The injury thread

Oh my gosh, everytrhing people did sound owie. Eww...

Okay, most recent injury of mine: Well, oh my godd. My roommate was straightening my hair, but she wasn't paying attention, she was watching CSI: Miami (what I normally do, and was doing) and well, she ended up burning my ear :( It hurt soo badly. It actaully still does. I had to go to bed with ice on my ear, and it's sickk looking. It's blistered and bubbled and ew. See, if it was a cheap straightner, it would've hurt, but being because this one heats up to 410F, it burnt a lot more disgustingly.
My latest injury happened 2 days ago I stood on a sharp piece of plastic bare foot and it got stuck in my foot and when I pulled it out it snapped in my foot ! Now i'm hobbling around.

My worst injury was probably when I cut my head open and had 23 stitches but I was 3 and I don't really remember it :lol:

About two years ago I split my tongue open it was literally in half but tongues heal on there on and it did in like 30 minutes gave me quite a scare though
When I was seven I was running around the side of my yard into my backyard when I triped on my dads chainsaw. I thought nothing of it until I when into my kitchen and nothiced my foot was sticking to the floor. Looked down and my whole foot was covered in blood. I cut it far enough down that I didn't feel anything because I had gone deeper than the nerves. I didn't get stitches either, to this day I have three tiny scars going all the way across my foot!
Mine happened two years ago, I was in a play and was walking down the steps back stage to get into my place to go on. I must have slipped or something (I don't remember much because I had blacked out at the time, though I did hear a snap) my friend noticed that I went down and was screaming my name. I sat up and got to my feet and there was a terrible pain, but I was't going to let that stop me from doing a good job.

The choreographer came back stage at intermission and told me to ice it. I walked on my foot for 17 days before she made me go to a doctor, turned out it had broken then started to fuse back together. So in the end I had to have surgery and now have a permenent screw in my right foot., were do I begin in my 31 years of calamities...just compiling my list is making me look like a real high!

dislocated both knees several times over the past 12 years, broke two fingers on the right hand playing soccer in 4th grade. Had several mountain biking accidents, one including a head first dive over the handle bars, the other, nearly ripping the skin on my heel off...oh and I can't forget when the dog attacked me after a 4 hour bike ride...right on the base of my right calf muscle...hmmmm, took my brothers elbow to the mouth playing basketball when I was 16, cracking both front teeth off in the roots. This resulted in an 8 hour hospital visit, a dental surgeon to be paged from his best buddies wedding to try and save the teeth, and to top that off, the horrors of a nasty root canal. A concussion of my own from skateboarding, and to round it off? I was on the receiving end of a nasty slap shot in ball hockey before being able to get the shin guards on...that was 2 years ago, and I am still feeling the repercussions of that incident.

I got more, but not quite as major as those and I don't wanna continue on the rambling session...LOL!
A couple of years ago I was playing hockey and I wasnt paying attention and stood on the ball :lol: I sprained it realy bad! But being my stubbon self I insisted that I walk to the side of the pitch on my own so I didnt disrupt play....I didnt half shout and swear when I collapsed on the grass!!!

But then again when I was 12 I fell off 2 metre high climbing frame onto concrete!! I didnt even get a scratch :lol:
Yesterday I fell a few steps down the stairs and bruised my bottom, and also grazed my elbow. I might have also broken a mug, but my mother (who opened the door when I swore very loudly) might have taken the mug away so as not to cause me anguish. I'm not completely sure.
I've never seriously injured myself. I feel boring.

The only injuries I had as a child were a sprained ankle from running down a slide, and a sprained wrist from doing the same a couple years later. At least I think it was sprained, it hurt. Never had it checked though...
I never had any serious injuries. My worst one was probably when I was about 9. I went tobogganing with a friend. We were on a short little hill and at the bottom of one side was tress and at the bottom of the other there was one stone picnic table. We were playing a game that involve me falling asleep at the top of the hill and then my toboggan starts to go down the hill backwards with me on it. I had just started going down the hill when my friend started freaking out and calling my name. I sat up on the toboggan while it was still moving backwards. All of a sudden the wind was knocked out of me and I leapt into the air jumping up and down gasping for air. As soon as I managed to grab a breath I sat back down and then found my self seemingly paralyzed from the waist down. Eventually my friend found someone who could drag me inside(I had luckily sat down on the toboggan) and call her mom to take me to the hospital.

What had happened was just as I sat up I hit the picnic table on the corner(thee are the type of picnic table that have sharp edges made out of rocks) I split my head open. All I needed was five stitches. They took the picnic tables out because of me and now grass doesn't grow in that spot anymore(this was a bout 9 years ago)

Other than that I've just had the cuts and scrapes that every kid gets.( maybe a few more inflicted by my sister)I've never broken any bones or anything like that(I was a careful kid)
sidlewannabee said:
I want to do Kung Fu, I think it would be fun.

It is a lot of hard work! But it is very great and much fun to do. I get amazed with my abilities each time! I also gained a lot of confident and mentl strenght. I used to start whining when I hitted something.. Now it is more like. hihi my foot is black and blue :lol: It doesn;t hurt much anyway.
That's the same with playing my guitar. My left hand does the chords and when I first started playing my fingers on my left hand would hurt so much it felt like they would bleed, but they don't hurt anymore because I have calluses on them.