The injury thread

Ok, I am a tard. I ran over my ring finger on my bike and now it won't go back into place and the bone now curves outward so my finger does too, ran into a wall, broke AND dislocated my pinky toe. I have jammed tha camera into my nose, dropped the remote on my OWN head, Oh gosh, shall I name the rest of the tarded things I do on a daily basis!
CSISidle said:
Ok, I am a tard. I ran over my ring finger on my bike and now it won't go back into place and the bone now curves outward so my finger does too, ran into a wall, broke AND dislocated my pinky toe. I have jammed tha camera into my nose, dropped the remote on my OWN head, Oh gosh, shall I name the rest of the tarded things I do on a daily basis!

Don't rush things might help I guess?
its not realy a serious injury more of a how did i do it injury.
A very ugnly bruise on my leg just below my knee its all purple and had it like a week and bit now... but the best part is i have no idea how i did it, i have tried everything and still don't know. Its got a right angle in it so i must have hit a corner.

I'm pretty clumsy no broken bones tho. Cracked head open at school once had to have butterfly stitches cos i hit the corner of a wall. Got a lump on my lower lip in the middle when i ran into my dads coffee table.
Grazed the whole back of thigh up at school, i was little and thought walkin on wet logs was clever.

Most annoyin is the constant walkin into the hoover, and that means bashin my lil toe, its stupidly painful.

stood on a carpet gripper rod (wood with nails sticking out)the other day no marks just really really hurt... and thats because my rooms being redecorated.
Berylla Nienna said:
I had this stupid little acsident today, i burned my arm at the hot plate.. Ist a nasty burn but i am okay..

auch. burns are always nasty. can;t stand that sort of pain!
Where to start with my injuries. I'm very accident prone. I'm always covered in bruises, usually on my legs or arms.
Most recent was last friday when I hit my head hard getting into a car. That really hurt and I still have the bruise right now.
All last week as well I was unable to grip anything as I'd hurt both my thumbs on the meat counter. My right one I broke 10 yrs ago so it aches if I grip too much with it and my left one got repetitive strain injury as I'm a leftie and I was cutting meat all week with knives that weren't all that sharp. It was rather entertaining to have to go to work like that but I did get put on light duties.
I've torn a calf muscle, sprained ankles and wrists, bruised my coccyx (back tail bone), both hips and knees badly. I'm just a walking disaster zone really.
I should wear protective clothing. I play sports a lot and my job is very physical so it's inevitable I suppose lol.
i work in a clothes shop and the other day i was trying to hang a to pback on the hanger when it slipped off and the hanger flipped up and smacked me in the face not once but twice, then that night when i got home i got out the bath and opened the door to get out the bathroom and banged the door right on my big toe, it hurt so much, i thought i'd broke it, turns out i hadn't though it stopped hurting like an hour later :rolleyes:
I ran into a elbow with my foot at kung fu some weeks ago :p and uh I still have a nice bubble on my foot from that hehe. Like the tip of an egg on my foot.
Once at school when I was younger I was climbing up one of those tube slides at school and I didn't think I could make it all the way up so I decided to slide back down by putting my back up against the top of the slide. Problem was I didn't know that there was a back of a nail sticking out of the top so when I slid down the back of the nail went into and slid up most my back.

Let's see I've had someone dive head first into my head in a pool before. Thinking you might black out underwater is the scariest thing ever. I've also forgotten I was swimming underwater before and started to breath... and didn't notice until it started to hurt a lot.

And this really didn't happen to me. It was a me accidentally inflicting it but I accidentally ruptured my friends... nad (or what ever you wanna call it :lol: ).
When I was in the third grade I was running laps in the gym during PE class. I whole group of us feel together into the bleachers and I hit my head on a bolt that was unscrewed a little.

My head bled SOOO Bad. It was everywhere, all over me and the gym floor. :eek:...I'm a little clumsy :lol:

I didn't get stiches (My moms a nurse and she's a "shake it off and buck up" kind of mom)but I did get to go home early, at like noon. :D
I once fell downstairs and banged my head so badly that it permanantly impared my memory. Broke my wrist on that occasion too. Not fun. I am afraid of pain. I'm having an Epidoodle.


Injuries. I've had a few of those. From more recent to past:

-Caught my hand between a table and a door on a machine at work. The knuckle still looks like it's swollen, even though this happened last summer. For a while, if I kept bending it a bunch, it would bother me, though I haven't had this happen lately (haven't really bent it much).

-Injuried a toe nail bad enough to get an infection that eventually sent me to a toe doctor and ended with the removal of the toe nail. Didn't hurt and didn't really bother me.

-Cut my little toe on my right foot on a bird cage right before work. Bandaged it, went to work and in the morning went to my doctor, who was not happy with me. He told me I should have gotten stitches. Oops. Still have a scar, though it's on the bottom of my foot, so I don't really mind it.

-Cut through a part at work into my hand with my big cutters. I had a pool of blood in my hand by the time they answered my buzzer. I asked the guy to get me a band-aid, he looked at my hand, and told me I could go do that myself. Washed it off, put a bandage on it, and went back to work. Still have a scar.

-Had a part on a machine I did not know how to take off. I grabbed it on the sprue and pulled. My hand slipped and I hit the side of my wrist along the thumb side on a bolt on the other side...a bolt that was about 400 degrees. Went and ran it under some water (ignoring the people who kept telling me to put it on ice, as water is better), then put some cream on it that's probably older then I am (but still works) and got put right back on that machine to learn how to run it properly (a burn+heat = ow). The skin is still discolored there. Was probably a second degree burn :-/

-When I was a little kiddie (probably about 5), my mom came outside and told me that lunch was ready. Was excited and was running up the steps when I fell and hit my cheek on the corner of the steps where they turned toward the house. Busted it right open. So Mom had to drive me to the local military hospital with me holding something to my face. And at the ER, the doc said I was one of the calmest kids he'd ever seen in a situation like that. I do not have a scar on the outside of my face, as by then they'd figured out they can stitch on the inside to keep the scaring there, so that's where it is.

Only other injury I've had that has had lasting effects is my shoulder when I fell over my dumb dog in the hallway (he hears you coming and he doesn't move...and I'm not the only one that's tripped over him or stepped on him, either). I have bursitis in that shoulder now. And I really hate weather changes >_<
Recently I like to fall down my stairs. Since I've moved into this apartment anyways :( but I'm usually pretty good at it and just turn it into ramming the front door. Week ago it wasn't happening. There was no twisting around and jumping the rest of the stairs gymnastics.

My foot slips out from under me and I of course go to grab stop myself via railing. A mistake, a can deal with my butt hurting but my whole shoulder and arm are still killing me.

I'm accident prone, or stupid prone one or the other. Never actually broke any bones other than fingers.

I've managed a skull fracture though trying to jump a ramp on my bike.

And somehow ended with a continuous sprain. Something about the ligaments or tendons being loose because I kept messing up my ankle in a short period of time. I'm pretty sure the doctor just didn't want to call me a hyperchondriac, but he can tell that to my knee and ankle that just randomly kill me.

Moral: I officially walk better drunk than sober. :D