related one in the CSI: NY section's version of this thread.

You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: Miami When...
You think about David Caruso and his character Horatio Caine so much that you feel like you're becoming obsessed.