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Honestly, if Wendy isn't back next season, I am done with this show. 30 Rock definitely knows how to do feminism a LOT better. And I know someone said that we don't know the showrunners personally and all that, but I still have to say that I expect better from a female showrunner and feel particularly let down by CM. Historically, men, when left to their own devices, have not always taken feminism far. Personally, I think it's every woman's job to at least do something to correct this when given the opportunity.

I agree with you, partciularly about CM, I expect better from her. However, I do know from my own feminist theory courses that sometimes women can be the worst antifeminists out there.
I will certainly agree that CSI, and CBS in general, does not hold female actresses in the same regard as males, and the CSI writers have trouble writing for a strong woman in charge, such as Catherine. I do, however, think that since season 5, Sara was written much better and stronger until her burnout, which was part of the plot to write her exit (and was done really well, IMO). And, I do like her character as she is written now.

Maybe the bigger issue with not inviting Liz back is the Wedges storyline. CSI wants to keep romance to a minimum, and in order to keep them together and possibly write a Nick romance into next season (or another character), the showrunners feel that they should keep it off-screen. Secondary characters are more easily replaced, and they can bring another DNA tech in to shake things up. Wendy has lasted longer than those before her. And I actually use to like seeing different labrats in the earlier seasons. They could have put Wendy in the field, but maybe they felt that this would be hard without writing more Wedges, and maybe they are ready to move on from this (since they are together now) and concentrate on other pairings and personal storylines next season. Besides, if she changes shifts, or something, they can always bring her back for an appearance in the future.
Just a thought.
If Liz Vassey decided to leave the show, it's her decision. Her manager and contract told her, "they are not going to sign her next season." That's a rumor. Liz Vassey got a facebook, maybe check out her facebook and I don't know how to do that.
It depends on what your view of women over 50 is. Women over 50 have become far more diverse than 20 years ago. Look at Marg, she's a kick a** woman over 50.

Middle aged women have changed a lot, even in the 10 years CSI has come on. So I think the TPTB are simply out of touch at this point.
Sure, of course. My mom is over 50 and she is one hell of a kickass woman. So yeah, totally agree. But to CSI it still doesn't matter b/c women over 50 generate less ad money. Dustin or anyone on CSI doesn't have any power over that. All they can do is shape the show in such way that it generates the most money possible (read: their target audience is not women over 50). That's business. *shrugs* Nothing wrong with that.

ETA: Reasons why they are not so popular with advertizers may not necessarily be bad. For instance, women over 50 might be more reasonable and less naive than the impulsive young audience who easier believe in that bull$hit that's been fed to them on TV.

(since they are together now)
Wedges is canon? Huh, i didn't know that. Shows how many episodes I didn't care to watch this season. :p

possibly write a Nick romance into next season
I hope that won't happen. I'll probably have to run away from the screen, lol.
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ETA: Reasons why they are not so popular with advertizers may not necessarily be bad. For instance, women over 50 might be more reasonable and less naive than the impulsive young audience who easier believe in that bull$hit that's been fed to them on TV.

(since they are together now)
Wedges is canon? Huh, i didn't know that. Shows how many episodes I didn't care to watch this season. :p
I'm pretty sure that's what the writers implied with Field Mice and the Henry convo with Hodges and Wendy in the finale.

As far as the ad age, you are right. People over 50 are not only less impulsive buyers, they are also less likely to change what they already buy. I don't think anyone is dissing the older age group, it's just a matter of what products they sell, and which ones are willing to pay the most for their ads, especially on a Thursday night just before the weekend. As long as they don't start pitching Viagra and Depends ads, I think CSI is safe for a while. :lol:
I expect that it's just a rumor (At least I hope so :() I really like Wendy and wedges. I am wondering what is going to happen next season. I hope Grissom makes at least a short appearance. I miss him so much it gives me a headache :brickwall: . I also hope Raymond will be O.K. I like him :thumbsup:. Lastly I hope that Sara will be here next season. She has been great, and she still can't drive apparently:devil:
I'm slowly coming to terms with the actual possibility that Liz is leaving (apparently against her will). I don't think I'll leave the show (yet) without seeing how Season 11 starts out. But the lack of a strong female presence on the show is disheartening and aggravating. Marg appears to have stepped back from the show somewhat and with Liz gone there aren't any women. IF Jorja comes back permanently - my reaction will be mixed. My feelings on Sara have fluctuated through the seasons but her most recent portrayal has been very good. But if the reason Liz was cut is due to Jorja's return, then I'll be upset. Not at Jorja, mind you, but just the whole situation overall.

