William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

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Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

got some pics, that'll help the Beard Addicts to get used to the transition :D so let's start BAA Session 1.
psychologist: Adzix :lol:

1. Click here, take deep breaths and stare on the picture until, you clear your mind.

2. After a couple of minutes click here, reapeat the previous activities. Inhale and exhale deeply and peacefully. Try to forget bearded Billy and realize how amazing he can be also without it.

Session 1 completed
Next session to come shortly. :lol:
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

:D :D :D good one GGirl1 funny- your next- ;)and on the "Gunshy" Adzix - so handsome- good movie-I highly recommend it :p some more from that flick :p he and Diane Lane- good cameraderie- seems he has that with all the ladies he plays opposite- don't you wished you were one of them? :(


AND NOW IT'S MY TURN And doesn't he smell sweet?
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

Adzix, thanks for BAA Session 1, it helped a little... Funny you posted a pic from Recipe For Murder, I watched that episode today! However, you say to forget bearded Billy? I don't think so...

desertwind, yes he does seem to have good camaraderie with all the ladies... That happens when you ooze charm like he does! :D Lucky ladies... Yes, he does smell sweet, doesn't he... ;)

I have a suggestion for the next polls: which one of the leading ladies from his movies suits him the best? Let's see a few examples:

LONG GONE (I know, we don't see her face, but so what? We see his! :D)

CURACAO (he looks happy here)

COUSINS (romantic Billy)

THE BEAST (see remark above for Long Gone...)

KEEP THE CHANGE (nice setting, even nicer Billy!)

HARD PROMISES (another romantic Billy... *sigh*)

What do you think?
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

Talk about a SHOCK! :eek:

And Ad, thanks for you BAA session. It kinda help. Keep up the good work. We need you here. Our mental health depends on these sessions :D

Sorry, couldn't wait an longer :p :D -I'm gonna post poll #2 now -you'll get to vote for THE hottest bearded profile EVER (seasons 4-5-6).

Result of poll #1 'Hottest beardless profile' so far ---> #1 wins

And then, FINAL POLL
-sometime next week: beardless hottness :cool: VS. bearded hottness :eek: ... hottest profile EVER? :D

Hottest profile seasons 4-5-6 contestants:
Season 4 hottest profile
Season 5 hottest profile (1)
Season 5 hottest profile (2)
Season 6 hottest profile

You have up until Saturday,26 5.20pm PT :devil:

PS: I went with season 4 JackpotWOW -that's the name I gave this pic :lol: :lol: Needless to say why. He was just too damn hot in this epi :p :p :p :p :p
But hard to pick only one I have to admit -I am mean :devil:
The TUXIC ones are just absolutely yummy as well :eek: and the sunglasses of hottness M-O-M!!!
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

omg they are all so hott but i went with season 6 i mean *drool* :devil:
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

It was a tie between season 4 and season 6 but 6 prevailed
very sexy in black leather and shades :D
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

*thud* *drool* and *meld*...

So hard to choose! I had to use a decibel meter on my "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"s to measure my reactions to these wonderful pictures and how much he makes me meld... So far, I'm a big puddle on the floor, and it's getting bigger my the minute! I'm drowning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. JackpotWOW!!! won it for me! :D
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

this time i didn't hesitate. season 5(2) ALL THE WAY!!!!! GF, you're great with those polls, yo!

i'm happy my first session helped a bit :D in between sessions i suggest staring at my avatar to get used to this look even more :lol:
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

1st picture of season 5! Whooooooooo Hooooooooooo!! I was a jeans and baseball cap girl, but I saw 'Formalities' last night and *drool* *dribble* *melt* *swoon* *collapse* *thud*.

I then repeated the above process for series 6 picture. He can even make the Matrix look work!

I'm going to have to stop coming here. I can't think straight for an hour after looking at your work! :devil: :lol:
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

that was the hardest thing ive ever had to do!!!

you made us choose between jackpot and formalities!!!

bad bad girl!!!!

it was a hard choice but finally went with formalities and the tux!!

sorry but he just looks toooo hot in a tux!!

i feel bad now :(:(
Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

Ahhh the Hot, sexy beard poll at last!

Believe it or not I didn't vote for Jackpot :eek: :eek: :eek:
Formalities and the tux may only come once on CSI so I voted for that as the sexiest Grissom pic!


Re: William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

:eek: OMG those pics *drool* Jackpot and Fomalities are my favoriet :eek: but his so sexy in that tux :lol:so I choose formalities :)
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