The Football Thread #4 - It Is Not Soccer

Oh...Premiere League goals on Fri... How pretty goal Watford made :eek:
And then ManU :D

I was amazed that Hyypiä had to play already... I mean, it was long and tiring trip in Eastern Europe with EC qualifications... I guess he had no choise since some other dude had broken arm...
DaWacko said:
Oh...Premiere League goals on Fri... How pretty goal Watford made :eek:
And then ManU :D

Watford didnt even score!...and premiership is on ...SATURDAYS!
arsenal beat watford 3-0 ,where was that pretty goal from watford. :p
^:lol: I thought it was Friday!

Shit... I mixed the games... whoever played against ManU? was it...Wigan?

See...they both start with W.

Ah was arsenal-watford... me blonde :p
Hehe, yea Arsenal beat Watford, though they could have scored more. Liverpool didn't play their best, and I thought Wigan could have won against Man U!

Although Cech and Cudicini both getting injured was scary, the sight of John Terry in the reserve goalie jersey and standing in goal had me laughing :lol:
still in shock that we actually won and got a clean sheet. fenebache(sp?) are a really good team.and david scored- yeah
Finland beat Armenia yesterday :D

Väyrynen injured himself again :( And we already had injured: Litmanen, Tainio, Riihilahti, Forssell.. and some 5th dude.

Ah Kolkka. He still runs fast even he's old :D I guess good games in Feyenoord help these games as well :D

And thank god for Hyypiä :eek: His blonde head saved us many times even they had BIG BIG BIG mistake with Tihinen in defense :eek: Made me scream

We still haven't lost any games in EC qualifying :D Of course that tie with Azerbaijan annoys because we'd really need every point we can get. And Portugal tie... I mean, it was great to play tie with them but Portugal making (almost) last minute goal :/

Nyhaha, so great to see Finland on top of their group :D Even Serbia has one game less ;)

I hope Kazakstan beats Serbia :p
Anyways...the games are over for the winter now, next ones are played in March.

Holland is on top of their group as well :D yayness
Oh no I went away and so did the football thread!!

Actually we could revive it providing there are no Arsenal fans around, I am still a little raw after last weeks games :rolleyes:
Ah welcome, I'm in a more accomodating mood right now, it's amazing what a week an one nice result can where are all those Chelsea fans hiding :lol:
Congrats to Liverpool on their 2-0 victory over Chelsea in the Premiership! Also, Reading are winning 3-1, so this could turn out to be a perfect Saturday afternoon. Yay! :D
That was what my first post refered to speedleishot that week was bad, fortunately I have followed Liverpool for long enough to know they will always disappoint me :rolleyes:
But then they do something oh so great, like beating Chelsea..hadn't realised we had caught up so much ground on them!

Who knows another year when we sort out our away form we may even challenge :eek:

Great day for you too Luce!
I'm an Everton fan and we don't play until tomorrow soooo

I'm kinda glad Liverpool beat Chelsea today shock horror coming from a Blue but i hate Chelsea more and I hate Abramovich i think he's turning the Premiership into a farce. Plus i want Man U to win the League because we get more money from them for Rooney when we were totally ripped off for him in the first place.
In the EPL I support Manchester City, Bolton & occasionally Arsenal. Samaras is making a name for himself in Man. City & I'm really happy.

My two all-time favourite club teams are Panathinaikos & AEK Athens, who both come from the Greek league.