The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

To the telephone company and the cable company,

Why won't either one of you do anything about this? We won't loose electricity because they were nice enough to come and cut it off their cable but they can't legally cut it from yours. The telephone company tells us that they don't do preventative tree maitenance but they'll be happy to come put the wire back up after the tree falls down the rest of the way. :wtf: :klingon: The cable company tells us that our neighbor should call since the tree is actually on his property. That idiot told an elderly neighbor that his tree falling and taking out her fence a couple of years ago was an "act of God" and he wasn't going to do anything about it. :mad: This is storm related damage that we would like to have taken care of before the next storm!
Mom! Stop whining! I'm tired of your every morning whines about your skin condition. I know it's nothing good but it doesn't mean you have to blab about it every two minutes sounding like you're about to jump off the roof. It's not the end of the world and lots of people are having more serious skin conditions that make them sad and depressed but you just have little red. So what? I'm not Tyra Banks either but I'm not complaining about my looks like always do. And so what you have hair little out of order here and there? That's nothing! I rarely make my hair and mostly let them just fall whatever they like.

Winter! Go away! Don't come any closer! I don't want you! Shoo shoo!

Idiot who said there wasn't Hummer H2 in Transformers, there was indeed! I told you first time and say again- IT WAS H2 aka Ratchet the medic! Told ya!

Nokia 2.5" charger I hate you! Nokia battery I hate you!
Nokia I hate you! You fail me everytime I get near. Wtf is wrong with your company?
Why must every family have a moron relative that ruins what's supposed to be a nice get together? It should have been a nice family dinner at a restaurant I like before my cousins went back to Michigan and Iowa but then the idiot relative has to cause problems with the reservations and get into arguments with everyone and make half of us decide to go to another restaurant instead. :angry:

Adding to the winter comments, yes, GO AWAY!

Dear BBC: I hate your need for Merlin series angst. I want my Arwen ship! Most likely, I'll be more comfy with the eps when Syfy airs things, but count me out on ep 9 at least.

Android apps, why must you update and use so much dang data? I have disabled background data once again because I'm soooo close to my cap for them month with 9days left. Blech.

To app makers: We want apps too! Stop cozying up to Apple and make them for both platforms!
To psycho ex: stop contacting me and stop spreading lies about me!!!
To girl I thought was my friend: You lied. But I warned you about him, so it will come back to bite you in the butt.*
To the both of them: STOP talking about me on twitter!! I'm not bitter, I just don't care to speak to my abusive ex anymore!!! And how do you get the logic, " people that say they don't care about you usually care the most." are you really that stupid?
If either of you runs and tells people I know lies about me....*
To my Dad

When someone calls and it's someone we perfer to avoid, and my sister says "Don't answer!" It means DON'T ANSWER!!! Not Answer then hang up

To a certain relative:

How many freaking times have I asked you not to put your dirty dishes on the left side of the sink? They go on the right side. The left side has the garbage disposal. I'm sick of you blocking the damn thing and me having to move all your dirty dishes when I want to use the disposal. Unless the right side is completely full (which is rare), there is NO NEED to put it on the left side.
Hey now, why so mad about winter? It's great, no more sweating, no more muddy weather and rain. Just white and snow and cold and nature is so beautiful!
Noooo winter must stay away from here! I don't like to wear coats inside too when they're meant to be wearing outside. Nooo nooo.... And that snow... I like when it's only where I don't need to go. But mostly snow is too wet, muddy and slippery for walking and makes your feet wet.
I hate when I can't wear my fav cosy boots because they can easily become wet inside out. That wet puke called snow makes streets like soup where we all- people, animals, cars- are trying swim to our daily routine (little too abstract but last "winter" was just like that).
And then the damn cold:eek: Not nice. -25 (and tad more) degrees Celsius is HORRIBLE. I don't even need to go out. Dress up and stay inside. Nooo I'm not cold weather person. I can freeze even during summer so nooo for winter.
And how can I go somewhere when the snow's up to my knees? And mom slipped on ice so many times I'm afraid to wake up every morning and find out she's fallen and hit smth again. I don't mind falling myself, it's not a big deal, but mom's different.

