The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

Dear tv, please stop loosing sound when I try watching smth. It's been like what? Two, three months you acted nice and flawless. Now you all of a sudden start acting up again. I don't like it and, as much as I know your former owner screwed things up, you were perfectly fine when I received you so why exactly now again?
I love you and so but I really hate to watch tv on mute especially when I haven't seen the programme before. How am I supposed to know what they're talking when I have no sound? I'm not deaf yet so I can't read from lips no matter how much I'd want to learn that.
So pretty please, dear tv, don't shut the sound tomorrow. I beg you sincererly.
To myself:
Get your sorry ass out of home and do some activity! Enough of sitting at home daily.

Take your old contracts and put down the details. And visit your friend's pc and net to type up that damn CV so you got smth to send out for job offerers.

And try and send that CV out to somewhere so at least nobody would pick on you about not doing anything!

And call to that number so you know if you know if the job's for you.

Also be nice and start looking for school!
It's already too late but better later than never, as they say.



To The Weather Forecast Service:
Stop promising huge storm. I strongly doubt there will be anything more than averagly windy day.
Everytime you promise a really huge storm we get that occasional breeze. Yes sometimes it comes stronger but only in summer last year when there were some damage all over country and even where I was a large branch of tree got ripped off in the middle of a road. I still remember how I drove bicycle at wind's speed to race the thunderstorm before it hits. And I still remember every single detail of that 1.2km velo-run to the store and back with lightning so close to me that it gave such an adrenaline rush. But it was only that one. And it was just a thunderstorm.
This summer also was huge thunderstorm that flooded our ceiling that I had to assist mom while the rainwater dripped from the front wall and through window. Yes the lighting was strong and close all the time but it was only the most heaviest rain-storm.
And now, yet again, you predict a storm of 25-35m/s wind and 6m waves in sea. That's what I don't call orcan nor those ppl at news portal commentary.
It's riddiculous to call it an orcan if there'd probably comes just occasional breezes of 27m/s with probably strongest wind only at coastline. And power will go out only in rural areas like it's always been.
Will be waiting tomorrow. I'm going out so will see...
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To the darn neighbours:
I can understand you have baby in your flat and he's active etc but where that gives you the rights to let him jumble through the room like a pile of bricks???
Is that really so hard to take it easy before this old building collapses?
I don't mind you singing or teaching your son to play instruments as it gets obvious you want to rise a musician. But throwing god knows what against walls and banging god knows what around the room isn't good for my nerves nor this house which is old enough for another certain person with mental issues to bang against wall on the other side.
I've not been the most calmest kid on the block either but I listened my mom when she told me not to stomp the floor.
So if you can't realize this house won't hang in the air just because you did some renovation jobs then I don't know how are you gonna live some more years.

Besides it's not making me to like babies more. Just opposite. I've never liked babies nor I've wanted one. I just don't feel like babies person. You can call me "Christina" but I still dislike them and letting some neighbour kiddo jumble through home like a bulldozer won't change it.
Besides it's not making me to like babies more. Just opposite. I've never liked babies nor I've wanted one. I just don't feel like babies person. You can call me "Christina" but I still dislike them and letting some neighbour kiddo jumble through home like a bulldozer won't change it.

I feel like this :lol: :lol: And who knows, maybe I'll have kids but I certainly don't like other's kids. For example one, I think christmas my bd's godson was a few years old and very obsessed with tv remote control (along with anything that was similar, such as cell phones).. and I was at his parent's house and watched tv and that damn kid was bugging me the whole friggin' time since I had the remote. I gave him evil look and said "no" and he just kept coming back. He is actually very well behaving kid but just wanted to yell LEAVE ME GODDAMN ALONE! Or when he was here with his dad and watched cartoons and then he decided to put his hands on the which point I said to his dad "looks like your boy tries to knock down our tv" which yelled his name and thankfully he stopped.
Thought it was easier than to say "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MA TV!"

