Why Aren't You Posting?

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Im not sure its really worth posting since everything was actually said before but thats why the question was originally posted, inst it?

so my reasons:
sometimes, I just dont feel like I have anything to add so I just read others opinions.

also Im SF so I avoid discussion/threads on upcoming episodes.

Im not particualry fond of any character/actor and usually go to their threads only if I liked something really much.

also I dont think I have anything to say in threads like WMLG so I dont even visit

Im not that familiar with the original version so dont go to the game threads either (Ive seen the show in German and Slovak - my mother tongue)

basicly every week I write my opinion in the grading thread and thats about it

People who like Lindsay: would it be possible to try not to take offense at posts that criticize the character? To not hurtle accusations at people who don't like her ("you don't like her because x, y and z and you're not being fair) or get defensive about people not liking her.

that maybe another reason I dont post in the NY thread and stay back at the DL one. Im sensitive, I really am. I read the other peoples opinions in the grading thread because it makes you think of what you might not have seen yourself and often they are really funny. but the majority is the exact opossite of what I usually think and sometimes the responses coming to my mind are not that nice, so I dont post them at all. I dont like arguing and since you can hardly change anyones mind I dont really see sense in trying.

as for bringing more positivity into the thread - I dont really see where. the character threads are positive and I dont see a reason to join a discussion why someone sucks when I dont share the opinion

did it make any sense?
PrettyEyes said:
Can we please not assume that everybody who dislikes Lindsay or DL is doing it because they like Danny/Flack? Please? I'm so sick and tired of that being mentioned when it is not true or relevant.
Fay, you know as well as I do that the majority of people who are anti-Lindsay and anti-DL are the same people who in the same breath turn around and say Danny should leave Lindsay and go to Flack. That's true.

Perhaps if roles were reversed and you were a DL fan, you might feel differently.

I'm afraid it isn't true, and I'm one of the people who can confirm it. I don't want shipping in CSI, at all. I don't really want Danny to be with anyone, I just want him to do his job, which is solve crimes.

I don't read fanfic, or write it, I don't really spend any time in the shipping section. I do, quite happily, make D/F jokes with several people on the board, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to see it happen. I don't want to see romance in a crime show.

I don't like Lindsay. At all. In fact, my dislike of Lindsay has grown to the point where I stopped watching the show altogether. It isn't because she's with Danny, it's because of how the character has seen used within the series and how badly handled the whole thing has been. You can read the Lindsay Must Go thread for more detail on this, I'm not going to go into it here. But not every fan is about the shipping, and I'm offended by the generalisation.

I personally think that it's not an unreasonable request to keep the Lindsay stuff out of certain threads, but in any thread where Lindsay can reasonably be discussed, then it should and will be. It'd be more interesting if people actually debated the subject properly, rather than one person going "I like/dislike Lindsay" and the other side going "OMG BASHING!" or "STFU, NOOB!" every time. A lot of us just want to get our opinions across and be understood, and we're more than willing to be persuaded either way if we have enough reason to change our minds. I never wanted to hate a show I was quite fond of.

As for the poll, I obviously answered "I've lost interest in the show".
Hi guys!

First of all, I think it's great you're trying to figure out why people haven't been posting.

As you know, I'm also a D/L fan. But that doesn't mean I think what other people say about them isn't good. Sure, people are different and therefore think different. No problem with that.

But what I do think is a problem, is the fact that sometimes things are said over and over again. And I mean anti D/L and anti Lindsay/Anna. Some people who are against D/L and against Lindsay/Anna feel they have to state that over and over again. And not in 'normal' words. It;s often that I think: 'you could have said it different' or 'I already know you don't like it'. It's becoming a bit annoying.

I used to post in the spoiler-thread, but I don't do that anymore because I feel my opinion isn't respected anymore. I'm still lurking, just not posting.

I hope some of you can take other people's feeling into consideration and keep the tone lower. Thanks!
Well, I chose others.

Believe me or not but I actually visit this site and this forum almost EVERYDAY. Due to certain reasons I RARELY post anything. These are my reasons:

1) Somebody mention about "if I have nothing smart to say, I should just shut up". That applies to me. I don't tend to be repeatitious.

2) I live in Asia, so the show air 2-3 months(i think) later. I don't really get it when you guys 'discuss' about how good/bad the character/episode becoz I haven't watch the show yet.

