The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

Dear Studio Owner: It would have been nice to inform me that you dropped one of my classes to teach for the Spring Semester. Instead, I had to find out from the general email you sent out to the families? Now, I only have one class to teach on Saturday.

One class is not worth my time. Either offer me more because you know I deserve it or give that ONE CLASS to someone else.

Seriously, you'd think I'd deserve better after bailing you out during Irish Nutcracker.
The end of the episode Crowned turned my feelings for CSI: Miami and Horatio Caine off like turning off the water in the kitchen sink. So this rant is to TPTB at CSI: Miami.

:brickwall::brickwall: :klingon::klingon: :mad::mad: :censored::censored: SCREW YOU!!! You ruined a good show by ruining a good character. I HATE YOU!!! :brickwall::brickwall: :klingon::klingon: :mad::mad: :censored::censored:
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To the mother nature:
are you completely out of your, so called, mind???:wtf:
I'm totally mad at you!:mad: Why the hell you had to rain non-stop and then throw that damn wet snow on top? It was already way too wet and now it's also slippery too because of that damn blizzard.
I totally hate rain in the winter time when usually we're ankle deep into snow at this time of the year. So it's not reasonable to try drown us before dig up into snow which eventually will come one day.
I know it was yet another storm (from UK, Norway and Sweden) but still. Last time there wasn't drizzling fucking rain (pardon my language) soaking through every layer of clothes. Last time there wasn't even this ice storm/rain that was promised along the storm (but it came day or two before). And before last time there also wasn't this mind blowing rain.
I like when the storm comes without rain.


To some people:
Are you stupid? Idiots? Crazy? Lazy? Dumb? From moon? From mars? From unknown galaxy? Never been to school? Living in a basement? Been locked into some dark place?
Are you from polar regions? Ice/stone age? Old? Dying? Ill? Not friends with your own brain?
Haven't any of you heard of light bulbs?????
ARE YOU BATS???? Blind??? What????



Thank you for nothing.

Want your newspaper into the correct mailbox? Then repair your lights so we can find the right boxes before we fall into rabbit holes!!!


To the neighbour moron:
Stop bumping/bobbing/thumping/hitting something!!!
It is very annoying at 8am!!!

Your very pissed neighbour.


To the cellular internet:
Stop going out every 2 minutes and then back!!! I hate when you disappear and then return!! My phone didn't let this happen without sms or incoming call assistance, so why you are switching out without a reason??

Your entirely annoyed user.
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Why didn't you use this rant thread when I got hammered by the managers a few months ago? :mad:

Dear Managers: Why don't YOU try cleaning the store in 2 hours or doing go backs in that time? Stop telling me that I do a good job then once I start to not do good, then act all angry when I haven't gotten better.

Former Co-worker Mike who quit in September: You are like Mac and Adam to me, I love you. We and Dante have opened the store in 2000 and even though I haven't worked with you in a few years, I'm going to miss you. I don't feel like working there anymore now.

Dear Store Manager: I guess I am sucking again and since I didn't really defend myself, we might have to have a different discussion. When I got hammered last time, the manager told me there is no excuse for not doing a good job so that is why I didn't explain myself. Seems getting hammered has made me not care about my job anymore. But then, Mike is gone, so who gives a shit about this place.

My aunt in Sacramento: Please, don't be some impatient when you drive.

Sacramento and San Francisco: What is up with that? Raider country? Really? I thought you'd be 49er country!! Good luck in the playoffs San Fran. You will need it. :lol::lol:
To all of you idiots who insist on parking in a handicapped space even though you don’t have a sticker/placard.
Those spots are close to the entrance for a reason and it’s not as a convenience for you.
Then you have the nerve to get all huffy and angry when I use an electric cart. You treat me as if I am in your way. Well I’m so sorry that I have several physical problems that limit my ability to walk to far.

I know that it really upsets you that there is someone in your town that isn’t perfect. It must really bother you to know that someday you may end up just like me, not able to do things that you use to be able to do. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m probable the same age as you (not too old).