And then..I cannot understand that if someone has had a baby, I have no urge to see it. Yeah it's a baby. It's small, doesn't understand anything and may start to cry.
My bf's cousin had a baby a year ago and when their hole family was at his grandad's place on Father's day.. all the women were going "awwwwwwww" on the baby and they someone said to me "oh come to see, there's a new baby in the family" and I just basicly rolled my eyes, said "oh" and kept my ass on the sofa and continued watching tv.
And no, I do not want to hold any baby, I don't want to play with any and jeebus christ why I cannot have wedding invitation (to my own) that says "no kids allowed" because there is nothing more annoying at any party than kids that can walk (usually around 1 to 4 yrs) who cannot understand commands, keep running and screaming.

*le sigh*
Ducky, that's how I felt when mom's cousin had to babysit her son's kid. He's about 5 but really "walkie-talkie" and keeps doing things like trying to smear the cherries all around his face and clothes. And then I was asked to go to their place and watch him while they're at club, but I told I'm having headache, which I really had but not that hard as I told, and mom's cousin didn't make me go to her son's place. I felt so relieved. I would never managed to pull it off even if he let me to sit at his pc whole night. I'd wished that my cousin was there. She really enjoyed the kid when we all went out for a walks and to cemetery. I guess she got used to kids when she had to take care of her younger brother and she wants kids her own (at age of 16) so she was very "mother-ing". But I kept walking behind happy to be on my own with my cell phone doing paparazzi's on her:lol:
Yeah if the kid would be a girl and like around 10 or more then I'd agreed because I could've do that babysitting but not with the younger. I got lucky when my little cousin was much younger I was younger and could make him laugh for like 20 mins at bus station.
So I really don't like to deal with kiddos.

And now there're those annoying neighbours who have their year/or two-old banging on the walls and throwing things.
Nah, I better not get near kids. I'd be like disaster or smth equally terrible.
And then few years ago my classmate got pregnant during last months before graduation and I thought "what the hell?" because she barely finished school and now sits at home w/baby. And other classmate got twins. No, I'm just like Christina and can't deal with that.
I think I'm gonna tell that to my friend so we'd be like two Christina's happy where we are *deep sigh*
And no, I do not want to hold any baby, I don't want to play with any and jeebus christ why I cannot have wedding invitation (to my own) that says "no kids allowed" because there is nothing more annoying at any party than kids that can walk (usually around 1 to 4 yrs) who cannot understand commands, keep running and screaming.

*le sigh*
At least you still call them babies, Ducky...I just call them little humans which inevitably makes the little devils cry even more, making me even more annoyed. As you can see, I also don't see the appeal with small humans. Maybe you, LumDeNo, and myself can form a We-Don't-Babysit coalition. It would be kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous except we would talk about our frustration with all those needy small humans.:rolleyes:
So I really don't like to deal with kiddos.
LumDeNo(sorry, I'm too lazy to type out the full name:(), at least you have the common sense to admit that. I know way too many people who have kids even though they know they can't stand kids. Someone needs to put on a billboard that babies aren't accessories, unless you like being permanently attached to something that cries and poops constantly with a stupid grin on it's face. If people still want to have kids they should, at the very least, train it like a dog to eliminate embarrassment on their part as they realize all of their friends have left to find other friends who don't carry a squealing manure maker to dinner parties. I need to call my governor so we can get this law on the books in Florida.:rolleyes:


Rant to myself,
As glad as you are at becoming wiser and understanding/being proud of who you are, it doesn't mean that you have to forget about the simpler things in life. You used to do things impulsively but now you're always thinking about the pros/cons before leaping which kind of sucks.
What happened to lighting sparklers in the middle of the night just because? What happened to playing laser tag with flashlights in the house, even though you knew that something would inevitably break? What happened to the old you?
It's great to have goals that you want to achieve, but don't forget that it's okay to let your hair down every once and awhile. There's nothing wrong with being a little out of control, no matter how much you might think otherwise. Even a self-proclaimed perfectionist like yourself needs a little controlled chaos to keep the creative juices flowing.
I know it's scary, but with fear comes courage, which leads to further understanding of the world you so desperately want to figure out. Hopefully, you'll listen to these words. It doesn't have to be today but whenever you're ready to remember who the old AFIS was, before responsibilities became important.
AFIS totally agree. And I have a friend who just don't want kids now (age 20) but we both had classmates who got them during or right after graduation year. She knows that she wants to make her life before thinking of relationships or kids. I think that's a wise decision.
I don't think many ppl think before getting those minimized versions of themselves. And higher-ups here just worries about demography throwing money at anyone who suddenly makes family.

I sometimes want to throw a bomb at those annoying kids. We had one family here with like... 4 younger and few bigger kids. And the youngest ones were making such a mess. I mean banging big heavy rock (and really huge) against smaller one so that whole street was shaking and I could feel every bang resounding on my floor. I hate when they're doing that. I think I even ranted about that.

Ugh. I just don't want to see any minimized human near me. Just not unless they want to meet my dark side.
I just remembered how I with one of my friend's were younger and had to watch mom's friend's kiddo when we went out at my b-day. Gosh how annoying that was. So we decided to get rid of her. It felt so good.

Doh. And then my "missing" friend almost got a baby few months ago. I wanted to kill her. And now when she's missing I really hope she didn't married that ugly guy and didn't make little baby army. I'd kill her for that. And I won't be a godmother. Nom nom nom

(P.S- you can call me in my old name- BDS. I won't mind. And I don't mind shortened version too)

Rant for the day.
Dear service ppl can't you just screw my phone that I can keep this? I really enjoy this one as finally I don't get my eyes crossed from small screen and fingers stiff from lousy buttons. Finally I get my hands on this beautiful baby on which every pic looks just adorable. Only thing that's missing is edit option but I can survive.
All I'm asking is to keep this one. Or get new one on top of receiving mine from service in perfect order. I'm not even hoping for anything better but pls just break it so I get this change phone as mine. Pls pls pls pretty pretty pls.

Other option would be just suddenly get couple banknotes of nice numbers on my head and I jump to nearest store.

Just pretty pretty please let me get a new phone!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeee!!!
Dear body, I wish you'd stop wanting to cough at night. It could be an allergy thing, but IDK, I know I'm not sick. I'm fine during the day.

Re the previous posts, I don't have kids, but I don't have the patience either. I can handle being around older ones, but little ones make too much noise and mess.
Dear tv, please don't break. We need you!
I'm already enough with the other one's "hit&run" sound problem at times but now you too. You were fine&dandy for so many years, why now?
That's really frustrating.
It doesn't matter when there's another tv in the room, we just don't know yet how to plug decoder cable to it and without that it's not working (damn digital television).

Yeah I'd survive if the problem would be with that damn decoder (who's that idiot who thought 'tv star' is a good one?). We could always take yet another (the new model I like better).
But I can't get a new tv.
And my friend won't move to house that soon. I know she promised me her tv since she'll get plasma/flatscreen one when they start living in a house, but the house isn't finished yet and it'll take approx. 3 more years at best. So how can I wait that long?

So tv, pretty pretty please hang on for couple more years!
Dear room mate. We have got along so well up till now but im really quite annoyed at the moment. You know im unwell at the moment so yes it cant be halped that when I lay down I start to cough and when I sleep I snore at the moment. Im on every medication I can take and I have tried sleeping in everyone position. I know you didnt get a good sleep last night but neither did I. Between the coughing and you moaning and stomping around the room. You dont have an exam today and I do and you knew that. Also not to mention the number of times I have left the room at night and gone to the library to study so I wouldnt distrube you while you slept Yet im the one that had to give up on sleep at 3am this morning so you could get to sleep. It wouldnt have killed you to lose sleep for one night. But its going to be me that has to sit a final while sick and now I will be very tired too.
*goes to drink some energy drink*
calleighdelko, I feel for you. Though I haven't been to college nor had roommate. But I've been living few summers at other city with relatives and shared a room with cousin. And I've visited my friend at her new place while she's at school. I can imagine how hard it is. And I'm sharing room with mom which was about same when I or her got sick.