Couldn't think of other reasons for now, but those are the main reasons why I'm not posting as frequent as I used to. Just to let you guys know, the last thread I post actively was the fugly tie project.
Yeah, I would have to choose 'other' too (well that and the moderators are biatches, but fine biatches and truly lovely people). :)

I'm still here posting, but mostly I'm here reading. In fact I read a lot (probably more than is healthy). I add to discussions where I feel I have something relevant to say, or if I want to comment on something specific, if not I just keep reading until I find something to comment on. :lol:

Believe it or not I can understand why people think this board is negative and unfriendly, but I mostly think that people aren't personally doing enough to change it. Negativity doesn't occur in the Anna/Lindsay thread, but still very few people post in there? Get out there and make your feelings known, do it in a positive way and in most threads expect people to want to enter into a discussion about it with you. This board is for discussion after all, and it's a board that truly caters for everyone in some way, so not everyone is always going to agree on things. I can appreciate that some people are very sensitive to this kind of thing, I am too, but unfortunately an internet forum is not a place where people can be expected to know that about a person. Posts can be easily misinterpreted which is why people should try to proof read and moderate their own language and tone. Try reading it out loud to yourself and see what it sounds like, chances are if you think it sounds bitchy or mean then it is. I would consider it very rare that people here are deliberately cruel or demeaning to other posters, at least not without provocation (when the notify the moderator button should be used imo). Deliberately criticising or commenting on another poster in a negative way should be avoided, especially when you are doing it to defend a fictional character. CSI: NY is not real life.

People really need to spend some time familiarising themselves with the 'notify the moderator' button, and use it. I'm sure Top and MrsG would be more than happy for people to utilise it. Also, I'm not sure how many members have ever read and familiarised themselves with the board rules much less read the Mannerly Art of Disagreement guide. But everyone should do so.

As for the spoiler thread, generally speaking most spoilers aren't D/L related so surely most of it isn't particularly negative, although this seems to be an opinion shared by quite a few people, so I'm obviously missing something. I believe that everyone's opinions are valid and should be represented. But, whilst it's OK to discuss them in terms of a ship that may be mentioned in the episode spoilers, the shipper threads are there for indepth shippy discussions so that problems shouldn't occur. And now there is a special spoiler-only thread hopefully everyone will find that they can easily access the spoilers without wading through many other posts.

So these are just my thoughts really for making this place happier and healthier for all. I am still posting and reading, and I get easily bored so more posts for me to leisurely read through would be great also. :lol:
Basically is because of school,homework and tests..Althought I do watch the show and visit the forum every day sometimes I don't have something to say or time to say it..
Although I have posted on other sites, I tend to be a "lurker" on this one. I often feel uncomfortable with posters' attitudes to Lindsay/Anna. She plays the character as tptb write her and I think she does a good job. I enjoy the whole Lindsay/Danny pairing, and feel that it does lighten the programme, but remember how dark the first series was? I wouldn't want it to go there again.Those who put forward the D/F pairing might just have to wait until the 6th or 7th CSI franchise before tptb are that brave!
Okay, I'm going to have a go here:

Firstly, I agree with those who say there is only so much enthusiasm and praise one can give a TV show. Yes I love the programme, yes I think the sun shines out of Carmine's arse but that's as far as it goes; I can only analyse the show for so long and up to a certain point and there are times when even I feel I've run out of squee-juice for Carmine's arms.

That aside, I think there may be another reason that deters people from posting which is that those people who post regularly on this board express themselves with huge confidence. For the most part they are articulate, funny, bright and able to write fluently, clearly and intelligently (note: I'm not including myself here). This in itself can be a little intimidating, sometimes I post then think "Gawd, that was really lame". In addition, this confidence can also be perceived on occasion as aggression - certainly there are a few, very few, posters whose posts, while absolutely hilarious and wonderful reading IMO, could be wholly offensive and off-putting to those with less confidence and less ability to communicate freely.

Its interesting to see that in this thread many of those uncomfortable with posting are non-English speaking. I've also noticed on numerous other boards that US citizens often express themselves more directly, more frankly than people from other countries. Indeed, on some occasions in the past I've felt I was under attack (not here) when quite the opposite was true.I know this is an appauling generalisation so please forgive me, its just something I've picked up on over the years and which may be another factor contributing to the general unease of many lurkers about posting.

I think these reasons may contribute to the lack of movement on this board but I can't really see what can be done except to be more tolerant and more understanding to newcomers and/or those with differing opinions. it would certainly be a shame to tone down the more extreme opinions of some (what loss that would be) but more diverse, more varied views with a greater breadth of opinion would be a good thing.

So really its up to those who don't post regularly to be made to feel welcome, listened to and appreciated. Rather than huddle together in the trenches they need to join the others on the field and play together (how many metaphors am I using here???). Diversity is good, debate is good, we could do with more of it here :D
Twinkletoes said:
Its interesting to see that in this thread many of those uncomportable with posting are non-English speaking.

I was thinking the same thing!
It's difficult enough as an English-speaker to work up the courage to dive in where there is clearly already a pretty tightly-knit gang (and by that I mean people who are familiar with each others' humour and writing styles rather than some kind of Mafia!) let alone if you're trying to articulate your point in your second language. The risk of being misinterpreted must be pretty daunting.
I definitely think one of the strengths of this board is the diversity of opinion and depth of discussion here. I don't want to venture into dissing other boards by any means, but I've looked around and seen that a lot of them don't have the same depth of discussion. The ones that do tend to be smaller or small parts of big discussion forums that only feature a few people talking about NY. So I feel lucky about that.

