Spetzli in Oktober(fest) <> German thread

You are HALF German? Wow, that's much, I didn't know that! Because this one here isn't only a learning thread we also can talk about some stuff about the country, I think.
yeah, i guess there is some plus to our amazing thread being locked...

yupp, Half. my dad is full, my mom is a whole bunch of stuff *indian, english, irish, and one other thing* :p
but all those are really really small. and i am only proud about my Halfness of German :D
Hehe, I don't know how much German I am. My mother is 3/4 German (1/4 Romanian), my father is half German half Pole). And me: deep in my heart I'm absolutely not a German, because if I could I would move to another country as fast as possible. And I want to talk English all the day.
wow complicated. lol :p

ok the last thing i have learned in my German book is die Monate of the Jahr und all the different kinds of Wetter.

and now it is Familie.
Oh my god, this German words between the English words sound soooooooo damn cute! Hehe!

Okay, go on, if you have some questions, just ask, or pm me, what you want.
oh i have some questions!!

for the verbs Wiederholen, Verstehen, Arbeiten and Fleigen what are the endings for those?
Ich wiederhole
Du wiederholst
Er wiederholt

Wir wiederholen
Ihr wiederholt
Sie wiederholen







I already wanted to post in here for a longer time but I couldn't find the thread anymore. Oo

Well.. now it's back...

For all the germans.

Who's looking forward to get the Bundesliga started again?

I'm so happy it's starting again. Summer without football is so damn boring.^^

Oh... and does anybody want to start studying this autumn?

I got a few permissions and also some declinations. I'm still waiting for about 20 permissions/declinations from.well...20 universities.

Today I sent all the required stuff to the university of Greifswald. If I don't get any better chance I'll study up there. I'm already searching for an appartement or room. I hope I'll find something. :)
Where are you from and what do you want to study? I studied biology in Greifswald for 2 years, but let me warn you, that "town" sucks. It was really horrible, and I'm still glad I got out of there 2 years ago :)
I got relatives all over the 'Ostseeküste'. ^^

And I quite liked that town... well, I last visited that town about 8 or 9 years ago.

I want to study 'Anglistik/Amerikanistik' and 'Öffentliches Recht' (public law).

First I wanted to take 'Skandinavistik' instead of 'Public law' but I thought it'd be very stressful top learn one or two more languages.

I tried to manage a time-table but I already got 24 hours per week only for Anglistik and there's still Law and General Studies to fill in.

Weird stuff. The advisor has to help me with that. There are some courses at the same time. And I kinda need all of them. ^^

I also sent applications for biology.. but I haven't got any replies yet. But a look on the university webpages shows me I won't get a place. :(

At the moment I'm still living at home. And home is near Dortmund. So it's far away from my new town.

But I'm stil hoping to get a place at Munich, Essen, Mannheim, Marburg, Berlin, Rostock, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Osnabrück, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Potsdam, Würzburg, Braunschweig...

I applied at 25 universities and for now I got 7 or 8 replies. I really don't why the best things has to take so long! :rolleyes:
Well, if you like it....In my 2 years of living there I have never encountered a single person who liked it. Most of them were counting the days they could finally get out of there, actually :p

Also, I thought Greifswald was transferring their English Departement to Rostock? :confused: At least that's what I was told 2 years ago.

Btw, I'm studing English, Public Law and Psychology :D
I haven't heard such things...

Where are you studying now?

so... you're studying the same stuff as I do... you're just adding it with psychology.

How are the subjects? Good, bad, terrible?

Tell me everything! :D