The Last Film You Saw? Thread 2.

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I watched United 93. It was probably the most realistic seeming re-enactment of real-life events that I've ever seen. Yes, they could only mostly guess at what actually went down on the plane itself, but regardless, everything seemed so REAL. It was spooky and extremely sad.
Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

At first, I thought it was going to suck like the last one, but this one was pretty good and really funny. Which is weird, because it's feeled with actors that are not really that well known (except for Willie Nelson) and it's better than the one with a lot of well known actors. I'm totally crushing over the guy who plays Bo in this one :lol:
The other night I saw 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'.

I know it was made quite a few years ago, but it's the first time I have seen it. Kirsten Dunst was great in it, and even though I normally hate films like this, it was really enjoyable and made me laugh out loud. Yes, it was completely ridiculous, but the documentary feel to it worked really well and it was an enjoyable escape from reality. Even my husband was laughing, despite it really being quite a girly film. :)
Inside Man.

I really liked this film. Denzel Washington and Clive Owen were awesome. Jodie Foster was great, but I felt she could have been used more. I feel in love with the opening song and couldn't get it out of my head for days. :lol:

Overall it was a very good film, but my only little gripe was the ending, it was good, but in my opinion, it could have been better. :)
I just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car" which was amazing, and "Zodiak" which was also quite good.

Who Killed... was a really interesting movie, and I would encourage anyone who has doubts about your country's commitment to better environmental policies for your country to watch it, and see how it can all go horribly wrong.

Zodiak was long, but I didn't get the squirmies at any point, so that means it kept me interested. All the performances were good, and particularly Mark Ruffalo's and Robert Downey Jr's. It didn't have all the usual Fincher uniqueness in filming style overall, but he did manage to slip some really cool shots in there anyway. He really made it feel true to the time period, and I always feel that that's a big achievement. Definitely a movie worth seeing.
I watched Marie Antoinette, Down In The Valley, and The King.

I'm not a big Kirsten Dunst fan and didn't hear too many god things about Marie Antoinette, but I was pleasantly surprised. The costumes and locations were beautiful and the story (I remember hearing there were a bunch of different takes on the story in various books) was interesting and really gave you a good look in to how things were for her.

Down In The Valley- I love Edward Norton, he's one of my favorites. He did a good job of playing a guy who's not quite what he seems, but I think if that's the type of story/character you wanna see, you should go rent Primal Fear which I think is ultimately better. The other cast members did a great job too. It was a good film, not what I was expecting, but still good nonetheless.

The King- Another film that wasn't what I expected. Another actor I really like, Gael Garcia Bernal, played the lead character and did a fantastic job of playing all the parts of the role subtly and effectively. Many turns in the plot and the ending may appear to be a bit open, but it kept me interested the whole way through.
The Last Kiss--amazing. So much better than I expected although Rachel Bilson once again proved what a terrible actress she really is.
Last movie I saw (which was last night) was Bridge To Terabithia. It was cute, and it was good, but I think it could've been better. They didn't really develop on many things. There was also parts in the movie that if you weren't a six year old it seemed really stupid. But overall it was a pretty good movie.
United 93

Imo a great filming. I really liked the atmosphere. I also was crying a little bit during the end. The music was great.

Finding Nemo

I love that movie!! "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.." :lol: Could watch it all the time.
Just watched The Goonies again! You have to love the character Mouth! I've got two weeks off from work, with pay, it's my vacation time, so I've also watched That 70's Show seasons 1-5 :D as you can tell from my icon, that's my favorite tv show ;)
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