I do see Twinkletoes point about how the long, well-thought out and sometimes aggressive posts could scare away newbies. To that, all I can say is that we were all newbies once, and the best way to become a part of the discussion here is to jump in and express your opinion! I know I'm always happy when I see a new person stop by and throw in a comment, be it a long one or a short one. There might be a group of regulars here, but it's not a closed group by any means. All you have to do to be a part of that group is post.

The Lindsay/Anna/DL tension is only going to get better if both sides agree to compromise. That means throwing it out a little less often for the anti-L people (i.e. not just throwing it out where it's not really relevant) and the pro-L people being a little less sensitive in places like the grading threads or the WLMG thread, where comments are naturally going to be made about the character.
I picked the "I feel attacked for my views when I post" because it seems that no matter what I say or how carefully I say it, someone takes offense. Now I simply lurk and keep my opinions to myself. It's easier that way--I no longer offend anyone and no one hurts my feelings with their scathing replies. Problem solved!
I finally decided to go with 'other' because I noticed I started to post here less and less due to a combination of several reasons - the biggest one being my busy schedule.

I like to give my opinion and I like to read other people's opinion about the spoilers, the episodes and the cast. And although it should be fun to discuss those different opinions, lately those little off topic snide remarks (like SimplyBlue's example) AND the fact that I feel every discussion ends in a pro/con DL/Lindsay one has been grating me on my nerves.

And of course both sides are to blame for part of the latter, but I do understand how some, like me, who like the character/actress, the pairing or both feel like they sometimes are 'under attack' more. A pro-post often gets smothered by a large number of (very long) con-posts and that can be quite overwhelming and discouraging.

Elsie said:
Negativity doesn't occur in the Anna/Lindsay thread, but still very few people post in there?
That's true, but at the moment there's not much to talk about. Anna is a very private person, and Lindsay is barely in the ep's; and the most time she has been it was in D/L scenes and those have been talked about endlessly in the D/L thread. But that could be something interesting to discuss in the 'grade the ep'-thread too.

I like the idea of the two spoiler-threads and I hope this discussion helps to find more solutions to make this board more enjoyable for everyone again. :)
*crawls out from under her lurking cape*

I voted "Other" because even though I signed up to join this board ages ago, I still feel like the newbie. Granted I got into NY later than most and living in the UK you know we're always ten years behind y'all when it comes to new episodes, however, I get the impression that most of the regular posters are close-knit. This is not a criticism, merely an observation. I don't read a lot of the threads that focus on a particular character (other than Danny because he's....need I say more?)and I try to avoid the spoilers so my first time viewing isn't ruined (I'm so NOT watching the new credits till it airs over here). I have tried to add a post here and there but it's hard when you know your knowledge of the show isn't as extensive as other posters. But I do lurk, and I do love this forum, if for nothing else than the fact that you CAN talk about stuff here that you can't on other CSI forums. I stopped going to another one I used to post on regularly when I found Talk CSI because I love that you don't get told to "shut up" the minute you mention a relationship between characters. And also I think that you guys are forgetting all the great projects you do like the scrapbook thingy I saw a while back. As long as this forum is going, I will still come and lurk, and ocassionally post and in time, I feel I will gain more confidence in posting here. But you regulars, you're a tough act to follow and sometimes your posts hit the nail so damned squarely on the head that there's nothing left for us timid posters to add!!!
much love

p.s, what we really need to start discussing is how to insert subliminal messages into our posts so that the few times TPTB do read this forum, they actually do what we want.....
JenP said:
But what I do think is a problem, is the fact that sometimes things are said over and over again. And I mean anti D/L and anti Lindsay/Anna. Some people who are against D/L and against Lindsay/Anna feel they have to state that over and over again.
The problem with that is that we're also all saying the same things about why we like Danny or Lindsay or Adam or anything else about the show. If repeating ourselves is bad, then we'll never have things to say when the show doesn't give us anything new.

sHiNNizLe said:
I live in Asia, so the show air 2-3 months(i think) later. I don't really get it when you guys 'discuss' about how good/bad the character/episode becoz I haven't watch the show yet.
Understandable, but I'd say bring those conversations back up after you've seen the episodes--even if we talked something to death after we saw it, after some time has passed we might have new things to say or a different perspective on it--not to mention that there would be more people able to get involved. ;)

Top41 said:
we were all newbies once
:eek: Oh man, don't I know it.

dutch_treat said:
I feel every discussion ends in a pro/con DL/Lindsay one
Including this one.


jendai said:
I have tried to add a post here and there but it's hard when you know your knowledge of the show isn't as extensive as other posters.
Do it anyway. :p
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