So winter please don't come. It's good as it's now. Little rain during nights, sometimes sun during days, no mega low temperatures. It's totally acceptable for me. No fuss, no problems. I can try out my high-heeled boots and not to freeze up to my bones. :)

To mom- where your creativity has left? Did you have it at all? What is so hard to send a text to your old friend when he's bored again or drunk? I don't see why you can't especially if that's for free. I can see you don't like communication with men but that scumbo doesn't counts. Do I have to start writing instead? I can. No prob. Have dealt 'em multiple times even in English, which is tad easier for me to express my thoughts, but don't bother in my language. So why to scrunch your face everytime he texts you and mumble smth? Just give your phone to me and let my inspiration wake:lol: Seriously why not? But I know. It's just you. You don't like. Besides you don't even know my creativity level nor my encounter with annoying men online (good for you)...
Bluediamondstart do you hate your mum or something? you seem to rant about her alot :lol:

Well not hate but just being annoyed by her a lot. She just keeps whining and lashing at me.
Wow mom! I told you why I didn't call, why do I do lot of things, remember stuff I remember that you seem forgotten. Then we get clear your hearing has decreased and won't return because your damn cells have died. But next thing I'll be hearing you don't remember a thing.
It's just so... :scream::brickwall: DOH!!!
To the moron in the computer lab, whoever you were: I know it was my fault, I was sure I logged out of my email before I went to start work. But that was not an invitation to change my password on me!:scream: :mad: Especially since I then had to call Comcast for help because my secret question wasn't working. It's restored now, but I was not happy.
Winter's okay, from through a double-glazed window in a nice heated room. Driving in snow (especially on hills) is too stressful for me though, and I don't like being cold! Summer is much better, with warm sunshine, not having to bundle up just to go out for five minutes, and being able to wear sandals everywhere!

Dear other drivers,
Just because I leave a safe following distance between me and the car in front, doesn't mean you should cut in front of me! Especially with the roads messed up with snow, I'm not going to be speeding and tailgating. A few weeks ago, I got rear-ended by some idiot who was too close to stop when a light changed in front of me - I'm not going to risk being that idiot myself!

And to the lady behind me while we were waiting for a train to go by: honking your horn and flapping your hands at me doesn't make the train go through any faster! :rolleyes:
Dear mom, stop whining about everything! It won't get better if you keep complaining.

Dear Godmother, several years you didn't give a damn about me but suddenly when I graduated high school you became ever so intense about what I should do and what not. And now you're expecting me to do what? I don't know maybe you are different kind of person as most of my relatives and I do know you're totally different from me. But does it give you the all rights to lash at me? No I don't think so. I greatly know myself that I need to get some decent job or get into school but one thing you might've missed is that I'm the kind of person needing little nudge and kind, supporting words to make me roll out to society. I'm really introvert personality and always been around classmates and also I'm terribly shy so for me to go from place to place or even make a phonecall is a total torture. Besides it's not my fault I've been taught to distrust suspicious people. And what to do if I've never been to kindergarten and never learned to be social. Yes I am not a social person. I better feel home, with my tv in warm slippers sipping on my coffee rather than going out to someplace with barely known ppl.
I've never been to club and my curiousity covers only music and drinks, that's sincerely all I've ever been interested.
And yes, I do know that being away from home with other ppl makes me stronger as personality and that leads me to more serious vision of my future.
Of course I'd be way different if I had more friends around and I'd be taken to some courses (art, sports etc.) during school not just two years prior. I'd do more good and I would learn to be more active and insistive to homeworks thing. I also wanted to be guided before graduation year so I wouldn't need to listen all of your damn complaining about me being lazy ass sitting on my mom's neck and not doing anything. So please don't pretend you care so much because if you truly cared you'd take me to somewhere or sent me some links for places I should send my cv and SUPPORT me rather than yell at me through my social network. And then you wonder why I'm ignoring you? That's why!
Your really pissed goddaughter that needs just the right nudge in the right direction instead of flames.
Dear Irish coach, I know you're completely pissed off that our two hard core u17 dancers didn't recall today at Oireachtas, but our Senior Ladies deserve huge praise and excitement for being recalled. Moping around and drowning your sorrows in alcohol isn't doing these ladies any good. To me, it's like you don't give a shit that they're going to place today; you're just too bummed about the younger ones to even care. Completely unfair to the older dancers. Grow up.