Dear neighbours, would that be a problem to make your kid act more like human and less an elephant which I believe can be much more silent than your kid.
I kinda get annoyed by hearing this neverending stomping around the room.
Dear tinnitus, can you be nice enough and move back only one ear? It's annoying enough to have the one ear suffering constant noise and occasional fullness episodes with slight dizziness.

Dear hands, what's wrong now? One day I trip over and crash into wall with a loud crack in one finger. Other day I do handwashing and other finger starts hurt. Later my previously injured thumb hurts (fell on my hand tripping over runbike). Now in the morning I find both wrists locking.
It's already enough that my ear gets worse now it's my hands too.
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To my internet,



Also to CBS


No love, Sharp/Greg'sNotSoMerryAngel
Spammers, you must really be stupid. I don't even have a Craigslist account, so what makes you think I'm going to fall for your stupid phishing emails asking for my info. Get lost!

To Christmas: Get here already! Knowing I'm getting an Ipod touch is making me go nuts with impatience!
I am seriously going to pretend I didn't just get a text from the studio owner asking someone to cover all Irish classes this week...

This should have been addressed two weeks ago! You know, when you knew none of the regular teachers would be in town. I am NOT coming to your rescue this time. Forget it.

How pathetic.
Dear mom,

serioiusly? So on morning of a Christmas Eve you drive here and then you drive back to your new house and eat there and then drive back here and then drive back there and then on Christmas day you drive here and in the evening you drive back..there. So that's ummm.. almost 300km driving. So why cannot we just eat here on christmas Eve and that's it ? And then you could go there.

Is this now some bad place that you cannot be anymore ? Because you want this and if you don't want your way, then you are all upset and don't speak.

I had one day left of vacation for this year and I asked even Xmas eve is ok and you could do my work and you said yes. Then you have to create these absolutley f-ing nonsense plans and ruin my f-ing xmas. I 've always hated Xmas because of you. Your goddamn plans and whining and moaning and being upset and not talking has ruined my every xmas and you dare to blame your mood on everyone else.

For what I've understood your name is still in our farm's papers. And you've decided to get free pass with all the work. Yes, you've done this 30 fucking years but as long as your name along with dad's name is in our papers, you'll do the same f-ing work than we do with dad. You can be all retired in 2 yrs.

So be difficult again. I can do my work on Eve, no need to bother.
So thanks a fucking much.

It's the same thing with the small wedding plans that we've had. First you say it's all our choice and then you start to tell what you want and if I say against it you get all upset and with your "I'm not doing anything then" attitude.

The reception is in the wrong place, not getting married in a church is wrong choice, then I should be inviting your friends, the time is wrong, then planning is wrong, the catering is wrong.

I just wish we could register our marriage without anyone present and move on .

And to mom and dad. What you seriosuly think writing a master thesis is about? That I here and there write/plan it for an hour and it should work? That I could the needed material here with sucky libraries and not having a chance to use university's library. That it's just like writing any presentation? That you can work with it only short time? How on earth you think if I am on the move with all different work from 6 to 6 that I work with the thesis? In the evening? Oh yes, not tired at all. On the days? Oh that scream if I sit in front of computer during the day.

Of course, neither of you is highly educated and have absolutley no idea what it takes. I know part of the problem is that I need space that doesn't disturb me because I don't have the energy to concentrate and, lol, farm isn't one of those places where I could write something like that.

But once again, somewhat somehow probably and eventually it always is my fault.