The Football Thread #4 - It Is Not Soccer

Wow, I hope England get their act together for their game against Croatia - they'll need their wits about them!
WE won!!!!!
Austria - Switzerland 2:1

I can't believe it. :D
Austria was good, really good.
I just came home from the game (Croatia - England); thankfully I live near a stadium.

I have to say that I'm very proud of my team; Bilic managed to put together a great team, with lots of new players (Petric, Kranjcar and Eduardo were excellent).

It was a great game to see, with lots of excitements, and 2:0 for Croatia. We had a few great chances; too bad we didn't realized them, especially, since the second goal was an autogoal.
Here are the final results for today's matches:

Grp E Andorra 0-3 F.Y.R. Macedonia
Grp F Iceland 1-2 Sweden
Grp G Belarus 5-3 Slovenia
Grp E Croatia 2-0 England
Grp E Russia 2-0 Estonia
Grp C Malta 2-1 Hungary
Grp D Republic of Ireland 1-1 Czech Republic
Grp F Northern Ireland 1-0 Latvia
Grp D Wales 3-1 Cyprus
Grp C Turkey 5-0 Moldova
Grp B Ukraine 2-0 Scotland
Grp A Serbia 3-0 Armenia
Grp C Bosnia-Herzegovina 0-4 Greece
Grp F Liechtenstein 0-4 Denmark
Grp G Luxembourg 0-1 Bulgaria
Grp G Netherlands 2-1 Albania
Grp A Poland 2-1 Portugal
Grp D Slovakia 1-4 Germany
Grp A Belgium 3-0 Azerbaijan
Grp B France 5-0 Faroe Islands
Grp B Georgia 1-3 Italy
Grp A Kazakhstan 0-2 Finland

BRAVO ELLADA! I'm so glad I missed school to watch the match. We finally proved that we're capable of scoring more then one goal :D. Plus, we broke the record of Bosnia being defeated at home. The final goal by Katsouranis was frigging crazy. The only sad part is that this is Zagorakis final match. Anyway, bring on Turkey :devil:.
Wow, a lot of goals tonight !
I'm happy that France won (5-0) but I was almost sad for Faroe Islands . Each math, they do their best !
What's happened to the english team ?
Oh dear, England lost to Croatia :( *sniff* and Scotland got beaten by Ukraine...I wonder if that means they lose their place at the top of the group?

Nice going to Wales though, who beat Cyprus :)
:lol: Gary Neville had a nice goal there towards then end. I don't think Robinson saw that coming. Anyway, I seriously don't want to wait until March for the next full round of qualifying matches but it's gonna be worth the wait 'cause Greece versus Turkey is gonna be insane, especially with our long rivalry :devil:.
Wooo! we won :D

Before qualifications, I swore Litmanen to deep hell because he doesn't know how to quit because he is old and injured... now in four games we've made...6 or 7 goals and he has scored 3 times :lol:
One last night (which I didn't see) but I saw Hyypiä's header and how pretty it was :D How fast he ran behind from everyone else and there it was :D

I am amazed to see how old men Kolkka and Litmanen play full 90mins :eek:

And Riihilahti got to the field <3 (tho only on 90')
Yes, congrats Croatia. I loved the BBC commentary I heard, when Neville scored: "that is the worst goal you will ever see England concede!". Seriously deserved to lose, but well done to Wales (I'd love to see Wales go through). :)
Spain defeated,in a friendly match,Argentina 2-1 yesterday.
So we lose the EC qualification matches but we win the friendly ones. :rolleyes:
Next qualification match for Spain is on March against Denmark.