Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her


Okay, so this is me remembering how cute Ryan/Valera were before TPTB totally forgot about them. Oh yeah, and I wrote a fic, which I blame Caro for: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3870893/1/

I've never written this pairing before. Just thought I'd give it a shot.

On the non-fic front, it's kinda sad that we haven't seen much of Valera this season. Why is Natalia running DNA all the time? Poop.
A) Thanks for bringing the thread back to life. I missed it!

B) That fic was awesome! Thank you so much for writing it. And you CAN write R/V cause that was totally in character and awesome and awesomely in character.

C) Did you start working on the sequel already?
I'm gonna start on the sequel as soon as you convince me that nobody's gonna put out a hit on my life for writing it instead of updating my EC WIP. Seriously, I'm scared of oBNoXioUs CApS uSE and relly gewd sppelying.

But aw, I'm glad you liked it! I was scared I was gonna turn Valera into Calleigh Lite (TM) since I've only ever written Calleigh in any fan fic ever.

What happened to all the Ravers? C'mon, people, we need more shipmates. Speak up and write fics and make a big fuss 'cause Valera's totally hot and Ryan's totally back in the lab and ready to take her.

ETA: Lol at me promoting Ryan/Valera when I've got a huge fucking Ryan/Samantha banner in my sig. Yay, go multi-shippers!
They were showing Killer Date on A&E the other day. It's my favorite RV episode. I love how Ryan was kind of an ass in all their scenes but Valera was right there snipping back at him. They were awesome. And of course, him being concerned for her at the end was perfect. They bicker a lot, but they also care about each other, which is what I love about this ship.

Hey, sometimes when you're having problems with one fic, working on another helps. Just saying.
I like Killer Date for EC, too. Great missing scene potential.

I don't remember RV too well in that episode, actually, because I didn't pay much attention to Ryan/Valera interaction until I read a few R/V fics. It's too bad nobody writes them anymore!

Speaking of which, hey, Caro, what happened to Fried Eggs?!
I lost it all in the great American Airlines fiasco of 2007 :(

They had several scenes in Killer Date. I think 3 or 4? It was pretty awesome, because in all their scenes they just kept bickering, and then in the end when she got suspended he was so worried all of a sudden. It was really cute. A&E might run it again soon.
OH, that was the episode where Valera gets suspended! Then yeah, I do remember, 'cause Ryan was all guilty when she left. And you wrote that fic about him visiting her afterwards and it was awesome. I forgot that the scene took place in Killer Date though, because the only thing I remember from that episode was Eric's toothing, heh.

I wanted to post a picture, but I only have season 6 on my computer and there's been no interaction whatsoever this season. Boo. Was Valera even in Sunblock? She's listed, but I don't remember seeing her. Did she have a scene with Eric or am I thinking of an earlier episode?
That was back when Ryan looked like a 12 year old.


She was listed for Sunblock, but wasn't in the episode. Sucks. I would've loved to see her face when Ryan entered the DNA lab.
I love their relationship, never fails to make me smile.

Killer Date is the first episode I saw where I actually thought about them as a couple. His expression when he found out he aided in getting her suspended was priceless. Ryan is adorable when he does his whole "open mouth, insert foot" thing.
First time I got the vibes was in that terrible tsunami episode, where Valera actually went into the garage looking for Ryan specifically to bicker with him. It was so awesome. And he was all, "I'm sorry, whatever." Like an old married couple. I always got a kick out of that. She could've called him or paged him or waited until he went into her lab, but instead she went to find him.

Another scene that was omg so cute was in... whatever the hell episode, the one where we learn that Valera's name is Maxine. Alexx calls out her name a few times and you can see Ryan in the background, smiling because a) he finally learned her name was Maxine and b) you could tell he was itching to tease her about it, until Alexx took him away.


And she just looked at him like, "not a word."


Good times.
Would he call her Valera or Maxine during sex? I think he'd be like, "Mmm, Maxine..." and she'd be like, "Get off me. Right now. I don't care if you're close. Get off," and he'd never do it again.
Loved the story. You really captured the greatness that is RaVe. And I think that we would call her Maxine, just as a way to show that they are "home" verses "work".
Thanks. :)

D'you think that Valera'd let him though? But then again, Valera was like, "Nobody calls me by my first name. I almost forgot I had one!" and I bet she'd let Ryan call her by her first name (after a lot of persuasion on his part).
I think she would. It didn't look like she hated her name, more like people kept calling her Valera all the time and she forgot she had one.

I looooooove the name Maxine. It's always been one of my favorites, so I'm all for Ryan (but only Ryan) calling her by her first name. But probably he'd call her Max.