And if Liz is indeed leaving, I'm hoping for a proper send off at least. Please don't have Wendy go the way of Sofia, Mia, Ronnie and Jacqui. There one minute and gone the next without so much a reason why (though Mia did get referenced by Greg and Wendy at the beginning of season 6).

I'm not going to delve into the demographic debate. Since I appear to be in the target audience (early twenty-something male), my view on the show is probably different from the majority on this forum. Although I do agree, as mentioned earlier, that I dislike the apparent lack of respect toward women overall. But I blame more than just the show for that...
Okay, I've been mulling over the whole Liz leaving thing and I've come to the conclusion that if TPTB want to eliminate the Wedges couple, then I'm going to be happy that Hodges is staying. I really think the lab needs his snarky relief for the CSI's to bounce off of.

In my mind, Wendy has decided to enroll in a full-time CSI training program in the hopes of entering the field permanently at a later date. Maybe when TPTB finally decide to add another strong female character, they can bring her back and utilize her in a new way.

Well, I can dream, can't I?
Honestly, I liked Wendy much more when she was a lab tech. What's wrong with liking that job? It seems like whenever they make someone a DNA person they always have to be eyeing a CSI spot. Plus the whole Wedges thing was so freaking creepy. Ugh
I don't think that there's anything wrong in being a lab tech, but I know from personal experience that growing into your job and wanting new challenges is not unexpected. Some people can do the same thing for thirty years, and others need to expand their professional world a tad.

And while I don't think I'd want to witness Hodges in a steamy sex scene (ugh), I do like that Wendy has made him less self absorbed. Heck, he finally moved out of his mother's house. lol
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My problem with Wendy leaving is that the show has already lost too much.Firstwe had Grissom and Warrick ,the cases are not as good as before and in general CSI is showing signs of age.Is not that Wendy is a major factor for me but is a small thing that is added to the rest.I still hope is not true.
Does anyone know definately that Wendy is coming back or not? I mean definately in that there is a source, other than Facebook, that this is true or not. No offense to Facebook users but I'm not trusting that as a source until I see an article online/in a magazine about Wendy's departure. Facebook has a tendency to be like Wikipedia at times.:lol:
I'm not saying that I want Liz to leave, just the opposite. I'm hoping that one of TPTB (or one of the writers looking for inspiration) stumbles across my previous post and eventually (if they continue on with the foolish idea of not asking her back) remembers it when they decide they shouldn't have let her go and are trying to find a way of bringing her back into the fold. (How's that for a nice, long run on sentence, lol.)

The show has lost so many great characters, I'd hate to lose Wendy too.
I'm with AFIS. With all the stories in the news I'm just not trusting of Facebook. :(

It's not that I don't like Wendy - I could live with or without her. It's just that in the earlier seasons, except for Greg, the labrats weren't considered major characters. And if they're intent on having at least 5 CSI's I don't think they should be any more major that the revolving door detectives are. :)

Lets not forget that at last we heard Marg, George, Eric and Paul did not have contract offers either. If it means fewer labrats to have those 4 (all of them!) then that's what I'd choose.

Last season we had a few ep's without Wendy & Hodges even tho they're in the opening credits. Mandy was only in 2 eps. Bobby D was only in 2 eps (3 in the last 2 seasons). I wouldn't be surprised if they were just cutting down on labrat screentime for the hell of it. :(

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