Trust me if I had a choice I would turn back the clock a couple of years to when I was healthy and able to walk without pain and didn’t have to stop every few steps to catch my breath. But then again you really don’t care do you, I’m just another person that’s in your way and inconveniencing you.
Of course I know I get under your skin when I simply smile at you and wish you a nice day. ;) I guess it’s a good thing that my Mom and Dad raised me to be a proper lady. Oh well as we all know there is no such thing as manners these days and that’s what is really wrong with the world.
Your rant reminds me of my rant/problem I have with handicapped parking. Mom is 86 and has to hold on to something, usually me, to help her walk. Because the doctor certified her handicapped enough to get one of those placards that hangs on the rearview mirror, when she and I go anywhere Iusually park in the handicap place. Now here's my rant.

To the people who park in the NO PARKING zones between handicap spaces.
WHY do people have to park in those NO PARKING zones between handicap places? I know they're big enough to park in but those diagonal strips painted on the pavement mean it's NOT a parking place. Makes me see red and my blood boil when people do this.
The end of the episode Crowned turned my feelings for CSI: Miami and Horatio Caine off like turning off the water in the kitchen sink. So this rant is to TPTB at CSI: Miami.

:brickwall::brickwall: :klingon::klingon: :mad::mad: :censored::censored: SCREW YOU!!! You ruined a good show by ruining a good character. I HATE YOU!!! :brickwall::brickwall: :klingon::klingon: :mad::mad: :censored::censored:

They could have written Horatio's evolution better, instead of Devolving him, and making him less likeable
Dear Makers of KAFO socks:

It's not like I have another choice for buying socks. $236 for four pairs is a tad steep.

No Love,
To my dear self:
You are getting too paranoid and socially awkward. That's not good. Now you got your friend hanging out with other friend instead of occasional party with me. It's all your fault that all your best friends leave you. Nobody loves such a dork like you. And especially if you're not being particular rich person. Wake up lazy bum! Time to get social! But still being geek-ish kind of breed makes you so boring to other non-geek-ish.
Why my new designs are not the way i want them to look for crying out loud damn you PhotoShop just work right!!!

your owner
Dear mom!
When are you about to stop promising me being home to those terrible telemarketers???
I'm totally pissed.
I don't need their crap nor any other shit they're selling.
Why are you so stubbornly "polite" all of a sudden?
You've never been this annoying before.

I'm totally pissed when you just announce that "I shouldn't get mad but you're just being polite telling them I'll be home some time later and that they already called twice":mad:

I just don't get your way of thinking. One time it's normal other chaotic.
And you call me names?

I just can't believe.

Dear neck!
What the heck happened to you two nights ago?

I just put my head on pillow but you snapped and now I'm having trouble moving my head *headdesk*

What the hell?!

Dear elbow!
And what's wrong with you? Huh?
All I did was to wash my floor and next thing I know you get painful without any obvious reason.

To my damn body.
Are you idiot? Stupid? Clumsy? Slow?
Stiff? What?

I'm doing particulary nothing to you but you just keep getting injured from nothing.
Am I so old already?
Am I too clumsy?
:wtf: :confused:
Dear service guys,

will ya be so kind and once repair my phones completely?
I'm sick and tired of these endless encounters with your so called repair works.
When the phone I give you is going to get proper diagnostic and repair what's wrong?
I am starting to get mad and totally embarrassed by all these endless worthless talks about that matter.

Next time I'll ask right away about repairs and exchange possibilities.
To my annoying tinnitus,

WTF? get out of my head/ears!

i'm all so confused by all this ringing in my now both ears.

if i'm about to go deaf i'd love to know that beforehand. to get adjusted so to say.

and god forbid if that's just the freakin TMJ...


Dear neck,
stop aching.
you already freaked me two days ago. first day was total disaster, next day is much better, though still can't do fast movements.


To my body,

i hate when you can't act NORMAL :mad: :brickwall: :scream: